SimpleRTM - Interactive Emacs mode for Remember The Milk
Emacs Lisp
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SimpleRTM - Interactive Emacs mode for Remember The Milk

© 2011-2016 Moritz Bunkus <>
© 2010 Seth Mason <> (for slack-rtm.el)
© 2009 Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs (for rtm.el)


This is an interactive "do everything right now" kind of interface to Remember The Milk (RTM). Upon start it will query RTM for all of your lists and incomplete tasks and show them. Each list can be expanded and collapsed. Tasks can be acted upon with single key strokes. These key strokes are modeled after RTM's JavaScript based web interface.

You can mark tasks and act upon multiple tasks at once. However, only marked tasks that are currently visible (meaning that the list they belong to is expanded) are considered when taking any action. If no visible task is maked then the task at point is acted upon.

For a complete list of supported actions please see the mode's help.

There's also a global minor mode called "display-simple-rtm-tasks-mode". It can show a customizable string in the mode line that includes counts of certain task types. It defaults to displaying the number of due tasks. See the online help for the function "display-simple-rtm-tasks-mode" and the variable "simple-rtm-task-line-format".

For more infomation see the Remember The Milk website.


Add the following to your startup file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/simple-rtm/lisp")
(autoload 'simple-rtm-mode "simple-rtm" "Interactive mode for Remember The Milk" t)

Then start it with:


If you want to turn on the task count in the mode line then you can use these lines:

(eval-after-load 'simple-rtm
     (display-simple-rtm-tasks-mode t)))

Remember The Milk requires all applications to be authenticated by the user before they can access the user's data. The first time SimpleRTM starts and connects to Remember The Milk it will tell you to open a specific URL. Copy & paste this URL into a browser or your choice, follow the instructions on the screen, return to Emacs and press enter.


This mode will not sync with org-mode. I don't use org-mode, and this package is tailored for immediate modification of tasks. Please don't ask for offline/sync functionality or org-mode integration. See the original project SimpleRTM started from for a solution: slack-rtm

Anything available from RTM's "settings" section will not be supported. Meaning you will not be able to e.g. create lists with SimpleRTM.

Known issues

  • Smart lists don't work yet. Therefore they're not shown.
  • Repeating tasks are completely untested and unsupported.
  • Tag tab completion only works with smart-add, not when editing them afterward.
  • Subtasks arne't supported.

Planned features

  • Make fewer calls to RTM after each action (parse and integrate each call's result instead of reloading all tasks).

Bugs and issues

If you find bugs not addressed here please open an issue in SimpleRTM's issue tracker.