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"Move to One Engine"

EA is moving its games, including Mass Effect and FIFA, onto a single graphics engine. Frostbite has evolved to become the cornerstone of these titles:

  • FIFA (FIFA 17/18)
  • Mass Effect (Mass Effect: Andromeda)
  • Battlefield (Battlefield 1 - 2016)
  • Need for Speed (NEED FOR SPEED 2017: PAYING IT BACK)
  • Mirror's Edge (Mirror's Edge Catalyst - 2016)
  • Star Wars (Star Wars Battlefront)
  • Dragon Age (Dragon Age: Origins)


Engine & Pipeline

Year Conf Title Note
2007 gdc2007 Frostbite Rendering Architecture
2008 gh2008 The Intersection of Game Engines and GPUs – Current & Future
2009 siggraph09 Parallel Graphics in Frostbite – Current & Future
2009 intel2009 Parallel Futures of a Game Engine
2010 stockholm Parallel Futures of a Game Engine v2.0
2011 nv-lan-6 Shiny PC Graphics in Battlefield 3 (on SlideShare)
2013 stockholm Scaling the Pipeline Asset Pipeline
2015 siggraph15 The Rendering Pipeline - Challenges & Next Steps
2016 gdc2016 Optimize the graphics pipeline with compute
2017 gdc2017 FRAMEGRAPH: Extensible Rendering Architecture in Frostbite

GDC 2011 & 2012 - Frostbite 2 & Battlefield 3/4

Rendering & Visual Effects

General Programming

Gameplay & Input

Papers & Detailed Reports

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