A simplified, fast framework for Models, Views, Controllers and Events similar to Backbone.js
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A simplified, fast framework for Models, Views, Controllers and Events based off Backbone.js

Differences from Backbone.js

Version 0.7.0 was originally based off of Backbone.js 1.2.1.

Requires lodash instead of underscore.

Sync is removed. No fetch/read/sync/isNew/etc on models.

Model.collection will never exist.

Collection constructor accepts mergeOnAdd which can be used to overwrite the default merge option (false) for add. Models now have a merge function so you can handle merges yourself. The default merge function just calls set.

Models do not have validation methods (isValid/validate). Use parse instead as a replacement.

Models with the parse(attrs, options) method overridden can edit/coerce/add attributes before they are initially set on the model. You should be careful with modifying the attrs reference directly since that is the reference to the original object passed to the constructor. parse needs to return the attributes that are going to be set on the model or false to indicate to a collection that the model is invalid. Returning false will prevent it from being added to a collection and update the valid property (not attribute) on the model.

Collections can also have a parse method which can be used to reject "invalid" models from being added to a collection. Whenever add/push/set is called on a collection, the collection's parse method will get called and it should return the "new" array that will be added/pushed/set on the collection.

Model.unset sets keys on attributes to undefined instead of deleting them.

Tabs (instead of spaces) are invalid syntax for the purposes of setting up events in delegateEvents

When a destroy event is emitted from a model member of a Collection, the collection that is sent in the arguments is the firing collection.

Collections accept modelOptions that gets passed along for every model created by that collection.

Collection.move now allows moving models around within a collection; if the models don't exist in the collection, then new models will be added. The event "move" (collection, models, index) fires for the move and the index sent is the index of the first model in models. For any models that were added, an add event is fired. An adds event will NOT be fired unless nothing was moved, only added.

When cloning on a collection, a custom comparator is NOT transferred over to the new collection. A custom model is, however.

routes and defaults cannot be functions.

Defining a modelId is not supported.


Grooveshark needed a extremely lightweight framework for dealing with Models/Collections. It was acceptable to cut features and cut corners in order to achieve extremely fast constructors.


Mark Caudill

James Hartig