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Feature request: implement an alternative way(s) for moving jobs up and down #2060

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remuxer32 commented Jul 30, 2017

Currently, in the job queue tool, the users are able to move jobs up and down solely via the drag & drop functionality (using the left mouse button). It's very nice, but it's only one way for doing that, which has some advantages but also many disadvantages as well, for example:

  1. Dragging & dropping entries via the left mouse button requires being very precise and focused — one mistake or shaking hand (e.g. Parkinson's disease), and you have to start again. It might be annoying especially if you have tons of Blu-ray jobs in the queue like me, and you have to move one or more of them — you can simply make a mistake among that bunch of jobs (it's a jungle).

  2. Your mouse must be in good condition (it cannot be broken) — otherwise dragging and dropping might be very difficult or even completely impossible.

  3. There are people who love using the GUI, but they don't use a mouse at all — they prefer using a keyboard. What if they need to move a job(s) up or down? At the moment they can do nothing as the GUI doesn't provide an alternative way (e.g. keyboard shortcuts) for moving jobs.

  4. We need to remember about people who don't have one (or more) finger. For such people using the left mouse button can be a real nightmare — especially if their digitus secundus doesn't exist or if it is invalid because of defect.

  5. And the most interesting: if you want to drag & drop an entry, you have to select that entry first (which is absolutely obvious), but in the job queue if you accidentally click the entry twice, your job will be open in the job output tool (yes, I know it's a feature), which means that you have to close it then as it's redundant. Assuming that clicking the entry twice accidentally may happen quite often, you will have to close and close the job output tab every time = something extremely frustrating for everyone and wasting time, of course.

Summing up the arguments above, we can easily notice that there is no alternative way for moving jobs at the moment. The users are forced for using the drag & drop functionality (the left mouse button) even if it's not always comfortable and effective. My proposition is to change the current situation, and give all of us at least one alternative way for moving jobs up and down — I mean keyboard shortcuts, of course. In my opinion the best choice is the left Ctrl + up/down — the same keyboard variation is implemented in the multiplex tool where the users can use that for moving items.

Implementing the keyboard shortcuts will automatically solve the five problems above. First of all: moving jobs will be much faster & easier than now, and the users won't have to be so precise like now when they have to focus their eyes and fingers for moving jobs correctly. Furthermore, people who don't have the index finger will be able to easily use any of one of other fingers they have because the keyboard shortcuts (keys) are more convenient for moving entries than the left mouse button. And finally old people: they have the law for using the GUI, too. And if they have a problem with shaking hands, which makes the mouse very difficult to use, the keyboard keys will be salvation for them as they (keys) don't require being so strict and precise like the mouse usage.

If you want, you can additionally implement the second way for moving jobs: buttons. The buttons (up and down) are available for usage in the multiplex tool (first you have to activate them in the preferences dialog), but they are not present in the job queue tool. I think that they can be useful in the job queue as well, but it's your decision, of course. I personally care about the keyboard shortcuts, which are the most useful and comfortable in use, but the buttons wouldn't be wrong, obviously.

Thank you very much in advance for considering my ideas. I hope that at least one of them will be implemented.

mbunkus added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 31, 2017

GUI: job queue: moving select jobs up/down with the keyboard
The shortcuts are the same used in all other views where moving with
keyboard shortcuts is possible: `Ctrl+Up` and `Ctrl+Down`.

Implements the first half of #2060.

mbunkus added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 31, 2017

@mbunkus mbunkus closed this Jul 31, 2017

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