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Project as part of Front-End Nanodegree: Creating Tests for a Feedreader app
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Feed Reader Project

Table of Contents


This application depends on a Google fonts link in the header of your HTML. It also depends on a jQuery script, handlebars script, and Google JS API script placed at the end of the body. Testing of this application depends on all Jasmine links and scripts appropriately placed in the header and body of the HTML file.

How to Run

To load the app, open index.html in your browser. The header title will tell you which website's blog post feeds are being displayed below. Clicking on any of the blog post feed titles will take you to that blog post on the original website. Clicking the hamburger icon on the top left will open a menu showing four websites you can choose from. Clicking any of the websites will close the menu and refresh the page to the blog posts from that website.


All tests associated with this app via the feedreader.js file can be seen on the bottom of the page.

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