DuckDuckGo instant answer plugins based on full-text data
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DuckDuckGo Longtail Plugins

See DuckDuckHack for an overview of the DuckDuckGo plugin system.

This repository is for contributing longtail plugins. Each longtail plugin produces a (generally large) data file that gets used for showing answers in long tail queries.

Longtail plugins are in alpha and both the interface and testing procedure are not yet well defined. However, you can work away without worrying about what any changes might do to your plugins -- we'll take care of all that.


First off, thank you!


  1. Pick a longtail project (or add one) and comment that you're working on it.

  2. Develop your plugin using the Structure below in a fork.

  3. Submit a pull request.

Feel free to ask questions


Ask us, as it is evolving rapidly and may vary on a case by case basis.