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CppCon 2016

CppCon 2016 Classified Sessions (picked personally)

  • ⭐️ 'must-reads' in this list (8 out of 18).
Tags Category Title Note
Tutorial A <chrono> Tutorial by Howard Hinnant (video) std::chrono Reference
Tutorial tuple, What's New, And How It Works by Stephan T. Lavavej (video) std::tuple Reference
Tutorial Variants - Past, Present, and Future by David Sankel (video) std::variant Reference
⭐️ Tutorial accumulate - Exploring an Algorithmic Empire by Ben Deane (video)
⭐️ Tutorial Variadic expansion in examples by Michał Dominiak (video)
Library BDE Libraries - An Orientation by Steven Breitstein (video) BDE Wiki
Library The Blaze High Performance Math Library by Klaus Iglberger (video) repository
⭐️ Tool Conan - C and C++ package manager by Diego Rodriguez-Losada (video)
⭐️ Tool uftrace - A function graph tracer C C++ userspace programs by Namhyung Kim and Honggyu Kim (video) repository
Practice Out of memory - Business as usual by Sergey Zubkov (video: N/A)
Practice The Exception Situation by Patrice Roy (video)
⭐️ Practice What is the basic interface by Lisa Lippincott (video part1 part2)
⭐️ Practice/Opt Practical Performance Practices by Jason Turner (video)
Concurrency The Continuing Future of Concurrency in C++ by Anthony Williams (video)
Heterogeneous Towards Heterogeneous Programming in C++ by Gordon Brown and Michael Wong (video)
⭐️ GameDev Game Engine Using C++11 by Jason Jurecka(Blizzard) (video)
⭐️ GameDev/Opt Rainbow Six Siege - Quest for Performance by Nicolas Fleury (video)
General The Evolution of C++ - Past, Present, and Future by Bjarne Stroustrup (video)

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