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Project as part of Front End Nanodegree: A simple cat clicking game
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Cat-Clicker 2.0

Table of Contents


This game depends on a jQuery script in the header of your HTML.

Game Description

Players click on a picture of a cat to increase a click counter. They may select a different cat from a list of five cats and click on that cat to increase it's timer. They may also choose to enter admin mode where they can change their current cat's name, image, or number of clicks.

How to Play

To load the game, open index.html in your browser. Game starts by automatically loading the first cat in the list of five cats. Players can choose to click that cat as much as they want to increase its click counter. If player clicks on another cat name in the list of cat names that cat's picture and info will render and they can click on that cat to increase its click counter. If player clicks the admin button a form will appear with text boxes for the cat's name, image, and number of clicks. If the player clicks cancel that form will disappear. If they change the info in the form boxes and click save the current cat's info will be updated on the screen.

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