A clojure client for SOLR with nice criteria DSL
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This is a fork of Matt Mitchell's Flux - a Clojure based Solr client + Criteria DSL to make SOLR queries bit sweeter. Current Apache Solr version support is 4.9.0.

Installation (Leiningen)

To include the Flux library, add the following to your :dependencies:

[com.codesignals/flux "0.5.0"]



(require '[flux.http :as http])

(def conn (http/create "http://localhost:8983/solr" :collection1))


(require '[flux.embedded :as embedded])

(def cc (embedded/create-core-container "path/to/solr-home" "path/to/solr.xml"))

Core auto-discovery

Flux also supports core.properties. Just give create-core the solr-home path as the only argument.

Note: It's important to call the load method on the resulting CoreContainer instance:

(def cc (doto (embedded/create-core-container "path/to/solr-home")

Now create the embedded server instance:

(def conn (embedded/create cc :collection1))


Once a connection as been created, use the with-connection macro to wrap client calls:

(require '[flux.core :as flux]
          [flux.query :as q])

(flux/with-connection conn
    (flux/add [{:id 1} {:id 2}])
    (flux/query "*:*")
    ;; Or set the path and/or method:
      (q/create-query-request :post "/docs" {:q "etc"}))

Criteria DSL

As it's quite cumbersome to define filters using raw Solr syntax following is a neat criteria DSL to make things a bit smoother.

(use 'flux.criteria)

;; fq=make:Mercedes*

  (is :make "Mercedes*"))

;; fq={!tag=make}category:car/Mercedes/Sprinter

  (is (!tag :category "make") "car/Mercedes/Sprinter"))

;; fq=category:car/Mercedes/Sprinter AND build_year:2010

  (is :category "car/Mercedes/Sprinter")
  (is :build_year 2010))

;; this is equivalent to:

    (is :category "car/Mercedes/Sprinter")
    (is :build_year 2010)))

;; and can be shortened even further (this kind of "shortcut" applies to all functions listed below):

  (is {:category  "car/Mercedes/Sprinter" 
       :build_year 2010}))

;; fq=(-technical_condition:damaged) OR ((price:[* TO 5000]) AND (build_year:[* TO 2005]))

    (is-not :technical_condition "damaged")
    (<= {:price 5000 :build_year 2005})))

;; fq=make:[audi mercedes]

   (any-of :make ["audi" "mercedes"]))

;; fq=-make:[zaporożec wołga]

   (none-of :make ["zaporożec" "wołga"]))

;; fq=(description:"nówka sztuka") OR (price:[5000 TO 15000] AND currency:PLN))

     (has :description "nówka sztuka")
        (between :price [5000 15000])
        (is :currency "PLN"))))

Same story with facets:

;; facet.field=popularity&facet.field=category

  (fields :popularity :category))
;; facet.field={!ex=dt}popularity

  (fields (!ex :popularity "dt")))

;; for fields all options are automaticaly prefixed with "facet.", so :limit becomes facet.limit
;; for pivots all options are automaticaly prefixed with "facet.pivot.", so :mincount becomes facet.pivot.mincount

;; facet.field=category&facet.field=popularity&facet.field.limit=100&facetfield.offset=12&
;; facet.pivot=category,price&facet.pivot=popularity&facet.pivot.limit=5&facet.pivot.mincount=20

  (fields {:limit 100 :offset 12} :category :popularity)
  (pivots {:limit 5 :mincount 20} [:category :price] [:popularity]))

;; facet.query=category:car AND build_year:2000

      (is :category "car")
   	  (is :build_year 2000)))

Last but not least are options: rows returned, requested page and sorting criteria:

  {:rows 200 :page 2 :sort "price ASC"})

Few notes regarding available options:

  • pages are 0 indexed (so the first page is 0, next one 1 and so on...)
  • default rows limit is 100
  • default sorting is "score desc"

All these "with-" forms perfectly chain with each other, so it's pretty valid to combine them as following:

(-> (with-filter  ...)  ;; fq=...
    (with-facets  ...)  ;; facets & pivots
    (with-options ...)) ;; rows=... & start=... & sort=...

Moreover to get advantage of SOLR caching you may try to split with-filter to several separate ones:

(-> (with-filter ...)    ;; fq=...
    (with-filter ...))   ;; fq=...

Alright, fully functional sample at the end:

(require '[flux.http :as http])
(require '[flux.core :as flux])
(require '[flux.criteria :as c])

(def conn (http/create "http://localhost:8983/solr" :collection1))

(flux/with-connection conn
  (flux/query "*:*"
              (-> (c/with-filter (c/is :category "car/BMW"))
                  (c/with-facets (c/fields :build_year))
                  (c/with-options {:page 2)))))

javax.servlet/servlet-api and EmbeddedSolrServer

Unfortunately, EmbeddedSolrServer requires javax.servlet/servlet-api as an implicit dependency. Because of this, Flux adds this lib as a depedency.


lein midje


Copyright © 2013-2014 Matt Mitchell

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.