Assertion failed: TimecodeDelay overflows with --timecode-scale -1 #707

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Original reporter: mbunkus

Posted by Liisachan on Doom9:

I have this specific (but quite normal) AVC (x264 r2120) video in MP4 container, which causes "Assertion failed: TimecodeDelay >= int16(0x8000) && TimecodeDelay <= int16(0x7FFF), file lib/libmatroska/src/KaxCluster.cpp, line 280" if muxed with a normal-looking, stereo 48000 Hz Vorbis.ogg (aoTuV), using --timecode-scale -1.
mkvmerge -o out.mkv x264.mp4 vorbis.ogg --timecode-scale -1

The same command line works just fine if --timecode-scale 20832 is used explicitly (apparently that's what mkvmerge is trying to do for -1, though 1/48000 is 20833 ns).

The problem occurs only with a specific .mp4 file; other .mp4 files creaetd with the same version of x264 so far mux just fine with --timecode-scale -1. Also, if I transmux this.mp4 into tmp.mkv first, tmp.mkv and vorbis.ogg mux just fine as well. On the other hand, this specific AVC.mp4 doesn't mux with other vorbis files either, with --timecode-scale -1.

I'm on Windows (still XP), and the above happens with the current version (5.2.1) of mkvmerge, and also with older versions (tested v2.9.9, 3.0.0, 3.4.0, 4.0.0). With -v -r debug.log, the last message when this happens is:
Vorbis: samples_here at 246276000000 (orig -1 expected 246276000000): 128 (m_previous_samples_sum: 11821376)

The next line would have been:
Vorbis: samples_here at 246278666666 (orig -1 expected 246278666666): 128 (m_previous_samples_sum: 11821504)

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Original reporter:

(Comment) In the sample I provided (td.mp4/td.ogg), the problem can be worked around with --cluster-length 648ms or less, but not with --cluster-length 649ms.
TimecodeScale is 20832, and 648 ms = 31105.99 units is slightly less than 32767 (0x7FFF).


Original reporter: mbunkus

Fixed in revision 10d3131. A new build for Windows including the fix will be available shortly from (build numbers 420 and higher).


Original reporter: Liisachan

Fix confirmed. So "floor" was missing... Good thing this was fixed, since the same code seems to be used for any MKA. Thanks!

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