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This is a litte fun project to let bots play rock, paper, scissors versus each other.

Write your own bot by inheriting from Bot and implementing the methods choose() and learn(choice, opponents_choice). You can provide a name for your bot by optionally implementing name. See below. Put your bot into the directoy bots. You can start a contest with ruby contest.rb.

All bots are paired in a fight against each other and against itself. Each fight compares the two bots' choices 1000 times. A new instance of each bot is created for each fight. The results of each fight and the overall performance of each bot is displayed.

choose should return an entry of Bot::CHOICES.
learn(choise, opponents_choise) will be called after each contest, which will give you the oportunity to second guess the other bot's algorithm ;)

You can use the method judge(choice1, choice2) to determine the winner of the result. 0 is returned on a draw, 1 if the first choice is the winner, 2 if the second choice is the winner.

You can use the helper methods what_beats(choice) and what_gets_beaten_by(choice).

Feel free to participate. Fork, write your own kickass bot and feel free to send a pull request.

Made by me and coding god nilclass.