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freeRouter source tree

freeRouter is a router stack which can export the computed tables to external dataplanes

yet another routing/forwarding network stack made by highly skilled network/electrical/engineers

more about the project at

you can find the same source tree at various locations, normally all should be the same:

part of the subdirectories under misc/ are somewhere else too:


you'll need an up to date debian sid with a jdk installed

for natives, you'll need clang, dpdk, libpcap, libbpf, libmnl and libcrypto

directory structure

the following directories could be found here:

  • src contains the main sources
  • cfg contains the self tests
  • misc contains some smaller subprojects, see below

the following directories will appear here:

  • img vm images used for interop and dataplane testing
  • binDwn packages used for demo vm creation
  • binDsk rootfs used for demo vm creation
  • binMnt rootfs mounted for demo vm creation
  • binImg outcome of demo vm creation
  • binOut output of compilation
  • binTmp output of testing

directories under misc folder

  • native: dpdk, xdp, pcap and mnl based dataplanes
  • p4bf: tofino based dataplane
  • p4lang: bmv2 based dataplane
  • bogon: web based bogon originator
  • lookingglass: web based looking glass
  • captures: script to stream captures
  • sniffer: web based packet capture
  • mailer: web based mail reader
  • paster: web based pastebin service
  • gallery: web based album viewer
  • motion: web based alarm/recorder
  • player: web based music player/streamer/receiver
  • temper: web based thermostat/controller
  • trackmap: web based monitoring
  • voice: an answering machine
  • snmp: some snmp definitions
  • rfcs: rfc series renamer
  • consistency: old style check definitions
  • tests: some volumentric generators
  • check: some check definitions
  • sensor: some sensor definitions
  • prometheus: some grafana definitions
  • netconf: some yang definitions
  • image: demo vm iso creator
  • img2ova: demo vm ova creator
  • service: install script

getting started

there is no build system in use, but you'll find shell scripts:

  • to clean up
  • to compile
  • to run
  • to selftest

as a first start to get your routers up, do the following:

  • cd src
  • ./
  • ./ rout-bgp001
  • telnet 20001
  • telnet 20002
  • telnet 20003
  • telnet 20004


to start coding on the project, take a look on the following:

  • grep me-the in the sources to see how to add a show command
  • grep ifcHdlc to see how to add a new interface encapsulation
  • take a look on rtrDownload to see an exmaple routing protocol
  • find out how to add a new game to the command line interface
  • try to solve a puzzle from the todo.txt in the source tree
  • in most of the folders there is a class to extend or implment
  • your eyes will bleed because of the mix of c, p4 and java
  • first you should take a look at the todo.txt and the changelog.txt
  • try first reordering the todo.txt if you have nothing better idea

feel free to reach us on the mailing lists with your patches, ideas, feature requests, etc

additional information