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***                                                  ***
***  Catalyst PCIBX32-X / PCIBX64-X Control Utility  ***
***                                                  ***

About this software

This program can be used to control the Catalyst PCIBX32-X and
PCIBX64-X PCI Extender card through the parallel port interface.

This software is run on the host-system.
The host-system is the machine, which controlls the Extender.
The client-system is the machine with the controller in its PCI slot.
(The host- and client-system may be the same machine.)


See  pcibx --help  for detailed usage description.
And read the manual of your PCI Extender. ;)

Hotplug / Client-Kernel

To be able to hotplug devices into the controller, you must load
the "fakephp" PCI Hotplug kernel module on the client system.
This module fakes a PCI hotplug controller.

WARNING: Read the fakephp Manual. Be very careful when hotplugging
         a device and keep doing it in the correct order:
         1) Unregister the device from the kernel via sysfs.
	 2) Turn the UUT Powers on the Extender OFF.
	 3) Unplug the device from the physical PCI slot.
	 To plug a device in, reverse the order of the steps.
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