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BGP-4 Implementation in Ruby
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Ruby BGP is a BGP-4 Implementation in Ruby in betastages.

Possible useful use-cases are route-collectors, route-reflectors,
and anything else which may need scripted BGP Views and/or possibilities
to send Routes into the DFZ.

Please note that rubybgp is very incomplete yet.

Functionality covers *receiving* IPv4 and IPv6 Routes with limited Path
Attributes only (well, and ofcourse OPENing the session and KEEPing it ALIVE).

collector*.rb is an example which i use to announce BGP anomalities to
and IRC Channel.  Beware that its designed from mind only, so it may be
difficult to follow.

Feel free to email me ( diffs or to fork the tree (preferably
on github :) and notify me of changes you want incorporated.

Iam also open to any suggestions to implementation specifica.

NB that the API is very unstable and may change at any time very heavy.
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