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Version 2.1.217
Tree Feller will now break blocks within the limit instead of refusing to fell the entire tree (partial big tree destruction)
Mangrove trees resulting from growth are now marked as natural (existing trees marked unnatural before this update will not be retroactively fixed)
Fixed a bug removing comments from configs (see notes)
Fixed mouse-hover tooltip windows (thanks Greymagic27)
Regarding the secure chat feature Minecraft rolled out, once APIs have updated I will look into rolling support for that into admin/party chat.
Comments should no longer get removed from config but I haven't added any code to add missing comments back in, for now if you want comments you can delete the config file to regenerate it (sorry for the inconvenience)
Version 2.1.216
Reverted Unarmed changes from 2.1.215 (fixes block breaker/beserk active at all time for all players)
Added Sculk_* blocks to Mining XP
You can use Hoe(s) to gain mining XP, Hoe(s) won't benefit from Super Breaker nor will they activate it (see notes)
Hoe's being able to gain Mining XP is primarily for Sculk blocks which have Hoe as the fastest tool yet to me feel like Mining blocks, let me know what you think
The Sculk blocks don't quite fit perfectly as mining-related, especially since hoes are the fastest tool to use for them. Let me know what you think.
Version 2.1.215
Fixed Coal Blocks and potentially other fuel sources not showing burning animation to players (see notes)
Level up broadcasts from level milestones will now be visible to the player who achieved them
Fixed a bug where hovering over skill descriptions did not display anything (thanks Greymagic27)
Added Dripstone to experience.yml (thanks Greymagic27)
Added Mangrove_Log to experience.yml (should fix behavior for tree-feller etc)
Item in main hand is now used for Tree Feller drops (thanks destro174)
The burning animation bug is actually in Spigot, it takes an int for setBurnTime when it really should only take a short as the game is expecting a short value, I implemented a hacky workaround via Math.min
There is a bug where you may lose your config comments, this will be complex to solve, for now you can check our GitHub for the configs with comments.
Version 2.1.214
Temporarily removed FakePlayerAnimationEvent (see notes)
Players can now see their own level up broadcasts
Spigot updated PlayerAnimationEvent with an API break between versions 1.18 and 1.19, as a temporary fix for mcMMO to be able to support both of these
Minecraft versions I have temporarily removed FakePlayerAnimationEvent. I am working on a fix to dynamically use the correct API depending on the version of MC
as many people will likely be stuck on 1.18 for a while.
FakePlayerAnimationEvent existed to circumvent false positives on anti-cheat plugins such as NoCheat, however
I am unsure if it is still needed and removing it may have no ill effects.. however I cannot be certain.
Anti-cheat plugin authors should be informed to update if you run into false positives with mcMMO after this update so they can make the appropriate changes.
Version 2.1.213
Updated various mechanics to recognize and understand the new blocks
Added 'Packed_Mud' to mining xp
Added 'Mud_Bricks' to mining xp
Added 'Reinforced_Deepslate' to mining xp
Added 'Mud' to excavation xp
Added 'Muddy Mangrove Roots' to excavation xp
Added 'Mangrove_Roots' to woodcutting xp
Added 'Stripped_Mangrove_Log' to woodcutting xp
Added 'Stripped_Crimson_Stem' to woodcutting xp
Added 'Stripped_Warped_Stem' to woodcutting xp
Added 'Allay' to combat experience
Added 'Frog' to combat experience and taming experience
Added 'Tadpole' to combat experience
Added 'Warden' to combat experience
Changes to excavation treasures (requires manual editing or regenerating the config)
Added Mud as a block which can drop various treasures (see notes)
Added Muddy_Mangrove_Roots as a block which can drop various treasures (see notes)
Added Stick as a new excavation drop, which drops from mud and muddy mangrove roots (see notes)
Added Potato as a new excavation drop, which drops from mud and dirt (see notes)
Added Feather as a new excavation drop, which drops from mud (see notes)
Added Spyglass as a new excavation drop, which drops rarely from mud and dirt (see notes)
Added Trident as a new excavation drop, which drops somewhat rarely from mud, muddy mangrove roots, and clay (see notes)
Added Heart of the Sea as a new excavation drop, which drops very rarely from mud and requires a very high excavation level to appear
To get the new excavation drop list, the easiest way is to delete treasures.yml and mcMMO will regenerate it with the newest version
I'll likely be tweaking the treasures list in the near future, leave feedback on discord if you have suggestions
Version 2.1.212
An herbalism exploit has been patched (thanks WhatsTheBadNews)
Added 'ExploitFix.Combat.XPCeiling.Enabled' to experience.yml
Added 'ExploitFix.Combat.XPCeiling.Damage_Limit' to experience.yml
Single instances of combat damage above 100 give are capped to give the same reward as 100 by default (100 is a lot, but you can change this in settings)
NOTES: The damage ceiling won't affect server that don't have mobs running around with abnormally high health, if your server does you'll want to adjust this limit or disable it.
Version 2.1.211
Added /mmodebug info for players hitting other players
Fixed Immortal Player bug
Removed all of Spigot's buggy and deprecated DamageModifier API, this fixes the bug where players would become immortal when using certain other plugins
Rupture is back to doing "pure" damage (due to the above change)
Rupture damage will be tweaked based on feedback as it is dealing "pure" damage
Version 2.1.210
Fixed a memory leak involving mob metadata
Fixed a potential null pointer exception in InventoryListener
If you're having issues with "immortal players" this is a known plugin incompatibility between mcMMO and another plugin, I need more info on what plugins need to be present to cause it. Please post info to GitHub issues or tag me on discord.
There was a big rewrite in this update relating to how various types of metadata were being tracked/stored/retrieved
If you run into issues with this version of mcMMO, please post about it on GitHub
Version 2.1.209
Fixed a bug where some config files did not get trimmed completely
This should fix the issue for everyone, let me know if you still run into trouble!
Don't be afraid to ping me on discord
Version 2.1.208
Significantly rewrote to how mcMMO loads/updates config files
Fixed a bug where huge config files caused the server to take forever to start/shutdown
Fixed config files duplicating comments and updated their code to use Spigot API (thanks the456gamer)
mcMMO now repairs config files (removing duplicate comments, see notes)
Updated lithuanian locale (thanks dexasz)
Due to a change in Spigot mcMMO started growing config files at an alarming rate until they became so big they wouldn't load, and well before they got to that stage they slowed down loading the server
mcMMO now uses the Spigot API in a smarter way for config files
Version 2.1.207
Fixed an IndexOutOfBounds exception with our BlockTracker
Fixed a bug where leveling up a party at level cap would spam the chat with messages
mcMMO will no longer use enchanted repair materials (thanks JeBobs)
Added an option to allow enchanted repair materials 'Skills.Repair.Use_Enchanted_Materials' in config.yml
Temporarily rolling required Java version back to 16
Added unicode (UTF-8) support to locale files (no more UTF-16 codes needed)
Added locale key 'Scoreboard.Disabled' to en_US
Added locale key 'Scoreboard.NotSetupYet' to en_US
Fixed a bug where Salvage sent messages even though the event was cancelled (Thanks TheBusyBiscuit)
Version 2.1.206
Fixed a memory leak involving Herbalism under specific circumstances
Fixed a memory leak involving Rupture under specific circumstances
Fixed a memory leak involving Dodge
Fixed a memory leak involving Endermen and block pickups
Fixed a memory leak from plugin conflicts when double drops get activated
Fixed a memory leak that required a specific config.yml setup with mob health bars
You can no longer set mob health bars to -1 in config.yml to set it to display permanently (this was problematic behavior)
Fixed a bug preventing Action Bar messages from showing
Fixed a bug where Alchemy XP wasn't being granted
Lowered the default volume of level up from .75 to .3 in sounds.yml (delete sounds.yml to get this change automagically)
Updated adventure platform dependency
Updated to use Java 17
mcMMO will target the newest version of MC moving forward, any backwards compatibility with prior versions of Minecraft should be considered a side effect rather than intended.
Version 2.1.205
Fixed yet another exception preventing Alchemy from working (thanks NemuruYama)
Added some code to cleanup potential memory leaks
Sorry for the delay in this patch, I have had a terrible cold all weekend, feeling better now
Version 2.1.204
Fixed IndexOutOfBounds exception (thanks gecko10000) (related to Alchemy)
Added double smelt to copper ingot and netherite scrap (thanks Lyther)
Version 2.1.203
mcMMO now requires Java 16
mcMMO now requires the newest version of Minecraft (currently 1.17.1)
Fixed several API breaks (mostly affected Alchemy)
Fixed a bug relating to Shake percentages (thanks Lyther)
Fixed hexcolors not displaying correctly in level up milestone broadcasts (thanks gecko10000)
(API) Added deprecated constructors for PlayerProfile (thanks PikaMug)
mcMMO has had many of its dependencies updated to newer builds
If you want to play mcMMO on older versions, simply use 2.1.202 instead
Keeping mcMMO backwards compatible with older versions is getting messy, and I'd rather be able to focus my attention at newer features than having to make an elaborate build process (or alternatively hacky code) to support older versions of the game
Furthermore, it seems most people are playing 1.17.1 by a wide margin
You may have trouble compiling the source code if your maven is not setup to run JDK16, if you get any errors when compiling this is likely the reason
The data from bstats went into making this decision (shoutout to Qixils for typing this up too)
71.9% of servers are running 1.17.X
97.9% of servers are running ≥1.16
99.3% of servers are running ≥1.15
Version 2.1.202
Fixed a bug where mcMMO didn't reward XP for Kelp
Fixed a bug where mcMMO marked bonemealed Azalea trees as unnatural (and thus did not give XP or get affected by Tree Feller)
Added Amethyst_Block to experience.yml for Mining
Added Flowering Azalea Leaves to Tree Feller's white list
Fixed a bug where mcMMO didn't appropriately flag blocks as natural in some tree growing events
(SQL) Added more MySQL/MariaDB settings (allowPublicKeyRetrieval - thanks rosaage)
(API) Added CREATED_PARTY and DISBANDED_PARTY to EventReason (used in some party events - thanks PikaMug )
Party member name matching is no longer case sensitive (thanks Wariorrrr)
Updated zh_CN locale (thanks GhostDC)
Added some settings for over fishing (Settings are in experience.yml under Fishing_ExploitFix_Options - thanks tunagohan)
This means tree feller will correctly traverse flowering azalea leaves during its ability
Version 2.1.201
Tweaked the visual/audio effect for Rupture
(API) TNT is set as the source in Blast Mining (1.16.1 and up)
Fixed an exploit related to Ability Buffs remaining on tools
Blast Mining no longer drops Budding Amethyst since its not legal to obtain this item through normal gameplay
Added mcinspect and mmoinspect aliases to inspect command
Portuguese translation of Woodcutting changed back to Lenhador
Updated zh_CN (Chinese) locale, thanks GhostDC!
Major changes to zh_TW locale, thanks gregman98
Added '/skill keep' shortcut (for example /mining keep) thanks GriffinCodes
Impact is now more balanced as the formula has been changed (see notes) thanks emanondev
Impact will deal less durability damage to armors without unbreaking, and more to armors with unbreaking
Version 2.1.200
Fixed a major 1.17 exploit
Dodge will no longer trigger while blocking
Action Bar messages can now be disabled (thanks TheBusyBiscuit)
mcMMO is better at MC version parsing now (thanks stepech & TheBusyBiscuit)
Version 2.1.199
Fixed IndexOutOfBounds error for servers running 1.17 or higher
Fixed a bug that caused MySQL/MariaDB to malfunction for 1.17 (see notes)
Renamed Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore to Deepslate Lapis Ore in experience.yml and config.yml
Added some code to prevent mcMMO from breaking if it doesn't recognize the version of the game
Optimized CompatibilitySupportLayer - this handles some of the logic for supporting multiple versions of the game
Added Unit Tests for MinecraftGameVersion
I have temporarily disabled SSL for MySQL/MariaDB for 1.17 ( proper fix coming soon )
Version 2.1.198
Fixed a bug where Smelting didn't work with the new 1.17 materials
Updated dependency Adventure to 4.8.0 (thanks TheBusyBiscuit)
Version 2.1.197
This update adds compatibility for new mobs and blocks from 1.17
This build of mcMMO should be more compatible with certain versions of ViaVersion
Players are no longer launched from Minecarts when using a Fishing Rod (they are still dismounted) thanks lexikiq
Updated Japanese locale (thanks ViaSnake)
Updated Brazil Portuguese (pt_BR) locale (thanks Paulo Guilherme)
Added Goat to experience.yml for combat and taming
Added Axolotl to experience.yml for combat and taming
Added Glow_Squid to experience.yml for combat and taming
Added Glow Berries to Farmer's Diet
Updated Super Breaker to recognize the new pick-axe appropriate blocks
Updated Tree Feller to recognize Azalea Leaves
Added Rooted Dirt to experience.yml for Excavation
Added Small Dripleaf to experience.yml for Herbalism
Added Big Dripleaf to experience.yml for Herbalism
Added Moss Block to experience.yml for Herbalism
Added Cave Vines to experience.yml for Herbalism
Added Cave Vines Plant to experience.yml for Herbalism
Added Glow Lichen to experience.yml for Herbalism
Added Tuff to experience.yml for Mining
Added Calcite to experience.yml for Mining
Added Smooth Basalt to experience.yml for Mining
Added Block_Of_Amethyst to experience.yml for Mining
Added Budding Amethyst to experience.yml for Mining
Added Small_Amethyst_Bud to experience.yml for Mining
Added Medium Amethyst Bud to experience.yml for Mining
Added Large Amethyst Bud to experience.yml for Mining
Added Amethyst Cluster to experience.yml for Mining
Added Deepslate to experience.yml for Mining
Added Cobbled Deepslate to experience.yml for Mining
Added Copper Ore to experience.yml for Mining
Added Deepslate Redstone Ore to experience.yml for Mining
Added Deepslate Copper Ore to experience.yml for Mining
Added Deepslate Coal Ore to experience.yml for Mining
Added Deepslate Diamond Ore to experience.yml for Mining
Added Deepslate Emerald Ore to experience.yml for Mining
Added Deepslate Iron Ore to experience.yml for Mining
Added Deepslate Gold Ore to experience.yml for Mining
Added Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore to experience.yml for Mining
Added Lapis Lazuli Ore to experience.yml for Mining (was missing)
Added Moss Block to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml
Added Glow Berries to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml
Added Cave Vines to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml
Added Cave Vines Plant to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml
Added Tuff to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Amethyst Shard to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Calcite to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Smooth Basalt to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Block_Of_Amethyst to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Budding Amethyst to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Small_Amethyst_Bud to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Medium Amethyst Bud to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Large Amethyst Bud to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Amethyst Cluster to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Deepslate to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Cobbled Deepslate to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Raw Iron to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Raw Gold to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Raw Copper to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Copper Ore to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Deepslate Redstone Ore to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Deepslate Copper Ore to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Deepslate Coal Ore to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Deepslate Diamond Ore to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Deepslate Emerald Ore to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Deepslate Iron Ore to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Deepslate Gold Ore to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml
Added Lapis Lazuli Ore to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml (was missing)
Added Cobbled Deepslate to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Raw Copper to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Raw Iron to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Raw Gold to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Copper Ore to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Deepslate Redstone Ore to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Deepslate Copper Ore to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Deepslate Coal Ore to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Deepslate Diamond Ore to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Deepslate Emerald Ore to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Deepslate Iron Ore to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Deepslate Gold Ore to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore to experience.yml for Smelting
Added Lapis Lazuli Ore to experience.yml for Smelting (was missing)
Another patch will follow this one shortly to add more 1.17 support, I am waiting on the Spigot API to test some stuff which isn't out yet.
You shouldn't need to edit your configs for this update, your configs should update automatically.
Expect some patches following this update for Axolotl and other new entities, waiting on the Spigot API to become available
If you run into any issues with ViaVersion or ViaBackwards, use the latest dev builds for each.
Version 2.1.196
Removed the explosion from Rupture
Adjusted Rupture to play its particle effect less often
Fixed a bug where Rupture never applied to additional targets during Serrated Strikes
Fixed a bug where players without Rupture permission could use Rupture during Serrated Strikes
Fixed a possible null error for our SelfListener
Added locale string 'Swords.Combat.Rupture.Note.Update.One'
Updated locale string 'Guides.Swords.Section.1'
Crossbows can now be fished up with enchantments
(API) Added McMMOEntityDamageByRuptureEvent (thanks qixils)
For now Rupture is non-lethal, I may add back a lethal component at the end of its damage
Rupture will be in a state of change for a while as I receive feedback (give me feedback in Discord!)
Crossbows is not in the default fishing loot list, you'd have to add it yourself.
For Devs: McMMOEntityDamageByRuptureEvent extends EntityDamageByEntityEvent and uses CUSTOM type damage
Version 2.1.195
Fixed a null connection error which affected some SQL users
Version 2.1.194
Fixed an XP exploit
Updated SQL to not throw errors if upgrades.yml was reset for any reason
Updated SQL to use the newest driver path (and fall back to the old one if the new one doesn't exist on the server)
Locale override files are now named (converted automatically/generated automatically)
Existing in use locale override files will be renamed to and have some useful text put in them
mcMMO will now generate a locale override file with some detailed instructions if one doesn't exist (will be found in /plugins/mcMMO/locales/
If you were overriding locale before this update mcMMO will just rename the existing override file to add some useful text and then load it
Remember you can use /mcreloadlocale to swap the edits in without restarting the server
Version 2.1.193
Fixed another bug where mcrank/mctop/leaderboards weren't loading
Fixed a bug where override locales weren't being loaded (but worked after a reloadlocale command)
(Unit Tests) Added a test to make sure leaderboards for FlatFile were working
Fixed blocks being dropped from blast mining even if yield was set to 0 (thanks Warriorrrr)
Fixed Tree feller not working entirely if one fake block break event is cancelled. (thanks Warriorrrr)
Fixes no woodcutting xp being rewarded if a tree is too big while using tree feller. (thanks Warriorrrr)
Updated pl locale (thanks Mich3l3k)
Version 2.1.192
Removed some debug messages from FlatFileDatabaseManager
Fixed another bug where player names could be saved as null for FlatFileDB (they will update on the players next login at the next save interval)
(API) Removed deprecation from
(API) Added
(API) Added
(API) Added, java.lang.String)
(API) Added,
(API) Added, java.lang.String)
(API) Added, java.lang.String)
(API) Added
(Unit Tests) Added some more unit tests to FlatFileDB
Version 2.1.191
Fixed a bug related to our blocktracker
Fixed a bug that prevented the leaderboards from working on FlatFile in some circumstances
Some minor optimizations to our Block events
(Unit Tests) Added a test for initializing the leaderboard on FlatFile
Version 2.1.190
Fixed a null error in BitSetChunkStore
Version 2.1.189
Fixed a bug that would remove components from death messages when players were killed by mobs (thanks lexikiq)
Rewrote how FlatFileDatabase verifies data integrity
FlatFileDatabase has much better data validation and will repair broken/invalid data much better
Fixed a bug where FlatFileDatabase users could have their names saved as "null" (names will be fixed the next time the player logs in)
Added 20~ unit tests for FlatFileDatabaseManager (see notes)
FlatFileDB now stores the last login of users again (was completely non functional for a while)
Newly created flat file databases (mcmmo.users file) will have a comment line at the top noting the date the database was created
Minor performance optimizations to FlatFile database
mcMMO will once again purge old users if the config option is on (see notes)
Fixed a bug where FlatFileDatabaseManager didn't properly upgrade older database entries to the newest schema
The setting to disable the mcMMO user block tracker has been moved from our "hidden config" to persistent_data.yml
Added 'mcMMO_Region_System.Enabled' to persistent_data.yml (don't touch this setting unless you know what you are doing)
Removed MHD command (it didn't do anything for a while now)
Removed UltraPermissions warning
Updated pl locale (Thanks Mich3l3k)
Fixed an IllegalPluginAccessException error that could happen during server shutdown
Minor performance optimizations to misc parts of the codebase
(API) Added
(API) Deprecated, java.lang.String)
(API) Removed, java.util.UUID)
(API) PrimarySkillType will soon be just an enum with nothing special going on
(API) Deprecated the members of PrimarySkillType use mcMMO::getSkillTools instead, deprecated members will be removed in Tridents & Crossbows (due soon)
(API) Some members of PrimarySkillType were removed and not deprecated (such as the field constants)
I spent over 26 hours refactoring FlatFileDB and writing unit tests for it, this will ensure that any changes in the code that could break the database are caught at compile time (so long as we have enough tests, could probably use more)
Regarding purging old users on the FlatFileDB, since this wasn't functioning for a while, the last login of users has been reset and if mcMMO hasn't seen that user since this update, it won't purge them as it has no way to know if they are truly an old user
I'm likely going to add SQLite DB as an option in the future, I spent time to fix up the FlatFileDB as some Unit Testing practice.
Ultra Permissions is SAFE to use with mcMMO, disregard previous messages stating otherwise
After getting in contact with the UltraPermissions devs and exhaustive testing, I have concluded that using UltraPermissions is completely safe with mcMMO. The users who had an issue with performance currently have an unknown cause, potentially it is from a plugin using the UltraPermissions API I really can't say without more data. My apologies to the UltraPermissions team for reporting an issue between our two plugins directly, as that is not the case. I would have tested it myself sooner but UltraPermissions was closed source and premium so I wasn't particularly motivated to do so, however I have been given access to the binaries so now I can do all the testing I want if future issues ever arise which I have zero expectations that they will.
Version 2.1.188
Updated default entries in treasures.yml to use "Level_Requirement" instead of "Drop_Level"
Fixed a bug where excavation treasures only required level 0 instead of loading the value from the config
Fixed a bug where /fishing was showing the wrong shake chance
Default Shake chance increased from 15% to 30% (update advanced.yml manually or delete the file to regenerate it and receive these changes)
Removed entries for ranks 2-8 of Shake from advanced.yml (Shake only has one rank, the extra entries were a mistake)
Modified the warning about UltraPermissions
Removed the debug message about potentially unused keys (only shown if you had debug mode enabled in config.yml)
This update makes changes to treasures.yml automatically to apply the fix, you don't need to do anything
UltraPermissions devs are working on a fix for the performance issue bug
Version 2.1.187
Fixed a ClassCastException error involving Rupture
Version 2.1.186
Rupture has been reworked to solve a few outstanding issues (see notes)
Fixed an exploit involving enchantments (thanks TheBusyBiscuit)
Fixed a very small memory leak that would only happen in very rare situations
Fixed a bug where XP wasn't granted while sneaking and interacting with a berry bush
Gore no longer applies Rupture
Gore no longer sends a message to the Wolf owner when it triggers
Gore no longer sends a message to players that are hit by it
Rupture no longer sends a message telling you that your target is bleeding
Updated locale string 'Swords.SubSkill.Rupture.Description'
Updated locale string 'Swords.SubSkill.Rupture.Stat.Extra'
Updated locale string 'Swords.Combat.Rupture.Note'
Added locale string 'Swords.SubSkill.Rupture.Stat.TickDamage'
Added locale string 'Swords.SubSkill.Rupture.Stat.ExplosionDamage'
Added 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.Rupture_Mechanics.Chance_To_Apply_On_Hit' to advanced.yml
Added 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.Rupture_Mechanics.Duration_In_Seconds.Against_Players' to advanced.yml
Added 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.Rupture_Mechanics.Duration_In_Seconds.Against_Mobs' to advanced.yml
Added 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.Rupture_Mechanics.Tick_Interval_Damage.Against_Players' to advanced.yml
Added 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.Rupture_Mechanics.Tick_Interval_Damage.Against_Mobs' to advanced.yml
Added 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.Rupture_Mechanics.Explosion_Damage.Against_Players' to advanced.yml
Added 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.Rupture_Mechanics.Explosion_Damage.Against_Mobs' to advanced.yml
Removed 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.ChanceMax' from advanced.yml
Removed 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.MaxBonusLevel.Standard' from advanced.yml
Removed 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.MaxBonusLevel.RetroMode' from advanced.yml
Removed 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.MaxTicks' from advanced.yml
Removed 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.BaseTicks' from advanced.yml
Removed 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.DamagePlayer' from advanced.yml
Removed 'Skills.Swords.Rupture.DamageMobs' from advanced.yml
The old Rupture would constantly interfere with your ability to do a Sweep Attack/Swipe with swords, the new one solves this problem
Targets will bleed and take "pure" damage while bleeding, this never kills the target. It will reduce them to 0.01 HP.
After 5 seconds of not applying Rupture on the target Rupture explodes dealing a large amount of damage, this damage is not pure and is affected by armor etc.
Rupture no longer tells you that you that you applied it to the target, it should be obvious from the sounds/particle effects
The new Rupture no longer constantly interferes with the vanilla Swipe (the AOE attack built into Minecraft)
The new Rupture has not had a fine tuned balance pass, I will be balancing it frequently after this patch, it may be too weak or too strong in its current form
Rupture does not stack between players, whoever applied Rupture first determines its strength, this will change in the future (Stronger Ruptures will overwrite weaker ones)
When you reapply rupture it immediately triggers a damage tick
Version 2.1.185
Fixed an exploit for Herbalism
Version 2.1.184
Removed April Fools event
Fixed a bug where the default treasures.yml file had incorrect keys (see notes)
mcMMO will fix bad config files automatically, you don't need to do anything
Version 2.1.183
Players now gain Acrobatics XP from falling even if they don't have the Roll permission node (checks for Acrobatics skill permission)
treasures.yml now has separate settings for Drop_Level for Standard/Retro mode (see notes / this change is automatic)
Updated Russian locale (thanks ImDaniX)
Added Donkeys to beat lore (thanks QuantumToasted)
Alchemy guide now correctly labels Rabbit's foot for potion of leaping (thanks mldriscoll)
Fixed a bug where sweet berry bushes would give XP in situations where they shouldn't
The /mmoinfo for Roll is removed for the time being, it will return in a future update (see notes)
Previously treasures.yml would take drop_level and multiply it by 10 if you were on Retro Mode, this is confusing so it has been changed
treasures.yml will update old entries to follow the new format automatically, please review them to make sure they match expected values, and if not edit them and save then reboot your server
Roll is actually the only skill that had an /mmoinfo, its one big mess, I'll fix it in the future
Version 2.1.182
Players now receive XP from harvesting Sweet Berry bushes (double XP for harvesting fully grown berries)
Fixed an error when using mcMMO with Featherboard that broke mcMMO skill boards when using certain commands
Fixed a NPE with Scoreboards enabled when trying to update scoreboards
Added 'Scoreboard.Recovery' locale key
Sweet Berry Bush will no longer ready tools for Super Abilities
You can now use '.all' (for example: mcmmo.perks.xp.customboost.all) to give an XP perk to all skills
Removed hardcore and vampirism commands, these commands are dangerous, just modify the config file if you want to use hardcore / vampirism
Fixed several errors in de locale (Thanks TheBusyBiscuit & w1tcherrr)
Fixed a bug where double smelt never succeeded if the furnace was empty (but worked normally afterwards)
Added some safety so that mcMMO automatic save interval is never more frequent than 1 minute
Removed a few silent exceptions for scoreboards & mcMMO
Added warning about UltraPermissions to mcMMO
Fixed a potential NPE in McMMOPlayerExperienceEvent
Added Sweet Berry Bush to config.yml bonus drops for Herbalism
Sweet Berry Bushes won't give double drops for now, looking into an elegant solution
mcMMO will do a better job reporting if something went wrong with scoreboards, which may lead to improved plugin compatibility between mcMMO and other plugins touching scoreboards.
Version 2.1.181
mcMMO no longer pointlessly tries to check for missing UUIDs for FlatFile database
Removed the "name change detected" message as some plugins (such as Plan) invoke API calls which spams the console with this message
Refactored code related to loading player data from the database
(API) Added DatabaseManager::loadPlayerProfile(String)
(API) Removed DatabaseManager::loadPlayerProfile(String, UUID, boolean)
(API) Removed DatabaseManager::loadPlayerProfile(String, boolean)
Version 2.1.180
mcMMO will now automatically remove corrupted data from mcmmo.users instead of catastrophic failure
When using FlatFile database (the default) mcMMO will try its best to inform you which players had corrupted data when it does repairs
Various minor optimizations and tweaks to the FlatFile database
mcMMO is now much more verbose when things go wrong with the FlatFile database (removed some silent errors, added more error messages/warnings)
mcMMO now uses UTF-8 compliant encoding for SQL databases (utf8mb4)
Fixed a bug where mcMMO could in some circumstances fail to update SQL schema and mark it as successful
Renamed updates.yml to updates_overhaul.yml to avoid some potential issues when upgrading from classic
This update was tested pretty thoroughly so it should be pretty safe, let me know if you have issues in the mcMMO discord or GitHub issues page for mcMMO!
Version 2.1.179
Fixed a bug for FlatFile databases where some players with changed nicknames would have their levels not loaded upon login (possibly wiping their data)
Players affected by this bug (introduced in 2.1.177) may have their data lost, but this patch reverts the change which caused this bug.
I suspect their data isn't lost and may be restored after this patch is loaded up, however if it is lost mcMMO makes regular backups so you can load one of those (check <Server Directory>/plugins/mcMMO/) or manually edit their levels via MMOEDIT as a solution of sorts.
Version 2.1.178
Item replacement in vanilla fishing override back to SALMON from AIR (see notes)
Apparently can't set items to AIR, my bad. I'll look into another solution for fishing plugin compatibility soon.
Version 2.1.177
Environmentally aware will now protect Wolves from Magma blocks
Fixed a bug where mcMMO would fail to update a players name when it detected a name change
mcMMO will treat vanished players as if they are offline when using the inspect command on them now (see notes)
mcMMO now listens to PlayerFishEvent at HIGH event priority instead of HIGHEST
Changed how vanilla fishing treasures are overridden (AIR instead of SALMON)
(API) Added McMMOReplaceVanillaTreasureEvent -- see notes
A few changes were made to the inspect command, it used to reject you when used on vanished players, now it will be processed as if they are offline.
Additionally if you do inspect a vanished player, it will not use their display name (consistent with offline players) as that would give them away for being online
McMMOReplaceVanillaTreasureEvent is an event which is fired when mcMMO replaces a vanilla treasure with AIR if the server config file is set to override vanilla treasures, this causes some issues for other fishing plugins so this event helps those plugins be more compatible
Version 2.1.176
Another fix for Double Smelt bringing item stack size to illegal values
Version 2.1.175
Fixed a bug where mcMMO would occasionally give a 65 item stack from a double smelt on a furnace
Fixed a bug where arrows could be duped when fired from a crossbow with piercing enchantment
Added setting to enable or disable Green Thumb automatically replanting crops per crop to config.yml under 'Green_Thumb_Replanting_Crops' section
Updated Adventure (our text dependency) fixes some errors when using color codes in party/admin chat (thanks TheBusyBiscuit)
Added some support for negative Y values in anticipation of 1.17 world height changes (thanks t00thpick1)
Version 2.1.174
Some legacy color codes in our locale file were swapped to &-code equivalents (thanks ViaSnake)
Updated hu_HU locale (thanks andris155)
Updated ru locale (thanks imDaniX)
Updated fr locale (thanks Elikill58)
(API) Added SubSkillBlockEvent for some SubSkill events that have a block (eg: Green Thumb Block events)
(API) Green Thumb (Block) now fires a SubSkillBlockEvent which is cancellable
(API) Green Thumb (Plant) now fires SubSkillBlockEvent which is cancellable
(API) Shroom Thumb now fires a SubSkillBlockEvent which is cancellable
NOTE: A lot of sub-skills without random chance elements are missing events, this will be cleaned up in the near future. If you need something specific added sooner than that, post a GitHub issue for it and I'll patch it in.
I'm likely to separate Green Thumb into two distinct skills in an upcoming patch
Only Green Thumb/Shroom Thumb trigger the new SubSkillBlockEvent for now
Version 2.1.173
The experience orbs dropped by Knock on Wood rank 2 during Tree Feller are now much less frequent but provide more XP
mcMMO no longer damages fishing rods or drains a player's hunger when fishing
Fixed a visual bug where players who had lucky perk were shown incorrect odds when using skill commands (such as /axes)
Updated ja_JP locale (thanks ViaSnake)
Fixed a bug where scoreboards were torn down inappropriately when moving to or from blacklisted worlds (thanks steve4744)
Updated Kyori's adventure library to 4.4.0 (used by mcMMO to handle text components)
Version 2.1.172
Updated german locale (thanks TheBusyBiscuit)
Added 'mcmmo.broadcast.levelup' permission node, if a player lacks this node they will not have their level up milestones broadcast to chat, this is a default permission node
Power Levels are now included in level up broadcasts and they have their own settings (mirroring the existing settings for skill broadcasts)
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Powerlevels' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Powerlevels.Enabled' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Powerlevels.Milestone_Interval' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Powerlevels.Broadcast_Targets.Send_To_Console' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Powerlevels.Broadcast_Targets.Only_Party_Members' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Powerlevels.Broadcast_Targets.Only_Same_World' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Powerlevels.Broadcast_Targets.Distance_Restrictions.Restrict_Distance' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Powerlevels.Broadcast_Targets.Distance_Restrictions.Restricted_Radius' to config.yml
Added 'Broadcasts.PowerLevelUpMilestone' to locale
You can now disable the XP orbs from being dropped when Knock On Wood triggers during Tree Feller
Added 'Skills.Woodcutting.TreeFeller.Knock_On_Wood.Add_XP_Orbs_To_Drops' to advanced.yml
Changed Fists to not be capitalized (en_US) when lowering/readying berserk
SkillActivationPerkEvent can now be called in async threads (thanks electronicboy)
Removed a few never implemented settings from Skills.Woodcutting.TreeFeller in advanced.yml
Updated bStats (thanks TheBusyBiscuit)
Fixed some incorrect reporting to bStats (I'm so dyslexic...)
The new 'mcmmo.broadcast.levelup' node is a default node included under the 'mcmmo.defaults' node umbrella, you shouldn't have to give this to your players unless they don't have access to 'mcmmo.defaults'
If you don't have a permission plugin you don't need to worry, players will have this node by default in that case
There are situations where level up broadcasts will be skipped, for example if you go from level 0 -> 101 via addlevels or mmmoedit, and your broadcast interval is 100, it will be skipped as 101 falls out of this interval, this kind of skip only applies to command based leveling. Players gaining levels naturally should never have their broadcasts skipped. I'll fix this particular interaction in the future so that command based leveling never skips over milestone broadcasts, but for now it does.
Version 2.1.171
Fixed a bug where arrows shot by infinite bow enchant would duplicate
Fixed a bug where Archery XP would calculate incorrectly
Axes can now replant cocoa plants (thanks Lyther)
Players who level up at certain milestones have their level ups broadcast to the server (very configurable and optional, see notes)
New locale string 'Broadcasts.LevelUpMilestone'
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Enabled' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Milestone_Interval' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Targets.Send_To_Console' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Targets.Only_Party_Members' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Targets.Only_Same_World' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Targets.Distance_Restrictions.Restrict_Distance' to config.yml
Added 'General.Level_Up_Chat_Broadcasts.Broadcast_Targets.Distance_Restrictions.Restricted_Radius' to config.yml
The new broadcast system is very configurable, you could set the milestone interval to 1 if you want players to always be informed when someone levels up
With default settings, messages are broadcast to all players on all worlds and to the server console when a player hits a level up that is a 100 interval, for example level 100, 300, 600, 2200 would all qualify
You can change the settings to specify who receives these messages or turn the whole system off
The message is customizable via locale:
There are comments in config.yml above each setting (as long as YAML doesn't move comments around chaotically...) that explain each setting
In case your comments are missing, here's what they look like by default:
Version 2.1.170
Reverted a change that broke compatibility with the mcMMO papi ecloud thingy
Version 2.1.169
Fixed a few memory leaks involving arrows
Fixed mcMMO inappropriately assigning metadata to projectiles not fired from players
Fix mctop not working if locale was set to something other than en_US
mcMMO will now always emulate lure in order to stack it correctly and avoid vanilla bugs
Version 2.1.168
Fixed an IndexOutOfBoundsException error when trying to access UserBlockTracker from an invalid range (thanks t00thpick1)
(API) UserBlockTracker is now the interface by which our block-tracker will be known (thanks t00thpick1)
Optimized memory access for Acrobatics fall anti-exploit mechanics (thanks t00thpick1)
Version 2.1.167
Fixed a serious dupe bug
Add McMMOPlayerPreXpGainEvent event for plugins to modify given exp (thanks electronicboy)
Add SkillActivationPerkEvent (thanks electronicboy)
This bug was introduced in 2.1.165, update immediately if you are on 2.1.165 or 2.1.166
Version 2.1.166
Fixed a small memory leak in the new COTW tracker
Potentially fixed a ConcurrentModificationException involving the TransientEntityTracker (report this error if you encounter it)
Music discs removed from the default fishing_treasures.yml
Optimized how mcMMO saves player data (should improve timings on servers with bad disk speeds and or bad connectivity to their SQL server instance)
No one likes fishing up music discs, if you want this change it is recommended you delete fishing_treasures.yml and let it regenerate
(You won't have this file if you haven't updated in a while, if so you don't need to do anything)
If any of you encounter a ConcurrentModificationException error that mentions TransientEntityTracker in its stack trace after this update let me know, I have another fix in mind for this if this update didn't fix it.
Version 2.1.165
Fixed a bug where Enchanted Books dropped by mcMMO (in Fishing) did not function correctly
The mcMMO system which tracks player placed blocks has had some major rewrites (thanks t00thpick1)
Optimized our ChunkUnloadEvent, this should improve timings in this area
How mcMMO tracks COTW entities has been rewritten
When COTW summons are killed players are now informed (from anything other than the time expiring).
mcMMO will now be compatible with changes to world height (1.17 compatibility)
mcMMO will ignore EntityPickupItemEvents from "Fake-Player" NPCs if it recognizes them as such, this will prevent some compatibility issues with some plugins
SuperBreaker will now always activate if the target blocks fastest tool is a Pickaxe (used to require the block giving XP or being considered an ore)
Master Angler mentions that it works better with a boat in its hover tip
Added missing cooldown locale message 'Commands.Database.Cooldown'
Added new locale message 'Taming.Summon.COTW.Removed'
Updated locale entry 'Fishing.SubSkill.MasterAngler.Description'
Books dropped before this fix will not be usable and should just be chucked in lava, the broken books have blue names, the working books have yellow names.
t00thpick1 has taken time to rewrite our block meta tracking system to be more efficient, easier to maintain, and support upcoming features such as world height changes
This new system is compatible with the old one, it will convert old files to the new format as needed. You won't even know it is doing anything.
This update shouldn't break anything as the API is the same.
Alright back to work on T&C unless some major bugs come out of this...
Version 2.1.164
mcMMO will now let players use vanilla blocks that have interactions (such as the vanilla Anvil) which are assigned as either Repair or Salvage blocks if a player is sneaking (see notes)
The Rarity known as Records has been renamed to Mythic
Fishing treasures have been moved from treasures.yml -> fishing_treasures.yml, copy over any custom entries you had from treasures.yml carefully as the config file has changed and you can't just copy paste your old entries without making a few edits
Added Enchanted Books to fishing_treasures.yml as Legendary rarity (can drop with any legal enchantment - see notes)
Added all Netherite gear to the Mythic rarity in fishing_treasures.yml
Added Name Tag to fishing_treasures.yml as Rare rarity
Added Netherite Scrap to fishing_treasures.yml as Legendary rarity
Added Nautilus Shell to fishing_treasures.yml as Legendary rarity
Music Disc rarity in fishing_tresures.yml has been broken up across tiers, they will be more common now.
Mythic rarity (formerly known as Records) now allows for Enchantments to be applied to drops (See Notes)
New exploit fix setting 'PreventPluginNPCInteraction' which defaults to true, when disabled it will allow combat interactions with "NPC" entities from plugins like Citizens
ExploitFix.PreventPluginNPCInteraction Added to experience.yml
Modified locale string 'Fishing.SubSkill.TreasureHunter.Stat.Extra' in existing locale files
You can now define a whitelist of enchants or a blacklist of enchants for an Enchanted_Book entries in fishing_treasures.yml, see notes for an example
Before reading, Fishing/Excavation are getting a complete loot table rewrite in the future, everything changed in this patch is meant as a temporary quality of life fix until the bigger better change in the future.
There's no real reason to allow for vanilla treasures anymore, so if you were using the vanilla treasure override I suggest turning it off.
You can't add Enchanted_Book to any treasures outside of Fishing's treasure drops right now, I'll fix it in an upcoming patch. Well you can add it, but it won't work.
The rarity formerly known as 'Records' was odd to me, if you got the best possible drop it was always going to be a Music Record drop (using the default mcMMO treasure list), and by default the Records tier had only music records. It was treated differently in the code as well, for example Records drops never had enchantments applied to them. So you could add say NETHERITE_ARMOR to them in your user config and it would never put enchantments on it, that seemed very odd to me.
As a response to this, I've renamed Records as Mythic, I've moved the records into varying tiers, you'll start getting them much earlier now. I've also added Netherite and Enchanted Books to the Mythic tier.
Enchanted Books have been added to Fishing loot, this is a basic hacky work around until the config update comes. Enchanted books can have any legal enchant and you can specify which Enchants a book can spawn with.
Also the Enchantment chance to be applied to the book is completely equal across all enchantments, it does not follow the same logic as applying enchantments to fished up gear.
Here is an example of using the whitelist or blacklist for an Enchanted_Book entry in fishing_treasures.yml
If you can't load this image, at the address of your treasure for example, at Fishing.Enchanted_Book.Enchantments_Blacklist: you define a list (which must follow yaml spec, google yaml linter) of enchants to disallow, likewise at Fishing.Enchanted_Book.Enchantments_Whitelist you can setup a whitelist, if neither is defined then the book can spawn with all possible enchants, if both are defined the whitelist is used instead of the blacklist
Take care when moving any fishing entries you may have defined in treasures.yml over to fishing_treasures.yml, the config file has had a few things changed (as noted in these notes).
When talking about NPCs in the below notes, I am referring to "Fake" Players used in plugins such as Citizens, not Villagers from Vanilla Minecraft or anything labeled NPC in another plugin which does not constitute a "Fake Player"
Historically mcMMO has checked an entity for being a Fake-Player-NPC and backed out of any interaction, this was originally done because of Fake-Player-NPCs that were meant to be invincible/etc and not give XP
However nowadays what a Fake-Player-NPC is used for is pretty loose, mcMMO only has definitions for some NPCs (such as from Citizens) it doesn't know about most Fake-Player-NPCs in most plugins unless they identify themselves in a similar way to the predefined parameters
Leave this new exploit fix setting on true unless you understand the implications
If you only ran mcMMO on your server you'd have no way to use Enchanted Books if you set the repair anvil to the vanilla anvil, so now you can sneak to open up its menu. By the way, mcMMO has the vanilla anvil as repair's default anvil (instead of iron block which it had been historically).
Version 2.1.163
Fixed the translate URL pointing to the wrong place (thanks chew)
Fixed a bug where FlatFile databases would always attempt a UUID conversion task every save operation (every 10 minutes) causing console spam
mcMMO will no longer throw errors when incoming XP is below 0 (it will just silently cancel the operation)
COTW Summoned entities are now removed when the chunk they are in is unloaded (prevents some exploits)
Seems I skipped releasing 2.1.162, not a big deal though as you should be using this version instead!
I often test in SQL environments so I missed this bug, reminder to come bother me on discord if you find any annoying bugs!
Also work on T&C is going great lately, I feel great. Perhaps my depression is getting better!
Version 2.1.162
Fixed a bug where Alchemy brew events were processed after setting brew results (thanks Wolf2323)
Version 2.1.161
Fixed a bug where a bunch of text from mcMMO was never being sent and or being sent as blank messages
Adventure (the chat library we use) had an update that required shading in another new module, but there were no errors thrown without running a jvm debug flag and testing it, which is why I missed it. I also missed it because I don't read update notes very closely
Version 2.1.160
Fixed another 9+ year old exploit
Silenced a harmless "error" related to Rupture/Bleed often produced when using mcMMO and crazy enchantments together
Version 2.1.159
Fixed a memory leak involving renamed mobs
Updated Adventure library (used in our chat code)
Version 2.1.158
Fixed a bug where Lure level 4 and above would break fishing with the new Master Angler
URLs in party/admin chat work again (use https:// in front to make links clickable)
Updated nl locale (thanks xl3ehindTim)
* Added Crossbow to string repairables (Thanks Momshroom)
* Added Shield to wood repairables, with oak planks as material (Thanks Momshroom)
* Added Elytra and Trident to Other repairables, using phantom membrane and prismarine crystals respectively. (Thanks Momshroom)
* You'll need to update repair.vanilla.yml yourself or delete the file and regenerate it (lazy easy way).
Links in party/admin chat might not be clickable without https:// added in front of the url
Added some stuff to Repair, a rework to Repair is coming in the future, this stuff will work for now as a placeholder.
Master Angler will emulate the effects of Lure if the level is higher than 3 instead of attempting to stack with it to avoid a vanilla Minecraft bug where fish are never caught
Version 2.1.157
Fixed a NPE that prevented mctop (Leaderboards) from working
Version 2.1.156
Added Woodcutting skill 'Knock on Wood' - This ability gives you goodies (saplings, xp orbs, apples, etc) when using Tree Feller
Tree Feller no longer gives non-wood items by default, it now requires Knock on Wood for additional loot
When you raise your axe you will now see information about any super abilities on CD
Fixed a bug where Green Thumb would replant blocks floating in the air
Fixed a bug where the admin and party chat toggles in chat.yml didn't function as intended
* Fixed a bug where Master Angler rank 1 level requirement was set too high (default configs)
Added some errors that trigger if a plugin hooking into mcMMO is grabbing leaderboards for child skills through our SQL/FlatFile class (which don't exist)
mcMMO will automatically fix some errors in logic for user settings in skillranks.yml
Corrected some logic errors when checking for oddities in skillranks.yml
Removed incorrect translations of Master Angler from various locales
Modified Master Angler stat lines in /fishing
Updated Green Thumb description to mention that it needs a hoe
'Abilities.Limits.Tree_Feller_Threshold' in config.yml now defaults to 1000 instead of 500 (edit your config)
Added new permission node 'mcmmo.ability.woodcutting.knockonwood'
Added new locale line 'Woodcutting.SubSkill.KnockOnWood.Name'
Added new locale line 'Woodcutting.SubSkill.KnockOnWood.Stat'
Added new locale line 'Woodcutting.SubSkill.KnockOnWood.Description'
Added new locale line 'Woodcutting.SubSkill.KnockOnWood.Loot.Normal'
Added new locale line 'Woodcutting.SubSkill.KnockOnWood.Loot.Rank2'
You don't need to touch your config files unless you want to get the new tree feller threshold (1000 instead of 500), you could also delete config.yml and regenerate it, for all the other config changes in this update, they are handled automagically.
* - If you haven't manually edited your Master Angler entries in skillranks.yml then the previous mcMMO update has rank 1 for Master Angler too high, this update automatically fixes it.
You may have noticed sometimes config file entries are in a strange jumbled order, yeah that's "normal". We'll be moving to HOCON for the config update and wont' have to deal with this crap for much longer.
I'll probably be doing a bunch of tweaks to mcMMO UI in the near future, I don't know, or I'll work on T&C
Version 2.1.155
Master Angler now has 8 ranks
Master Angler is now supported by the latest builds of Spigot on 1.16.4
Wolves will now earn a lot more XP from combat than before (Wolves are going to be tweaked a lot in the near future)
Fixed a bug where Spectral Arrow awarded too much XP
Fixed a bug where party members other than the party leader had names that weren't properly hex colored
Added 'Skills.Fishing.MasterAngler.Tick_Reduction_Per_Rank.Min_Wait' to advanced.yml
Added 'Skills.Fishing.MasterAngler.Tick_Reduction_Per_Rank.Max_Wait' to advanced.yml
Added 'Skills.Fishing.MasterAngler.Boat_Tick_Reduction.Max_Wait' to advanced.yml
Added 'Skills.Fishing.MasterAngler.Boat_Tick_Reduction.Min_Wait' to advanced.yml
Added 'Skills.Fishing.MasterAngler.Tick_Reduction_Caps.Min_Wait' to advanced.yml
Added 'Skills.Fishing.MasterAngler.Tick_Reduction_Caps.Max_Wait' to advanced.yml
Removed Skills.Fishing.MasterAngler.BoatModifier from advanced.yml
Removed Skills.Fishing.MasterAngler.BoatModifier from advanced.yml
Optimized party/admin chat a bit
Added some misc safeguards against possible NPEs
Added some debug output when fishing if mmodebug is on
(API) Removed AbstractPlayerAuthor#getComponentDisplayName
(API) Removed AbstractPlayerAuthor#getComponentUserName
(API) Removed Author#getAuthoredComponentName
Master Angler won't work if you aren't on 1.16.4, the truth is it hasn't worked for a very long time (Since before 1.13.2)
The Spigot API related to it has been broken since years and years ago, and they finally updated the API but it is only in the newest builds of Spigot.
If you are on something that doesn't support the new Master Angler that skill will be missing when you type /fishing
The boat bonus for master angler is static and doesn't improve when leveling master angler.
All the new master angler stuff is configurable and can be found in advanced.yml
The configurable reduction tick stuff for master angler is multiplied by the rank level when determining the final bonus (use /mmodebug when fishing to see some details)
Master Angler stacks with the Lure enchant
Removed some unnecessary API, we aren't a chat plugin so these things shouldn't be here.
Slowly adding Nullability annotations to the codebase
Version 2.1.154
Hex colors are now supported in Party & Admin chat
Added support for &#RRGGBB color codes (hex colors) in chat and nicknames for party and admin chat
Added hex colored nickname support to admin/party chat
Fixed a bug where Tree Feller was not dropping some items like saplings
Fixed a bug where using admin chat would in some circumstances throw a NPE
(API) Author class has been reworked
(API) McMMOChatEvent::getSender removed (use getDisplayName() instead)
(API) McMMMOChatEvent::setDisplayName() removed
(API) Removed Author::setName use Player::SetDisplayName instead
(API) Modified Author::getAuthoredName signature to -> Author::getAuthoredName(ChatChannel)
(API) Added Author::getAuthoredComponentName(ChatChannel)
(API) PartyAuthor and AdminAuthor removed, replaced by PlayerAuthor
(API) Probably some more undocumented changes that I'm forgetting...
For example '/p &#ccFF33hi guys' will send a message colored in hex colors
You'll see ~§x in console when hex color codes are used, this is a quirk of how the 'adventure' library we are using is handling some bungee component related things, so it's outside of my hands for now
Version 2.1.153
Fixed a bug where most sub-skills were not being displayed when using a skills command (for example /taming)
Fixed a bug where some URL links were not being colored
Updated fr locale (thanks Vlammar)
Version 2.1.152
Fixed a bug where Tree Feller would sometimes double drop blocks inappropriately
Fixed a bug with bleed damage calculations and player armor
Added some code to prevent a possible NPE when spawning items in a world that got unloaded
Added the missing 'pc' alias for party chat
Added the missing 'ac' alias for admin chat
(API) New ENUM ItemSpawnReason which gives context for why mcMMO is dropping an item
(API) McMMOItemSpawnEvent::getItemSpawnReason() was added
(API) Many instances of spawning items that didn't used to create and call an McMMOItemSpawnEvent now do
Updated hu_HU locale (thanks andris)
I really should stop letting my OCD compel me to rewrite code all the time.
Bleed was meant to do reduced damage to players wearing 4 pieces of armor or more, it was incorrectly counting everyone as wearing 4 pieces even when they weren't.
This means Bleed was doing a bit less damage than was intended against players without a full set of armor equipped.
Version 2.1.151
Added new config for chat options named 'chat.yml'
Added 'Chat.Channels.Party.Spies.Automatically_Enable_Spying' to chat.yml which when enabled will start users who have the chat spy permission in chat spying mode
All chat settings that used to be in 'config.yml' are now in 'chat.yml'
The list of party members shown when using the party command has been simplified, this will change again in the T&C update
Fixed a bug where players could use the party chat command without the party chat permission
Party Leaders now use a different style when chatting than normal party members (can be customized)
Added 'Chat.Style.Party.Leader' to the locale, party leaders use this as their chat style
I greatly disliked the old party member list but was avoiding rewriting it until later, someone pointed out how ugly it was and my OCD triggered and now it is rewritten. I will rewrite it again in Tridents & Crossbows.
The new config file lets you disable the chat system (you can disable all of it, or just party chat, and or just admin chat) without permission nodes.
If you disable the party/admin chat, then the party/admin chat command never gets registered and attempting to use the command will result in a whole lot of nothing, so if you want users to have a permission denied message then just stick to negating permission nodes.
I'll probably be tweaking mcMMO visually a lot in the near future, probably after Tridents & Crossbows goes out.
I hate adding more config files using the old .yml system, but the config update is a ways out and this works for now.
Reminder that the look/feel of party/admin chat is now determined by locale entries can help you understand how to change the locale
Version 2.1.150
Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception when using /skillreset
You can now add "-s" at the end of mmoedit, addlevels, or addxp to silence the command. Which will prevent the target of the command from being informed that the command was executed.
mcMMO should now be compatible with 1.16.4's new social features (affects Party/Admin chat)
mcMMO Party & Admin Chat have had a complete rewrite
Players & Console can now use color codes (including stuff like &a or [[GREEN]]) in party or admin chat
Added new permission node '' which allows players to use color codes, negate to disallow this
The style and look of admin/party chat is now determined by locale file instead of options in config.yml
The default style of admin/party chat has been updated, and it may be updated again in the future
Improved messages players receive when they toggle on or off admin or party chat
All locale files have had 99.9% of their [[]] color codes replaced by & color codes, you can still use [[GOLD]] and stuff if you want
Added new locale entry 'Commands.Usage.3.XP'
Added new locale entry 'Chat.Identity.Console'
Added new locale entry 'Chat.Style.Admin'
Added new locale entry 'Chat.Style.Party'
Added new locale entry 'Chat.Spy.Party'
Added new locale entry 'Chat.Channel.On'
Added new locale entry 'Chat.Channel.Off'
(API) ChatAPI::getPartyChatManager() has been removed
(API) ChatAPI::sendPartyChat has been removed (similar functionality can be found in the new ChatManager class)
(API) ChatAPI::sendAdminChat has been removed (similar functionality can be found in the new ChatManager class)
(API) Fake events in mcMMO now implement 'FakeEvent' (thanks TheBusyBiscuit)
(API) Updated Adventure Library to 4.1.1
(API) McMMOChatEvent has been reworked, plugins dependent on this event should review this class and make appropriate changes
The yet to be released Tridents & Crossbows update will also feature some new features related to party chat, so expect more tweaks to those features in the future.
I actually spent a little over a week on this, the old code for party/admin chat was absolutely horrid and when porting in the new 1.16.4 features I couldn't stand the sight of it so I burned everything to the ground and rewrote all of it.
The mcMMO chat events now make use of adventure library by Kyori, you can override the message payload with a TextComponent, which allows for some fancy stuff potentially.
I'll put in some of my own fancy stuff for party and admin chat in a future update.
Version 2.1.149
Added a new config file 'persistent_data.yml'
Almost all persistent mob data is now off by default and needs to be turned on in persistent_data.yml (new config file) for performance concerns
There are some performance issues with how Spigot/MC saves NBT when you start adding NBT to mobs, because of this I have decided that the new persistent data from 2.1.148 is now opt-in.
Not every server will suffer a TPS hit when using the persistent data options, but there is a significant IO cost which can affect TPS if you have them on
I am therefore making many persistent options (the problematic ones involving mobs) opt-in so only those aware of the performance risk will be using the feature.
Persistent data on mobs was a new feature that was introduced in 2.1.148, it was not in mcMMO for the last 10 years and most of you probably didn't even know that it was missing
An example of persistent data would be, normally mcMMO would give 0 XP for a mob from a mob spawner, in the last 10 years if the server rebooted then those existing mobs would give XP again. But with the persistent data option turned on in persistentdata.yml they will be saved to disk, and mcMMO will not forget about them upon reboot.
For now it is not recommended to use persistent data without monitoring performance of ticks afterwards to make sure it was something your server could handle.
I have a solution in mind to make persistent data not so expensive, but writing the code for that will take some time. This will serve as an interim fix.
I am going to focus on Tridents & Crossbows instead of that alternative solution, so don't expect it anytime soon. Use persistent data only if you understand the potential performance cost risk.
Version 2.1.148
Fixed a memory leak involving entity metadata
Alchemy progression is now more reasonable (delete skillranks.yml or edit it yourself to receive the change, see notes)
Made some optimizations to combat processing
New experience multiplier labeled 'Eggs' in experience.yml with a default value of 0 (previously mobs from eggs were using the Mobspawner experience multiplier)
New experience multiplier labeled 'Nether_Portal' in experience.yml with a default value of 0
New experience multiplier labeled 'Player_Tamed' in experience.yml with a default value of 0
New advanced.yml config setting 'Skills.Mining.SuperBreaker.AllowTripleDrops' defaults to true
Fixed a bug where mobs from eggs were only tracked if it was dispensed (egg tracking now tracks from egg items as well)
Fixed a bug where egg spawned mobs were sometimes not marked as being from an egg (used in experience multipliers)
Fixed a bug where entities transformed by a single event (such as lightning) weren't tracked properly if there was more than one entity involved
mmodebug now prints out some information about final damage when attacking an entity in certain circumstances
(1.14+ required)
Mobs spawned from mob spawners are tracked persistently and are no longer forgotten about after a restart
Tamed mobs are tracked persistently and are no longer forgotten about after a restart
Egg spawned mobs are tracked persistently and are no longer forgotten about after a restart
Nether Portal spawned mobs are tracked persistently and are no longer forgotten about after a restart
Endermen who target endermite are tracked persistently and are no longer forgotten about after a restart
COTW spawned mobs are tracked persistently and are no longer forgotten about after a restart
Player bred mobs are tracked persistently and are no longer forgotten about after a restart
Player tamed mobs are tracked persistently and are no longer forgotten about after a restart
Egg mobs & Nether portal pigs being assigned to the mobspawner xp multiplier didn't make sense to me, so it has been changed. They have their own XP multipliers now.
While working on making data persistent I stumbled upon some alarming memory leak candidates, one of them was 7 years old. Sigh.
Alchemy now progresses much smoother, with rank 2 no longer unlocking right away. Thanks to Momshroom for pointing out this oddity. Delete skillranks.yml or edit it yourself to recieve this change. This link shows the new Alchemy progression in skillranks.yml feel free to copy paste (or just delete the file and regenerate it)
There's no persistent API for entities in Spigot for 1.13.2, but in the future I'll wire up NMS and write it to NBT myself.
This means the new persistence stuff requires 1.14.0 or higher, if you're still on 1.13.2 for now that stuff will behave like it always did
Version 2.1.147
Fixed a bug where players below the level threshold on a hardcore mode enabled server would gain levels on death in certain circumstances
Version 2.1.146
A bug where players would disconnect from mcMMO messages has been fixed (thanks kashike / read notes)
It should be noted this was NOT an mcMMO bug, but a bug within Spigot since Spigot 1.16
A dupe exploit has been fixed
Improvements were made to tracking player placed blocks in mcMMO
Players no longer lose levels below the level threshold in hardcore mode
Hardcore now only applies penalties to levels above threshold
Shout out to Kashike
Kashike is a developer on the mcMMO team, however after I recruited him had a lot of life stuff come at him and has./tn't had a chance to contribute until now!
JSON is used by Minecraft for a lot of stuff, in this case the JSON mcMMO made use of was related to displaying text in chat or displaying text on the clients screen in other places such as the action bar, there's been a bad bug in Spigot since 1.16 that would disconnect players some of the time when sending JSON components.
mcMMO makes heavy use of these components, so since spigot has yet to fix the bug I decided we needed a work around for the time being.
The library named 'adventure' is developed by the Kyori organization, which is Kashike's baby.
Kashike is a very talented and skilled developer and he did the work on this patch to solve this issue.
This is a link to an bug report I did on this bug on Spigot's issue tracker, it is my understanding they have yet to find a way to reliably reproduce this bug.
If you have any information please post about it in this thread.
Although mcMMO solved this issue by switching to Kyori's Adventure library for sending JSON Components, most Spigot plugins have not implemented a work around like this and will continue to make players disconnect until it is solved within Spigot.
Hardcore changes
If you set a level threshold of 100 and player with 150 levels dies, they should never lose more than 50 levels as the first 100 are considered part of the threshold.
Prior to this change in this exact same scenario a player could be penalized and be put below the threshold.
Shout out to HexedHero for reporting the dupe exploit and providing a demonstration of how to replicate it
Tridents & Crossbows update
It is still being worked on but it won't make a September release.
October is the new target release but I am terrible with estimates so take it with a grain of salt!
Version 2.1.145
Reverted 'Changed one of the PlayerInteractEvent listeners to ignore cancelled events' from 2.1.144
Version 2.1.144
Steel Arm Style damage is now customizable in advanced.yml (make sure to set override to true)
Fixed a bug where Deflect worked against non-arrow projectiles
Fixed a bug where Deflect was checked twice, resulting in two chances to deflect effectively
Fixed a bug where Roll wouldn't award XP when fall height was over a certain amount
Lowered the XP ceiling of Roll
Fixed a NPE that would happen involving taming in combat processing
Updated hu_HU locale (thanks andris155)
Fixed a bug where mcMMO could erase item data on Wheat Seeds when using Green Thumb on a block
Changed one of the PlayerInteractEvent listeners to ignore cancelled events (should improve plugin compatibility)
mmodebug mode now prints some information when fuel efficiency is applied to a furnace
I seem to consistently find old bugs in mcMMO, this deflect bug where it was checked twice, who knows how many years its been in mcMMO, I didn't check but its probably between 5-7.
I was waiting to make Steel Arm Customizable for the config update (due in the future), but enough people ask for it that I decided to do the extra work to put it into 2.1.XX
Tridents & Crossbows is likely going to be in development continuing into September, I am taking my time to make it feature packed and I hope you guys will appreciate it.
Version 2.1.143
mcMMO now tracks super ability boosted items through persistent metadata
mcMMO no longer relies on lore to tell if an item has been modified by a super ability
Slight buff to Rupture (1 more tick duration across all ranks)
Lore no longer gets added to items being buffed by mcMMO./
The item tracking is persistent for MC versions 1.13-1.16.2 (and beyond). However the code handling the persistence for 1.13.2 differs from the other versions. It shouldn't result in any problems.
Any items that currently have the old "mcMMO Ability Tool" lore on them will have that lore stripped off them and will have any dig speed enchants removed. This should only affect glitched items that never properly got their buffs removed.
Version 2.1.142
Iron Arm Style renamed to Steel Arm Style
Steel Arm Style now scales over 20 ranks instead of 5
Added 'mcmmo.ability.unarmed.steelarmstyle' permission node
Removed 'mcmmo.ability.unarmed.ironarmstyle' permission node
Added locale entry 'Unarmed.SubSkill.SteelArmStyle.Name'
Added locale entry 'Unarmed.SubSkill.SteelArmStyle.Description'
Updated locale entry 'Unarmed.Ability.Bonus.0'
Version 2.1.141
Added some missing values for 1.16.2 compatibility modes
Version 2.1.140
Fixed a few potential issues with scoreboards
Updated polish locale
Scoreboards code in mcMMO is pretty messy and poorly designed, I am going to rewrite it in a future update. The fixes applied in this patch should solve some problems some users were having for now.
Version 2.1.139
Code used to fetch UUIDs was reworked to avoid a scenario where it failed (thanks t00thpick1)
Added 'Netherite_Gold_Ore' to Smelting XP tables (thanks Quavelen)
Added 'Gilded_Blackstone' and 'Nether_Gold_Ore' to code used to determine what can activate Super Breaker in certain situations (thanks Quavelen)
MMOinfo for Roll was corrected (thanks emanondev)
Version 2.1.138
Fixed a bug where Netherite weapons/tools/armor weren't applying correct values in some skill calculations
Version 2.1.137
Added some code to avoid NPE errors when checking armor on entities
Version 2.1.136
Furnace ownership is no longer lost when the furnace stops doing a job
Furnaces remember owners between restarts (requires MC 1.14 or higher)
I'm making use of a Spigot API for persistent data for versions of MC 1.14 and above, for versions below the data will be temporary as it has been up until this point.
In the future I'll wire up NMS to make use of NBT and all versions will have persistent data support.
Version 2.1.135
Furnaces no longer simulate block break checks when assigning ownership as it caused some unwanted plugin conflicts
Fixed an issue where Fishing would break if exploit protection was turned off for Fishing (Thanks Ineusia)
Fixed Super abilities not being translated on scoreboards (Thanks Ineusia)
Added option in advanced.yml to squelch ability activation messages being sent to other players via action bar (Thanks Ineusia)
Version 2.1.134
Furnaces now change ownership to the last player who clicks in their inventory and is legally allowed to break the furnace
Smelting now has a Bonus Drops section in config.yml
Smelting now only doubles smelting results for items which have bonus drop entries in config.yml
Smelting XP can now be gained offline, but all other benefits from Smelting don't happen unless you're online
Fix brewing stand not consuming items (thanks Durburz)
Changed the UUID updater task to not catastrophically fail when requests failed
Fixed a bug where players could set each other on fire when partied or when PVP was disabled
Fixed a NPE that could happen with thrown potions
Fixed a potential NPE when damaging player armor with Axes
Fixed a potential NPE when damaging a player with Blast Mining
Fixed a potential NPE when checking tools related to Super Abilities
Fixed a potential NPE when checking the Chimaera Wing
Fixed a potential NPE when creating party member lists
Fixed a potential NPE when fishing
Fixed a potential NPE when players right click blocks
Fixed a locale mistake in locale hu_HU
Fixed a locale mistake in locale ru
Minor code cleanup
It used to be that Furnaces would assign an owner and that would be their owner until the server shutdown, now owners will change based on who last had their hands on the furnace.
You won't become the owner if you are not allowed to view the inventory of a furnace, or break the furnace, or interact with the contents of the furnace
Version 2.1.133
A fix for an 'array out of bounds' error related to players clicking outside the inventory windows has been fixed
French locale has been updated (thanks Elikill58)
Another fix has been deployed to prevent mobs from having hearts in player death messages (thanks FrankHeijden)
Players no longer ready their tool if they don't have access to the skill (thanks Draycia)
Unused NMS compatibility layers have been disabled for now (expect them to be used in the future for 1.12/1.8 support stuff)
Version 2.1.132
A fix is in place to prevent an exploit from working that is due to a yet to be patched Spigot server software bug
Fixed a NPE that could happen when players swapped items from their hotbar
NOTE: The exploit was not described on purpose, please update.
I reported the bug to Spigot, so hopefully it will be patched in the near future.
Version 2.1.131
New permission node '' which is included in the mcmmo.defaults permission package
New permission node 'mcmmo.ability.salvage.netheritesalvage' which is included in the mcmmo.defaults permission package
Changed Salvage maximum quantity values to 4 for all Netherite armor
mcMMO will set the default salvage quantities for netherite armor to 4 once and then never again (see notes)
Added Basalt to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml (see notes)
Added Polished Basalt to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml (see notes)
Added Blackstone to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml (see notes)
Added Chain to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml (see notes)
Added Nether Bricks to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml (see notes)
Added Red Nether Bricks to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml (see notes)
Added Cracked Nether Bricks to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml (see notes)
Added Chiseled Nether Bricks to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml (see notes)
Added Crying Obsidian to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml (see notes)
Added Gilded Blackstone to Bonus Drops for Mining in config.yml (see notes)
Added Warped Roots to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml (see notes)
Added Warped Stem to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml (see notes)
Added Crimson Roots to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml (see notes)
Added Crimson Stem to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml (see notes)
Added Shroomlight to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml (see notes)
Added Twisting Vines to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml (see notes)
Added Nether Wart Block to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml (see notes)
Added Warped Wart Block to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml (see notes)
Added Weeping Vines to Bonus Drops for Herbalism in config.yml (see notes)
Added Crimson Hyphae to Bonus Drops for Woodcutting in config.yml (see notes)
Added Stripped Crimson Hyphae to Bonus Drops for Woodcutting in config.yml (see notes)
Added Warped Hyphae to Bonus Drops for Woodcutting in config.yml (see notes)
Added Stripped Warped Hyphae to Bonus Drops for Woodcutting in config.yml (see notes)
Added Red Nether Bricks to Experience tables for Mining in experience.yml (see notes)
Added Netherite to Experience tables for Repair in experience.yml (see notes)
Added Piglin Brute to Experience tables for all combat skills in experience.yml
Netherite now requires 100 Salvage skill (by default configs) in order to salvage
Added the missing NMS wiring (it should be noted NMS isn't currently being used in mcMMO, but the framework is there. Working on a sideproject involving this...)
You should not need to edit your configs to receive any changes in this patch, simply starting your server is enough.
Default salvage quantities for netherite armor were above 4 in some cases which was not intended, mcMMO will run some code to correct this once and then it will not edit the file again.
Repair and Salvage are going to get some tweaks regarding Netherite gear really soon.
This update adds quite a few missing entries for bonus drops, without these entries double drops on these items/blocks will not happen.
Version 2.1.130
Fixed a bug that prevented Repair from working on the new Netherite weapons/armors
Fixed a bug where Netherite gear used Gold Ingots to repair instead of Netherite Scraps (by default)
mcMMO will now run a script to fix a misspelling of netherite in repair/salvage configs (script only runs once and then never again)
mcMMO will produce a fake PlayerItemDamageEvent before damaging axes in Tree Feller execution
Early versions of 1.16 support had Netherite misspelled, the script I added executes before loading those config files to fix the spelling mistakes if it finds any
If you are still having issues with Repair/Salvage, delete the repair and salvage .yml files in /plugins/mcMMO and restart the server
Version 2.1.129
Added new subcommand /mmoxpbar disable - Hides all mcMMO XP bars
New locale string 'Commands.XPBar.DisableAll'
Added Blackstone to Mining experience tables
Added Chain to Mining experience tables
Added Bone Block to Mining experience tables
Added Cracked Nether Bricks to Mining experience tables
Added Chiseled Nether Bricks to Mining experience tables
Added Crying Obsidian to Mining experience tables
Added Gilded Blackstone to Mining experience tables
Added Crimson Hyphae to Woodcutting experience tables
Added Stripped Crimson Hyphae to Woodcutting experience tables
Added Warped Hyphae to Woodcutting experience tables
Added Stripped Warped Hyphae to Woodcutting experience tables
Added Shroomlight to Herbalism experience tables
Added Zoglin to combat experience tables
Added Redstone Dust to bonus drops for Mining ( edit config.yml )
Lodestone will now be ignored for activating abilities
Respawn Anchor will now be ignored for activating abilities
Soul Campfire will now be ignored for activating abilities
Edit your experience.yml or delete it to generate a new one
Edit config.yml and add Redstone_Dust under bonus drops for Mining, you could delete it to generate a new one but MySQL data is stored here
Default experience.yml looks like this now:
Version 2.1.128
The first rank of Iron Arm for Unarmed now only gives 1.5 bonus damage instead of 4 (other ranks are the same as before)
Blast Mining nerf reverted
Fixed a bug where debris were not reduced from Blast Mining skills
Fixed a bug where certain types of ore did not receive bonuses from Blast Mining
Fixed a few locale errors with commands
(API) Added ExperienceAPI::addCombatXP for adding combat XP to players, signature may change so its deprecated for now
mcMMO now logs whether or not its using FlatFile or SQL database on load
(1.16) Strider added to combat experience with a value of 1.2
NOTES: A more thorough look at Unarmed balance will happen in the future, the intention of this nerf is to make Unarmed less rewarding until it is leveled quite a bit.
I do plan to add saving XP bar settings to an upcoming version of mcMMO, but I'm working on another thing for mcMMO atm.
Version 2.1.127
Child Skills now have XP bars, they are hidden by default
Updated hu_HU locale (thanks andris155)
Updated korean locale (thanks GownHeeJun)
Fixed a potential resource leak (thanks f1xme)
Fixed some potential chunk bugs (thanks f1xme)
You can enable the child skill bars with the command /mmoxpbar <skill> show
Version 2.1.126
mcMMO now relies on NMS for some of its features, if NMS cannot properly be wired up when initializing mcMMO behaviours relying on NMS will either be partially supported or disabled
mcMMO now has a compatibility mode, any features that require specific versions of Minecraft for full functionality will be disabled if your server is not running a compatible version, mcMMO will still function in compatibility mode, but either the feature will be modified or disabled depending on the version of the server software
New command /mmocompat - Shows information about whether or not mcMMO is fully functional or if some features are disabled due to the server software not being fully supported. Can be used by players or console.
New command /mmoxpbar (alias /xpbarsettings) - Players can choose to always show XP bars or to never show XP bars on a per skill basis
XPBars now last for 3 seconds before hiding instead of 2 seconds
Fixed an exploit involving fishing rods
mcMMO is now less verbose about unsupported materials found in configs
New locale strings
There are no features that rely on NMS in this version, it took a lot of work to write the NMS framework and I'm going to delay implementation for future versions.
/mmoxpbar (or /xpbarsettings) example usages
/mmoxpbar show archery - Always show archery XP bar
/mmoxpbar hide acrobatics - Never show acrobatics XP bar
/mmoxpbar reset - Reset all settings related to XP bars (hide/show)
Version 2.1.125
*Fixed a bug where you could not place blocks on top of certain repair/salvage anvils
Notes: You won't be able to place blocks on top of stuff that has an interactable component if its setup as an anvil for either Repair or Salvage, for example if you set the vanilla minecraft anvil to Repair, you won't be able to place blocks on top of that. If the repair anvil is still set to iron block then you can now place blocks on it again.
Version 2.1.124
Repair/Salvage can now be set to use vanilla blocks that already do something and that vanilla functionality will be disabled by mcMMO (you could use vanilla-anvils instead of iron_blocks for repair now)
Added Gold_Nugget to Mining's Bonus_Drops in config.yml (edit your config)
Added Piglin to experience.yml combat XP tables with a value of 2.0 (edit your config)
Added Hoglin to experience.yml combat XP tables with a value of 4.0 (edit your config)
Added Zombified_Piglin & Zombie_Pigman to experience.yml combat XP tables with a value of 3.0 (edit your config)
For this update either edit experience.yml and config.yml manually or delete them to regenerate, keep in mind config.yml has MySQL settings so don't delete it carelessly.
Version 2.1.123
Added 'Nether_Gold_Ore' to Mining XP tables in experience.yml with a value of 1300
Adept Salvage message will now show the correct minimum level
'Weeping_Vines' renamed to 'Weeping_Vines_Plant' in experience.yml (no edits necessary)
'Twisted_Vines_Plant' added to Herbalism XP tables in experience.yml with a value of 10
Weeping_Vines_Plant and Twisted_Vines_Plant are now flagged as multi-block plants in Herbalism
Version 2.1.122
Changed the xp values for Nether_Wart_Block and Warped_Wart_Block from 20 to 1 for Woodcutting
Changed the xp values for Nether_Wart_Block and Warped_Wart_Block from 20 to 3 for Herbalism
mcMMO now treats Nether_Wart_Block and Warped_Wart_Block as leaves
Removed Crimson_Roots and Warped_Roots from Woodcutting XP tables in experience.yml
Added Crimson_Roots and Warped_Roots to Herbalism XP tables in experience.yml with a value of 6 XP
Fixed some start up bugs for salvage/repair
You can either edit experience.yml yourself or delete it to regenerate a new one to get the new changes
Version 2.1.121
Fixed a netherite related bug that prevented mcMMO from functioning correctly
Version 2.1.120
Fixed a bug involving the new netherite equipment
Version 2.1.119
1.16 Support
Fixed another dupe bug
Fixed a bug that can cause blast mining to give out more rewards than intended
Blast Mining rewards are now randomized but still influenced by your blast mining rank
mcMMO is now aware of turtle shell and treats it appropriately
mcMMO is now aware of chainmail armor and treats it appropriately
Calculations which change depend on the quality of your tool or armor has had netherrack support coded in
All excavation drops that can drop from soul_sand now also drop from soul_soil (edited treasures.yml)
Added netherite armor/weapons/tools to repair.vanilla.yml
Added netherite armor/weapons/tools to salvage.vanilla.yml
Added 'Bamboo_Sapling' to bonus drops for Herbalism in experience.yml
Added 'Ancient_Debris' with a value of 7777 to Mining experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Basalt' with a value of 40 to Mining experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Crimson_Fungus' with a value of 50 to Herbalism experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Warped_Fungus' with a value of 50 to Herbalism experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Warped_Nylium' with a value of 5 to Mining experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Crimson_Nylium' with a value of 5 to Mining experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Crimson_Stem' with a value of 35 to Woodcutting experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Crimson_Roots' with a value of 35 to Woodcutting experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Warped_Stem' with a value of 35 to Woodcutting experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Warped_Roots' with a value of 35 to Woodcutting experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Ancient_Debris' with a value of 200 to Smelting experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Nether_Sprouts' with a value of 10 to Herbalism experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Shroomlight' with a value of 100 to Woodcutting experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Soul_Soil' with a value of 50 to Excavation experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Nether_Wart_Block' with a value of 20 to Woodcutting experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Nether_Wart_Block' with a value of 20 to Herbalism experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Warped_Wart_Block' with a value of 20 to Woodcutting experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Warped_Wart_Block' with a value of 20 to Herbalism experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Weeping_Vines' with a value of 10 to Herbalism experience tables in experience.yml
Added 'Ancient_Debris' to bonus drops for Mining in config.yml
Added 'Netherite_Scrap' to bonus drops for Mining in config.yml
Added 'Crimson_Fungus' to bonus drops for Herbalism in config.yml
Added 'Warped_Fungus' to bonus drops for Herbalism in config.yml
Added 'Warped_Nylium' to bonus drops for Mining in config.yml
Added 'Crimson_Nylium' to bonus drops for Mining in config.yml
Added 'Crimson_Stem' to bonus drops for Woodcutting in config.yml
Added 'Warped_Stem' to bonus drops for Woodcutting in config.yml
Added 'Shroomlight' to bonus drops for Woodcutting in config.yml
NOTES: You will likely need to update repair.vanilla.yml, salvage.vanilla.yml and treasures.yml
You can just delete those config files to regenerate them fresh which is much faster if you don't have any custom settings in those files
Here are the default configuration files if you wish to compare them to your own servers settings while updating your configs. (Keep scrolling)
Netherrack is repaired using netherrack scraps for now, wait for 2.2 for a better version of repair.
Netherrack salvages into netherrack scraps for now, wait for 2.2 for a better version of salvage.
Repairing chainmail/etc will be tackled in 2.2 so don't expect that in this version
Version 2.1.118
Fixed another dupe bug
Blast Mining no longer reduces debris from explosions due to some issues with the Bukkit API
Modified locale string 'Mining.Blast.Effect' to remove debris reduction mention
Rupture now fires a FakeEntityDamageByEntityEvent before damaging its victims (cancelling it will be ignored)
Version 2.1.117
Fixed a rare http error when polling Mojang for UUIDs
Fixed a bug that allowed duping
Version 2.1.116
Fixed directional plants not maintaining their direction when replanted
Version 2.1.115
Green Thumb now requires a hoe to activate
Hoes no longer give free replants
You can sneak to break plants with a hoe in your hand (or just put the hoe away)
Using a hoe on non-fully grown crops will replant them as a convenience feature
New sound option in sounds.yml called 'ITEM_CONSUMED', plays when eating seeds for Green Thumb
Cocoa plants now require GT of at least 2 to start at the second stage of growth
Green Terra now boosts growth on Green Thumb by 1 stage (doesn't go above the maximum value though)
There is now a feature in place to prevent breaking a newly automatically replanted (via green thumb) crop from being breakable for a few seconds after it appears
Fixed a bug where Salvage always gave the best results
Fixed an issue with arrows causing exceptions with players not yet having data loaded
Spectral arrows are now tracked by mcMMO
Use minimum level of salvageable properly
Fix Axes Critical Strikes default permissions ( new fixed permission: mcmmo.ability.axes.criticalstrikes )
Fix potential null pointer exception for salvage
Updated locale entry 'Herbalism.SubSkill.GreenTerra.Description'
Version 2.1.114
Fix some more locale usages, should aim to further prevent issues with oddball locales
Fixed a bug where newer versions of MySQL did not like our rank command
Added a new setting to turn off the Snow Golem Exploit prevention to experience.yml next to the other exploit fixes
Fixed a bug which stopped the optional Endermite XP exploit fix from working
Version 2.1.113
Activating Berserk on a soft block (glass, snow, dirts) will break that material right away instead of only breaking subsequent blocks hit by the player
Berserk will now break glass and glass pane blocks
Hitting glass with berserk readied will activate it
Added GLASS settings to sounds.yml for Berserk
Fixed bug where BlockCracker didn't work on infested_stone_bricks
Fixed a bug where beacons could be duplicated
Check player's PTP world permissions before executing a party teleport
Improved how mcMMO handles randomness
Version 2.1.112
Correct locale usage for enum access, now enforces using the english locale to prevent issues with oddball locales for configs/commands
Fixed a NPE that can occur if a player engages in combat with specific skills before their profile is loaded
mcMMO is now more compatible with certain mob stacking plugins
Improved behaviour for mob health bars
Archery's Skill Shot bonus damage is now multiplicative instead of additive (nerfing early game skill shot ranks)
Sweet Berry Bush's default Herbalism XP is now 50 instead of 300 (Update your experience.yml or delete it to generate a new one)
Version 2.1.111
mcMMO is compatible with the following versions of MC: 1.15 / 1.14.4 / 1.14.3 / 1.14.2 / 1.14.1 / 1.14 / 1.13.2
Further prevent nesting of bleed damage calls
Warn about reparable/salvage configs with missing sections
Added Bee combat experience modifier to experience.yml (Update your experience.yml file, see notes)
Breaking a Bee Nest will result in Herbalism XP (Update your experience.yml file, see notes)
Breeding bees will now result in Taming XP (Update your experience.yml file, see notes)
You will need to update your experience.yml by hand or delete it to get XP from new things in 1.15
The default version of mcMMO's experience.yml looks like this:
You'll want to add Bee to combat XP section, and Bee_Nest to Herbalism XP, and Bee to Taming XP section.
Version 2.1.110
Fixed a dupe bug
Actually fixed Block Cracker
You can now crack Infested Stone Bricks with Block Cracker
Added Lithuanian locale (thanks Vyciokazz)
Version 2.1.109
Block Cracker will now correctly crack stone_bricks during Berserk again
Added Lily_Of_The_Valley to the Bonus Drops list in config.yml (you'll probably want to add this manually) which enables it to double drop
Added missing 1.14 blocks to ability/tool activation blacklists
Fixed spamming of incompatible worldguard version message
Updated Italian locale (thanks Fabrimat)
Version 2.1.108
Fixed an amusing exploit for easy leveling in Acrobatics
mcMMO should no longer break if FAWE is being used in conjunction with WG on the server
Improved WG compatibility, mcMMO will now check if WG has loaded properly before hooking into it, which will prevent mcMMO from breaking if WG could not load properly.
mcMMO now loads after worlds do during start up (which is what it should be doing)
Mobs will now only reward Dodge XP a certain amount of times
You can turn off this exploit prevention by disabling ExploitFix.Acrobatics in experience.yml
Version 2.1.107
Fixed an exploit that allowed automated XP gain for Excavation
Fixed encoding of russian translation
New API event McMMOPlayerProfileLoadEvent (thanks Shrek5InTheatres2019)
Version 2.1.106
Added a few missing blocks to the ability blacklist tables (prevents readying/using abilities on certain blocks that have right click functionality)
Updated Japanese locale (thanks ethernetcat)
Updated Simplified Chinese locale (thanks Fu_Meng)
Version 2.1.105
mcMMO will reset players scoreboard to the main scoreboard if they move into a blacklisted world
Beast lore now shows max jump height and other tweaks (Thanks QuantumToasted)
If the server has enabled level caps (which are not on by default) players will be shown that they are at max level instead of seeing how much XP needed to reach an impossible level (thanks Shrek5InTheatres2019)
Large update to Italian locale (thanks Leomixer17)
The scoreboard change should result in mcMMO removing scoreboards from players properly when they enter a black listed world. This is a hacky band aid fix as our scoreboard code is archaic and needs to be rewritten in 2.2 and not 2.1. Expect a scoreboard overhaul sometime in the future.
Version 2.1.104
Fixed a bug resulting in many errors when using Rupture
Large update to the Japanese locale (thanks ethernetcat)
Updated Hungarian locale (thanks andris)
Version 2.1.103
Treasure item amount will default to 1 if not specified instead of breaking mcMMO
Fishing treasures will now return the amount defined in treasures config file, an option to randomize amounts will be coming in the future. See notes.
Fixed a bug where Tree Feller was only rewarding 1 XP per log broken no matter the circumstances
Fixed an issue with salvage checking the incorrect level requirement
Updated Italian locale (thanks Leomixer17)
Fixed grammar in one of the Salvage strings (thanks QuantumToasted)
Sometime in 2014 a decision was made that any fishing treasure over the amount of 1 will be randomized in its yield, while this is not necessarily a bad thing it means control over the drop is a bit random. I've removed this randomness temporarily, in the future you will be able to chose if the amount is randomized or static.
Version 2.1.102
Scoreboards will now be removed from players who teleport to a blacklisted world
Fixed a bug where Rupture could trigger itself
Version 2.1.101
Fixed an exploit where chorus plants could be used to gain automatic XP
Added blast furnace, cartography table, grindstone, lectern, loom, scaffolding, smoker, stonecutter, and sweet berry bush to the list of internal blocks that don't trigger tool readying
Version 2.1.100
Fixed a bug where plants could double drop when the skill was not yet unlocked
Fixed a bug where plants ALWAYS double dropped
mcnotify command now checks that it's being executed by a player
Fixed some concurrency concerns around BleedTasks
Fixed an NPE that may occur with random chances on a player without loaded data
Updated Russian locale (thanks myfbone!)
Version 2.1.99
MASSIVE update to the Russian locale (ru) credit to myfbone
Debug mode (/mmodebug) will now print info about XP perks and how they are modifying your incoming XP
Version 2.1.98
Fixed a bug that prevented Taming XP from combat
Version 2.1.97
mcMMO is compatible with 1.14.4 (Didn't require any changes)
Fixed a NPE that could occur if a pet participated in combat and its master's mcMMO data was not available
mcMMO now properly closes its region files as it creates them (thanks Yukiiro-Nite)
Updated Hungarian locale (thanks andris)
Version 2.1.96
Added the setting 'Skills.General.LimitBreak.AllowPVE' to advanced.yml to allow Limit Break damage bonus to apply in PVE again, defaults to false
Updated Limit Break locale strings
Fixed a few more places where 'Archaeology' was misspelled in the locale
Added the setting 'ExploitFix.PistonCheating' to experience.yml at the request of a user
Added a missing 's' to Nether_Bricks (thanks Sikatsu) in experience.yml
The Skill Tooltips are a bit limited right now, in the future they will be more flexible. In order to reflect that Limit Break doesn't always work in PVE (now up to server settings) I added a crappy note to its hover window tip. I'll be fixing this in the future.
You shouldn't need to update you config entry for Nether_Bricks, I believe that file updates automatically (the old config system is a bit janky, some stuff updates, some other stuff doesn't.)
PistonCheating prevents blocks from being marked "natural" once they've been moved, we've never had an option for this before.
A discord user requested it, its a strange request but I added it anyways.
Of course, it defaults to "true" which prevents cheating with pistons.
Version 2.1.95
Added missing Chorus_Fruit & Chorus_Plant entries to Herbalism's Bonus Drops in config.yml (See notes)
Limit Break now does dramatically less damage to players with lower grades of armor
Limit Break damage bonuses now only apply to Players
Updated in game text to reflect changes to Limit Break
Fixed a bug where opponents used your stats instead of their own to activate Iron Grip
Fixed a bug preventing Wandering Traders from granting XP
Fixed a bug that prevented Chorus Tree's from giving full XP if you broke anything other than the bottom block
Fixed a bug which could cause Large Fern's to reward less XP
Fixed a bug where certain herbalism crops could have fewer than intended bonus drops
Fixed a bug involving Ender Pearl and Acrobatics
Added some protection to Acrobatics to prevent gaining too much XP in one Roll.
Added 'Carrots, Cocoa, Potatoes, Wheat, Beetroots, Nether_Wart' to Herbalism in experience.yml (See notes)
Removed the _Ripe entries from experience.yml (no longer used)
Updated locale string 'Swords.SubSkill.SwordsLimitBreak.Description' & 'Swords.SubSkill.SwordsLimitBreak.Stat'
Added missing 'Chorus_Flower' entry to herbalism in experience.yml
Added some debug messages about XP gains if you are in debug mode
Added some debug messages for Acrobatics if you are in debug mode
Added some debug messages for Herbalism if you are in debug mode
Add 'Chorus_Fruit' and 'Chorus_Plant' under Bonus_Drops.Herbalism in config.yml or you will not be getting double drops for Chorus Fruit.
You shouldn't need to add "Chorus_Flower, Carrots, Cocoa, Potatoes, Wheat, Beetroots, Nether_Wart" to your experience file, it seems that config file updates automatically for missing entries.
Version 2.1.94
2 new devs have joined the mcMMO team (electronicboy, kashike), bringing the active dev team to 3 including myself! Strings relating to authors of mcMMO have been updated to reflect this
Fixed a bug where 2 people using Tree Feller could result in the tree being rejected for being too big
New command /mmodebug (or /mcmmodebugmode) - Prints useful information when players punch blocks while they are in debug mode
mcMMO no longer prints debug information when you attack stuff with the debug stick, use the new command (/mmodebug) instead
Added locale string 'mcMMO.Description.FormerDevs'
Added locale string 'mcMMO.Template.Prefix'
Added locale string 'Commands.Mmodebug.Toggle'
Added locale string 'Commands.Description.mmodebug'
Tweaked locale string 'mcMMO.Description'
Updated Japanese locale (thanks snake)
Updated hu_HU locale (thanks andris155)
Version 2.1.93
Fixed a bug where players would be told they could not breed summoned animals when the animals weren't summoned (bug didn't actually do anything besides send you a message)
Version 2.1.92
Call Of The Wild (COTW) no longer cares if entities of the same type are nearby when attempting to summon a new entity
Fixed a bug where COTW summon limit was global instead of per player
If you are playing in 1.14 mcMMO will now summon cats instead of ocelots
The default summon limit for COTW is now per player instead of global which is how it should be, for wolves this defaults to 2, for other entities it defaults to 1
The COTW setting named Summon_Max_Amount in config.yml has been renamed to Per_Player_Limit
By default players are no longer allowed to breed COTW summoned animals with other animals, you can turn this off (see the notes)
If a player tries to breed animals with a COTW animal and the server settings prevent this, they are informed via a message that it is not allowed
If the COTW summon has a lifespan, players are now informed about this lifespan when the entity is first summoned
COTW entities now send the player a message when they die, time out, or get removed through other means
COTW summons now have their name prefixed with some colored text to to make it easier to identify them.
COTW summons now despawn if their owner logs out
There is now a small 150ms window in which you cannot summon an entity via COTW to prevent accidentally summoning extra entities
COTW Horses, Cats, and Wolves now always spawn in as adults
Changed the sound effect for COTW (Fireworks -> Pop)
Most COTW messages have been tweaked and new COTW messages have been added
Added new setting to experience.yml 'ExploitFix.COTWBreeding' - Prevents breeding with COTW summoned entities when set to true, defaults to true
Removed the 'mcmmo.ability.taming.callofthewild.renamepets' permission node as it is seen as unnecessary
Removed locale strings
Added new locale strings
Tweaked locale string
I plan to rework Call of The Wild (COTW) significantly in the upcoming content patch, until then I have made several tweaks to it.
COTW Summoning Requirement Changes
It is intentional that you are not supposed to be able to COTW summon something that you already have tamed, but mcMMO was not checking this properly.
So previous to this patch, if you tried to summon a wolf and wolves were nearby, it would fail. This is not intentional behaviour and was a bug.
The correct behaviour is that if you try to summon a wolf and you already have wolves, it should fail.
I was fixing this bug when it occurred to me, why do we even care if nearby tamed wolves owned by you exist if you are trying to summon a temporary one?
As a result of this train of thought, I have removed this restriction on COTW and several other tweaks have been made as a result of this line of thinking.
There was also an issue involving how many COTW entities could be out at once, for some reason the limit was applied globally and defaulted to 10, so if 10 players had COTW entities out no one else would be able to summon anything. I have fixed this.
You can set the lifespan to 0 in the config to make it so that COTW entities last until a server restart or the player logs out.
COTW Breeding Change
It was never intentional for COTW summoned entities to be breedable, by default they will not be. You can change this by setting 'ExploitFix.COTWBreeding' to false in experience.yml
Version 2.1.91
mcMMO is now more compatible with plugins that spawn arrows in unexpected ways, this fixes some NPE in mcMMO when using certain plugins
Fixed a bug where Unarmed was using the same CD timer for every player in the server (thanks slop_me)
Version 2.1.90
Salvaged items now travel much slower towards the player
Books from salvage will now travel towards the player
Salvaged items travelling towards you will now have their speed adjusted based on distance
Common Materials found when mining have had their XP gains reduced and rare materials have had their XP gains increased
Diamond Ore has had its XP increased from 750 to 2400
Gold Ore has had its XP increased from 350 to 1300
Iron Ore has had its XP increased from 250 to 900
Lapis Ore has had its XP increased from 400 to 800
Nether Quartz Ore has had its XP increased from 100 to 300
Redstone Ore has had its XP increased from 150 to 600
Blue_Ice has had its default XP value reduced to 15
Packed_Ice has had its default XP value reduced to 15
Netherrack has had its default XP value reduced to 15
Coal Ore has had its XP increased from 100 to 400
Stone has had its XP decreased from 30 to 15
Granite has had its XP decreased from 30 to 15
Andesite has had its XP decreased from 30 to 15
Diorite has had its XP decreased from 30 to 15
End Stone has had its XP decreased from 30 to 15
Glow Stone has had its XP decreased from 30 to 15
End Bricks has had its XP decreased from 200 to 50
You can either apply the default XP changes manually to experience.yml or delete it to generate a new file
Sorry about salvaged items traveling too quickly, in testing on my LAN server with ideal conditions they always entered my inventory and never shot past me so the high speed of the items was not an apparent issue.
I've tested the new changes to how they travel towards you pretty thoroughly, they never go fast enough to go past you and they adjust their speed based on distance to you with some speed limitations.
In testing the new tweaks work well whether the salvage anvil is above, below, or at the same height as you.
I'll be tweaking XP values across all skills more carefully in the upcoming content patch due after 2.2. Some tweaks to XP gains will be applied for 2.2.
Version 2.1.89
Many changes were made to this version that affect default values in the config, read the notes carefully if you wish to apply these changes. They are optional.
mcMMO is compatible with the new 1.14.3, in addition to this it is still compatible with 1.14.2, 1.14.1, 1.14, and 1.13.2. This did not require any changes to be made to mcMMO, but I thought I'd add this to the notes for those wondering.
RetroMode is the default level scaling mode again
The default level for players has been changed back to 0 from 1 (you can change it back to 1 by editing 'Skills.General.StartingLevel' in advanced.yml) if you wish to apply this change read the notes
Super Abilities now scale in length up to level 100/1000 instead of 50/500 by default (you can edit this in advanced.yml under '')
Early Game Boost now only applies when leveling from level 0 to level 1
Removed the config setting 'MaxLevelMultiplier' from experience.yml as it is no longer used.
When finding a treasure via Excavation players have a 1-8% chance to have a small amount vanilla experience orbs to be found alongside the treasure, the chance and number of orbs are based on the players Archaeology rank
Tweaked the locale string 'Excavation.SubSkill.Archaeology.Description'
Added locale string 'Excavation.SubSkill.Archaeology.Stat'
Added locale string 'Excavation.SubSkill.Archaeology.Stat.Extra'
Tweaked the locale string 'Fishing.SubSkill.MasterAngler.Stat'
The interval at which you can gain Acrobatics XP from fall damage has been reduced to 3 seconds from 10 seconds, this will be configurable in 2.2.
When using WorldGuard (WG) with mcMMO, mcMMO now examines WG more carefully to determine if it is a compatible version or not, see the notes. Keep in mind WG is optional and not needed to run mcMMO.
Fixed a bug that could result in Tree Feller failing to remove parts of a tree in snowy biomes. (This fix won't apply retroactively to old trees, see the notes)
Updated Japanese locale (thanks snake)
Tree Feller and other Super Abilities will damage tools with the Enchantment named 'Durability/Unbreaking' again, this does not apply to the NBT tag named Ubreakable (Unbreakable NBT tag is safe from damage however, try not to confuse them as they share similar names)
Added new setting 'ExploitFix.TreeFellerReducedXP' to experience.yml
Tree Feller will no longer give full XP for each block destroyed and instead give diminishing returns on XP for each block removed. You can turn this off by setting 'ExploitFix.TreeFellerReducedXP' in experience.yml to false
Many skills which used to unlock at level 5/50 now unlock at level 1 instead
Arrow Retrieval now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Skill Shot now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Dodge now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Critical Strikes now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Armor Impact now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Beast Lore now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Call Of The Wild now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Scrap Collector now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Treasure Hunter now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Rupture now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Iron Arm Style now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Harvest Lumber now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Archaeology now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Repair Mastery now unlocks at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Double Drops (Herbalism and Mining) now have ranks and unlock at level 1 in both Standard and RetroMode
Concoctions rank 2 now unlocks at Level 1 for both Standard and RetroMode
Serrated Strikes now unlocks at levels 5/50 instead of 10/100
Berserk now unlocks at levels 5/50 instead of 10/100
I'm looking into adding 1.12.2 support sooner than expected.
Editing your config files is not required for this patch (and never will be), however I would highly recommend it. Read the notes below this line carefully.
If you want to update to this patch easily and you don't mind default config values, delete skillranks.yml, advanced.yml, and experience.yml before starting your server with 2.1.89 of mcMMO applied.
Many skills now unlock at level 1 and the default starting level is back to 0. It is recommended you change this number from 1 to 0 manually by editing 'Skills.General.StartingLevel' in advanced.yml or deleting advanced.yml and generating a new file when 2.1.89 starts.
It is recommended you make the manual edits to skillranks.yml to apply this change or delete skillranks.yml and a new one will be generated once you start 2.1.89.
Early Game Boost was used to help players get to level 5 quickly by boosting their XP until they got there, this caused some confusion as they appeared to be 'learning a skill' for multiple levels, on RetroMode this lasted until level 50.
I have changed Early Game Boost to only last from level 0-1 on both RetroMode and Standard, and now important skills are unlocked at level 1.
I was going to wait until 2.2 was done to deploy this change, but 2.2 is some time away and the previous system was causing some confusion.
Early Game Boost gives players extra XP for skills that are level 0, you can turn this system off by setting 'EarlyGameBoost.Enabled' in experience.yml to false
Early Game Boost will show 'Learning a new skill...' if XP bars are enabled - A list of WG flags supported by mcMMO.
It is not necessary to have WG installed, but if you do have WG installed mcMMO hooks into it to provide some additional features.
Previously mcMMO used to determine if WG was compatible just by checking to see if it was version 7 of WG, however version 7 of WG is not guaranteed to be compatible as necessary classes that mcMMO hooks into were added during its development and some users are still running early dev versions of WG7.
In order to decrease the chance of error, mcMMO now uses reflection when checking to see if WG is compatible in addition to checking its version number, if its not compatible mcMMO will print a message and refrain from hooking into WG.
WG is an optional dependency for mcMMO, and unfortunately before this change if mcMMO thought you were running a compatible version of WG and it turned out you weren't then mcMMO would not function correctly.
Archaeology does something now, it will be tweaked again in the future. Previously rank 1 of Archaeology was required to find treasures but that was all it did, now each rank of Archaeology also adds a small chance to find experience orbs when a player finds treasure.
In a prior patch I removed damage on tools if they had Unbreakable NBT or Unbreaking Enchantment, at the time I made this change I did not realize they were different things and just shared the same name, this patch fixes this mistake. My intention was to prevent damage on tools with the NBT unbreakable tag which makes an item never suffer from durability loss.
mcMMO reduces damage to tools from super abilities if they have the "Durability/Unbreaking" enchantment already, this behaviour has been in mcMMO for a long time.
Tree Feller will now give reduced XP per block destroyed by Tree Feller and will never go below 1 XP per block, you can turn this off with 'ExploitFix.TreeFellerReducedXP' in experience.yml
There was a bug fixed in this patch that prevents an issue where Tree Feller was not removing all blocks left behind, unfortunately this will only affect new trees made in the world. The only trees that suffered from this bug were ones in snowy areas that had snow form on them.
RetroMode and Standard mode will be getting renamed in 2.2, probably to something like 1000-scale and 100-scale respectively.
Retro Mode was accidental genius is the short reason for the change to make it the default level scaling for mcMMO again.
Standard Mode is not going anywhere, it is just opt-in now instead of the default.
If you delete config.yml you will need to turn RetroMode off to use Standard mode as mcMMO doesn't keep track of what level scaling you are using outside of that.
Version 2.1.88
mcMMO is now more compatible with a plugin named Project Korra
mcMMO will no longer process combat triggers for damage at or below 0
Version 2.1.87
(Level caps are not on by default in mcMMO, this is something you can turn on)
Players who reach either the power level cap or skill level cap will now be informed that they have done so
XP Bars will no longer be sent to players who have reached the power level or skill level cap respectively
Level up messages will no longer be sent to players who have reached the power level or skill level cap respectively
Fixed a bug where mcMMO would send level up notifications to a player if the custom level up event from mcMMO was cancelled
New locale strings 'LevelCap.PowerLevel' & 'LevelCap.Skill'
Version 2.1.86
Players will no longer be told they got a perfect result when salvaging if they are below max skill level
Salvage results will now travel towards the player instead of moving in a random direction
(FIX) You cannot view stats of players who are offline if your server limits the range on inspect for you via permissions or settings
(FIX) Players will no longer be told they lack skill in salvage if they already qualify for the best possible result for the item
(FIX) Fixed a bug where arcane salvage was being used to calculate salvage results instead of scrap collector
(FIX) Added the missing locale color for 'Commands.Party.Commands'
Modified colors used in locale strings 'Salvage.Skills.Lottery.Normal', 'Salvage.Skills.Lottery.Perfect', and 'Profile.Loading.FailurePlayer'
When failing to load a profile mcMMO will increase the amount of time it waits before reattempting to load the profile for each failure
You can (and always have been able) to turn off the inspect range check by setting it to 0 in the config
2.2 is around the corner, most things are functional, still a lot of work left to do.
Version 2.1.85
Fixed a nearly 6 year old bug where Super Repair was not included as a child permission under Repair ability permission nodes (which meant some players would not have access to this skill)
Fixed a bug that could prevent salvage from working for certain players
Renamed the advanced salvage permission node to 'mcmmo.ability.salvage.scrapcollector'
Fixed a bug that would send players skill unlock notifications if they did not have the permission node for that skill
Dramatically increased the chance of receiving full materials when salvaging
Version 2.1.84
Added some code to make mcMMO more compatible with EpicSpawners
Version 2.1.83
You can no longer set party members on fire with your bow
(FIX) Arrow Retrieval will no longer work with piercing enchant on crossbows
WG Flags should now correctly recognize when a projectile belongs to a player and respect flag settings
Updated hu_HU locale (thanks andris155)
Version 2.1.82
Added new WG flag 'mcmmo-hardcore' if set to negative players will not be penalized by hardcore mode (if hardcore mode is enabled) it defaults to true
Added proper error handling when loading parties file
Fixed an error that could occur when using mcrank on an offline player
You can now use mcrank on offline players by default
You can now use inspect on offline players by default
Removed the offline inspect/mcrank permissions
Updated Chinese locale (thanks to the user named 89009332 from github)
Added some redundancy checks when loading profiles (NPC checks to be specific)
There were reasons to prevent inspecting offline players in the past, I don't see any reason for them anymore so I've removed the restriction.
Version 2.1.81
Fixed a bug where Arrow Deflect would never trigger outside of PVP
Fixed a bug where failing to salvage enchantments incorrectly colored the text
mcMMO no longer allows players to keep enchantments exceeding normal limitations by default when salvaging or repairing (you can turn this off in the config, see below)
Added new setting 'ExploitFix.UnsafeEnchantments' to experience.yml, turn this on to allow players to salvage/repair enchantments higher than normal game restrictions
If a player tries to salvage/repair an item with an illegal enchant (for example Sharpness X) it will downgrade that item to the highest legal version when calculating rewards
If you don't like this change you can turn it off in experience.yml under 'ExploitFix.UnsafeEnchantments'
Version 2.1.80
(Fix) mcMMO now respects the NBT "Unbreakable" tag and does not deal durability damage to items with that tag
Version 2.1.79
Updated Japanese locale (Thanks snake0053)
Fixed a NPE that could happen when using Tree Feller with an unenchanted Axe
Version 2.1.78
Shovels no longer take more than 1 diamond to repair
Tools with the unbreaking enchantment no longer take extra damage from ability usage, they are still subject to the normal durability damage from breaking blocks though.
Version 2.1.77
Added minimum quantity back to Repair config
NOTES: I removed this last patch because I did not consider that server admins might be allowing users to repair items without crafting recipes (as of last patch mcMMO determines minimum quantity via counting ingredients in a recipe)
If you do not define minimum quantity in the repair config, mcMMO will grab the minimum quantity automatically as I programmed it to do as of last patch, otherwise if it is defined, mcMMO will respect that and use that for calculations.
The minimum quanitty should be set to the number of ingredients used to craft the recipe, for example 8 for diamond chestplate etc, you do not need to define this unless you are allowing players to repair custom items.
Version 2.1.76
Advanced Salvage has been renamed to Scrap Collector
Scrap Collector has 8 ranks, the first rank is unlocked at level 2 (Level 20 in RetroMode)
You can not salvage without at least 1 rank in Scrap Collector now (formerly Advanced Salvage)
Fixed a bug where Repair was repairing too much
Fixed a bug where Arcane Salvage was used to determine how many materials a player could salvage from an item instead of Scrap Collector (formerly Advanced Salvage)
Fixed a bug where messages about an item being too damage to salvage were being sent twice
Removed the minimum quantity field from the repair config
Removed the item data (metadata) field from repair config as its not used anymore
Salvage will no longer return the max amount of materials possible, instead you are guaranteed one item and then some luck is involved on how many items are returned.
Updated Chinese locale (thanks to the user named 89009332 from github)
New locale strings
You do not need to update your configs for this update.
How Salvage works
As an example, say you had enough skill to gain up to 5 items from salvaging something, and that item has enough durability to yield up to 5 materials, salvage will play out like this...
First off, you will be guaranteed 1 material, after this you have 80% chance to get the next material, if successful, another dice roll is conducted but lowers your odds by 20%, you chance to succeed will never fall below 33%
If you fail a dice roll, it will still conduct dice rolls for the remaining maximum amount of materials returned but your odds of success are only lowered upon a successful dice roll, the sum of the successful dice rolls is used to calculate how many items you are given back, the first item is guaranteed and has no dice rolls, which means for example the Diamond Shovel will always succeed.
Version 2.1.75
Fixed a bug that prevented Fortune from working correctly if a Double Drop was triggered
Version 2.1.74
Fixed a NPE that could occur during certain events if a skill was disabled in coreskills.yml (Sorry!)
Version 2.1.73
Fixed a NPE that could occur if an entire skill was disabled in coreskills.yml
Version 2.1.72
Fixed a NPE if a server shutdown with no player data needing to be saved (the error is harmless but spammy)
Fixed a NPE that could occur if Roll was disabled in coreskills.yml
Version 2.1.71
Salvage will now always ask for confirmation before breaking your items (instead of only asking for enchanted items)
Repair will now always ask for confirmation before repairing items (instead of only asking for enchanted items)
Gold & Iron Blocks will no longer trigger tool ready messages
Salvage & Repair anvils will no longer work on multi-item stacks
NOTES: You can still turn the confirmation off in config.yml
Version 2.1.70
Added new DatabaseAPI to the API package, has features relating to database operations
Fixed a bug where shulker boxes (without colors) would activate tool ready messages
Version 2.1.69
Fixed a few places where mcMMO would not save player data immediately which may cause players to lose a few minutes of progress
A big thanks to Sleepyflea for helping test this patch and report this bug.
Version 2.1.68
Updated Japanese locale (thanks Snake)
Fixed a bug where consuming food in the off hand did not trigger the Diet abilities
Version 2.1.67
The XP bar now reflects whether or not the player is receiving the early game boost
Players who are receiving an early game boost will be shown "Learning a skill..." as the title of the XP bar while gaining XP
New locale string 'XPBar.Template.EarlyGameBoost'
You can turn off this system in experience.yml 'EarlyGameBoost.Enabled'
The Early Game Boost is a system in which players receive drastically increased XP gains for the first few levels (until the first set of skills are unlocked)
With default settings, this means players will be receiving boosted XP for the first 5 levels (50 for Retro)
The Early Game Boost ends when players get the first skill in each ability under default settings
The main purpose of this system is to alleviate progression issues with a few skills where the first set of unlocked abilities drastically increase how fun it is to level the skill
The secondary purpose of this system is to alleviate any psychological issues when grinding towards the first set of unlocks by making the first set of unlocks happen quickly
This system has been in place for a few versions now, but without an in game indicator of what was going on.
If you have XP bars off there is still no indicator that this system is in place, I'll address that at some point.
Version 2.1.66
Fixed a bug that could happen if a player was removed from the DB when using MySQL/MariaDB when the user was offline
Fixed a minor memory leak for MySQL
Version 2.1.65
Corrected a bug that would cause RetroMode to use Linear formula regardless of setting
Version 2.1.64
Corrected how Standard mode (1-100 scaling) XP to next level was calculated, it is now a true 1:10 ratio with Retro (1-1000) scale, which is how it was intended to be to begin with
Fixed a bug that caused skill messages to spam nearby players
(API) method to get XP in FormulaManager has been renamed to getXPtoNextLevel(...), this shouldn't break anything as plugins should be using our Experience API methods instead of this
(API) Added method getLevel(Player player, PrimarySkillType primarySkillType) to
NOTE: The net result of this change is it will take a bit longer to level with Standard, but it should not be a drastic change. You might not even notice it.
Standard is meant to take the same amount of time to level from levels 1-100 as it takes Retro to do 1-1000, this change corrects from errors in the code that made Standard actually take less XP than Retro despite intending for it to be a cosmetic difference in progression.
I made a google sheet visualizing the difference between Standard and Retro Mode using default settings and Linear formula -
Version 2.1.63
Fixed Armor Impact not scaling by skill rank
Significantly Buffed the amount of durability damage incurred by a successful Armor Impact
Added new setting to advanced.yml 'Skills.Axes.ArmorImpact.DamagePerRank' which is multiplied against Armor Impact's skill level to determine damage done to armor
Fixed a bug that caused creative mode players to gain XP when qualifying for early game XP boosts
Removed the damage cap setting for Armor Impact, it is inherently capped now based on its max rank and damage setting
Updated hu_HU locale (thanks andris155)
Updated ja_JP locale (thanks snake)
Armor Impact only has a 25% chance to go off, and for it to only incur 20 durability damage seemed incredibly underwhelming, I've buffed it quite a bit.
You can change it back to its underwhelming self by setting DamagePerRank to 1.0
Based on feedback I may tweak the number again or other properties of this skill
Version 2.1.62
Added a new admin notification system, sensitive commands will print chat messages to "admins" (players with either Operator status or admin chat permission)
Added a setting to disable the new admin notifications to config.yml 'General.AdminNotifications' (this will be more configurable in 2.2)
OPs and players with the admin chat permission will now see details about XP rate event commands regardless of whether or not the XP rate event messages are enabled
Updated hu_HU locale (thanks andris155)
Added XP for mining Magma_Block (default 30 XP - Update your config, see notes)
Diamond tools & armor in the repair config now have a minimum level of 0 (Update your config, temporary hotfix, 2.2 addresses this issue, see notes)
Guardian default combat XP multiplier reduced from 3.0 to 1.0 (update config if you want this change)
New locale string - 'Server.ConsoleName' the name of the server console, this will be used in place of player names when sending admin notifications out if the command was used from console
New locale string - 'Notifications.Admin.Format.Others' style formatting + prefix for admin notifications used in the other new strings below
New locale string - 'Notifications.Admin.Format.Self' style formatting + prefix for admin command confirmations sent to the user who executed the command
New locale string - 'Notifications.Admin.XPRate.Start.Self' sent to the user who modifies the XP rate regardless of whether or not messages for the event are enabled
New locale string - 'Notifications.Admin.XPRate.Start.Others' details of who started an XP rate event are sent to players who have Operator status or admin chat permission when the command to start or modify XP of an event has been issued
New locale string - 'Notifications.Admin.XPRate.End.Self' sent to the user who ended the XP rate event regardless of whether or not messages for the event are enabled
New locale string - 'Notifications.Admin.XPRate.End.Others' details of who ended an XP rate event are sent to players who have Operator status or admin chat permission when the command to end the event has been issued
Admin notifications currently only reports use of the XP rate command, it will be expanded to support other commands in upcoming patches
Add an entry of 'Magma_Block: 30' under Mining in experience.yml section titled "Experience_Values" (or you can delete the file to generate a new one with default values, 2.2 is coming soon which will have brand new configs so you could just wait for that
2.2 is the config rewrite, in this rewrite Repair and Salvage configs have been partially rewritten, it is not intended for Diamond Repair to take until level 50 in Standard level scaling to be available, since it'd be redundant to fix this in 2.1.X when 2.2 fixes it and its about to come out, the minimum level has temporarily been changed to 0. You can either update your repair.vanilla.yml config manually or delete it to generate a new one.
Admin notifications are a step in the right direction for finding naughty admins in mcMMO, I will be changing which permission node is used for players to be considered an admin in the future as not everyone wants or uses admin chat.
I expect to add logging of admin commands which will be viewable in game via command, so you won't have to have access to the servers log files to view who has been executing what.
Version 2.1.61
Fixed the locale string formatting of 'Mining.SubSkill.DoubleDrops.Stat'
Updated the Japanese locale (thanks snake0053)
Added toggle to turn off event message broadcasts (XP rate) to config.yml - 'General.EventBroadcasts'
Added toggle to not inform players of events when they join (XP rate, etc) to config.yml 'General.EventInfoOnPlayerJoin'
Added anti-exploit protection for cobble/stone farms which can be automated, to turn this off you can toggle the new config options 'ExploitFix.LavaStoneAndCobbleFarming' in experience.yml
NOTE: The toggle for event message broadcasts is separate from the titles being shown, that's another config option (titles are the BIG TEXT in the middle of the screen)
NOTE: The new anti-stone/cobble automation will not prevent XP gains from obsidian, since Obsidian requires some effort to farm
Version 2.1.60
Fixed a NPE error if a LivingEntity's target was set to null
Fixed a bug where tamed mobs could kill themselves if their owner shot them once
Corrected a typo when naming entities summoned by COTW (Locale string - Taming.Summon.Name.Format)
Fixed a bug where tamed mobs could have hearts instead of their name in their own death messages
Fixed a bug where multi-block crops would fail to double/triple drop (Sugar Cane, Cactus, etc)
Optimized the bonus drop code to reduce overhead
Version 2.1.59
Raised the overfishing limit from 3 to 10
Improved the overfishing messages to be more clear about its mechanics
Overfishing locale keys renamed "Fishing.ScarcityTip" and "Fishing.LowResourcesTip"
NOTES: This and other exploit prevention measures are much more customizable in 2.2, which shouldn't be too far off.
Version 2.1.58
Fixed the wrong locale string being used for Mining Double Drops
Version 2.1.57
Fixed an incredibly rare dupe bug that only happened with VERY specific config options that was extremely difficult to pull off
Version 2.1.56
Very large update to the zh_CN Chinese language file (thanks Dream_m)
Version 2.1.55
Fixed a bug that could occur when adding UUIDs to old outdated DBs
Version 2.1.54
Fixed a bug where the Skill 'Understanding the Art' was preventing vanilla experience orbs from furnaces
Fixed 'Understanding the Art' not correctly boosting vanilla XP from furnaces
Version 2.1.53
Fixed a critical bug where players earned too much XP
Version 2.1.52
Updated Japanese locale (thanks snake0053)
Added a toggle for the early game XP boost to experience.yml 'EarlyGameBoost.Enabled'
Added a max level multiplier for determining early game boosts cutoff to experience.yml 'EarlyGameBoost.MaxLevelMultiplier'
Version 2.1.51
You can now customize a locale outside of the JAR! (Thanks mikroskeem)
Added a new locale reload command 'mmolocalereload' (Thanks mikroskeem)
Locales can now be overriden by placing a file with an appropriate name inside /plugins/mcMMO/locales/ (Thanks mikroskeem)
You can find the up to date current en_US locale entries here:
You do NOT have to replace the whole locale, you can replace only the strings you want to!
Locales only support ASCII and UTF16 characters at the moment, so you'll need to run special characters through a UTF16 converter (google it) to get them to work, I'll be fixing this in the future!
The locale name must match the internal file you are overriding (ie:
Locale will first check for a users locale file, if it doesn't exist it will use internal resources (files inside the JAR)
If a locale is found, it will use locale entries from that file, if any entries are missing, it will use entries from en_US inside the JAR
The locale file names are structured like this '', replace XX with your country codes, if you are not overriding en_US you will have to change the targetted locale inside config.yml
Version 2.1.50
Fixed a bug where early game XP boost (level 1-5) didn't function in certain circumstances
Updated German locale (thanks OverCrave)
Added missing Herbalism XP values for: Bamboo, Cornflower, Lily of the valley, Wither rose (thanks Zed-I)
Added missing Mining XP values for: Stone Bricks, Cracked Stone Bricks, Mossy Stone Bricks, Chiseled Stone Bricks, Prismarine Bricks, Dark Prismarine, Sea Lantern (thanks Zed-I)
Added missing Combat XP multiplier for: Wandering Trader (thanks Zed-I)
If you haven't upgraded mcMMO since version 2.1.47 or before you will not need to do these steps as the experience file will update once automatically.
You can either delete experience.yml to generate a new one or edit it manually
This is what the default experience.yml looks like
Version 2.1.49
Added sweet berry bush to Herbalism XP (Update your experience.yml config or delete it to gen a new one)
Fixed a bug where falling blocks were not marked as unnatural in water
Fixed a bug where tool lower notifications were being called async when they are sync only
Fixed NPE when checking inventory location
Improved herbalism compatibility with anti-cheat (thanks LogGits)
NOTE: This is what the default herbalism XP table looks like
Version 2.1.48
1.14 Support
Added Cats, Foxes, and Pandas to Taming XP rewards
Added Cats, Foxes, Pandas, Trader Llamas, Pillagers, and Ravagers to Combat XP rewards
"Experience" section of experience.yml has been renamed to "Experience_Values"
Dodge now gives 800 XP
Roll now gives 600 XP
Fall now gives 600 XP
The first 5/50 levels of skills now give large amounts of XP so players get key early skills much faster
Note: First 5 in Standard, first 50 in Retro
Dev Notes:
I will be making a write up soon explaining near future plans for mcMMO and what is going on with the config update, abstraction update, etc...
Currently this version of mcMMO will work on both 1.13 and 1.14, in the abstraction update I will expand compatible versions of mcMMO to include: 1.14 / 1.13.2 / 1.12.2 / 1.8.8 / Sponge 1.14
It is not necessary to update your configs if you are upgrading from 1.13 -> 1.14, however if you had custom XP values in your experience.yml you will want to update your config.
Acrobatics XP was buffed since many AFK counter-measures were put into place to prevent repetitive grinding.
Experience node in experience.yml was renamed to "automatically" update configs for the new stuff 1.14
There are 4 updates planned for mcMMO, including a patreon rewards update, a large content update, a config update, and backwards compatibility for 1.13/1.12/1.8.8 and support for Sponge
Version 2.1.47
Fix NPE when party leader is offline and players grab a party list
Version 2.1.46
Party member lists now show the whole party, including offline players again.
Party lists now have special markers for players who are in shared XP range
Party lists now have special markers for players who are offline
Party lists now have special markers for the party leader
Fixed an error where bleed was setting health outside minimum values
[See NOTE] Fixed a bug where Creepers and Zombies were not dropping the correct heads from Shake (thanks Zed-I)
[See NOTE] Fixed a bug where salvage was not returning the correct amount of materials for AXE items (thanks Zed-I)
[See NOTE] Added missing STRIPPED_WOOD entries to experience.yml for Woodcutting
[See NOTE] Added about 15-20 missing entries to experience.yml for coral to Herbalism
Fixed a bug where admin chat from console would fail to send (thanks OverCrave)
Reduced default XP values for DEAD_* coral plants from 30 -> 10
Updated hu_HU locale (thanks andris155)
NOTE: These bugfixes were related to default config values, to receive these changes you can either delete experience.yml, treasures.yml and salvage.vanilla.yml to generate new ones or make the necessary edits.
This is what the files should look like after being edited.
Experience Correct Default Config -
Salvage Correct Default Config -
Treasures Correct Default Config -
Version 2.1.45
mcMMO will now check to see if the server version is incompatible and inform server admins on how to fix the problem.
Version 2.1.44
Fixed a NPE with Alchemy brewing
Version 2.1.43
Fixed a bug that would result in players being told they they failed to salvage enchantments when in reality they succeeded.
Version 2.1.42
Fixed McMMOPlayerNotFoundException being thrown instead of null
(API) UserManager.getPlayer() returns null again (oopsie)
Added new perk permission node `mcmmo.perks.bypass.salvageenchant` - guarantees full enchantment return for Salvage
Added alternative permission node `mcmmo.perks.bypass.repairenchant` - guarantees full enchantment return for Repair
Added new wildcard perk `mcmmo.perks.bypass.*` and `mcmmo.perks.bypass.all` (either of these will grant all new mcmmo.perks.bypass perk permissions)
NOTE: Sorry about that, when trying to improve Bungee Cord compatibility I made a big oopsie!
NOTE: Repair's new perk permission works in the exact same way as mcmmo.bypass.arcanebypass, bypass perk permissions will all eventually be moved to `mcmmo.perks.bypass`
NOTE: Expect perk permissions to all be moved to `mcmmo.perks.X` in the near future
Version 2.1.41
Fixed NullPointerException errors when trying to grab PlayerProfiles for players who have not loaded
Added new locale string Profile.PendingLoad
Added new locale string Commands.Database.CooldownMS
Fixed a display error preventing the remaining time on /mcrank from being shown if it was on cooldown
Version 2.1.40
(API) mcMMO will now return null in all cases for UserManager.getPlayerProfile() if they have not been loaded yet
(API) Roll stores exploit data in AcrobaticsManager now
Added new locale string "Profile.Loading.FailureNotice"
Added new locale string "Profile.Loading.FailurePlayer"
mcMMO no longer gives up forever if a player profile fails to load and the player is still online
mcMMO will attempt to save a profile up to 10 times now, previously it would only try one time.
Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds error with Party Chat
Player data for mcMMO is now loaded 3 seconds after a player connects in order to give any ongoing save tasks from other servers a small grace period to finish. This will mostly be useful to Bungee servers.
NOTES: I received reports from some users saying that saving and loading was failing could fail and not recover, I have implemented some fail safes to greatly reduce the the odds of that happening.
Version 2.1.39
Salvaging an item should now only play the item break sound (was playing the anvil sound simultaneously before)
Fixed bug where Tall_Grass was not giving full XP
Added Tall_Seagrass and Seagrass to experience.yml under Herbalism (update your configs)
NOTE: This is what your herbalism section in experience.yml should look like -
Version 2.1.38
Roll XP cooldown down from 60 seconds to 10
Updated pt_BR localization (thanks FabioZumbi12)
NOTE: The XP Cooldown will be configurable in 2.2 which is nearing the finish line
Version 2.1.37
Fixed a potential IndexOutOfBoundsException when informing a disconnected player that their Blast Mining was off CD
Updated hu_HU locale (thanks andris)
Version 2.1.36
Updated German locale (Thanks OverCrave)
Fixed a bug preventing Villagers from giving combat XP
The /mcnotify command will now squelch almost all chat messages or action bar notifications sent to the player from mcMMO
mcMMO will now remind players on an hourly basis that they are are not receiving notifications from mcMMO if they have run the mcnotify command and toggled squelch mode
Added a new setting to advanced.yml "Feedback.PlayerTips", when set to true this will allow mcMMO to send periodic helpful messages to players, currently this only affects mcnotify reminders.
Version 2.1.35
Readded the detonator config option
NOTE: I decided to make the detonator configurable again because 2.2 is some ways off. Sorry for the inconvenience.
NOTE: Pickaxes are now usable for blast mining, this is in addition to the detonator that you can specify in the config. This will be more configurable in the upcoming 2.2 update.
Version 2.1.34
Added Llama to taming XP tables
Added Parrot to taming XP tables
Pickaxes are now used to activate Blast Mining instead of Flint
The detonator for Blast Mining is no longer configurable
Fixed a bug where Blast Mining did not show cooldown length correctly
NOTE: You'll have to add these entries in yourself, this is what it should look like:
Alternatively you can delete the experience config file to generate a new one
Version 2.1.33
Renamed "Skills.Acrobatics.Prevent_AFK_Leveling" to "ExploitFix.Acrobatics"
ExploitFix.Acrobatics when set to false allows gaining XP in Acrobatics freely with no anti-grind measures
NOTE: The anti-grinding/exploit stuff is fully configurable in update 2.2 coming soon, this hotfix is to hold you over until that update comes out.
Version 2.1.32
Completely removed Fireworks from mcMMO because they lag
Added 'General.AprilFoolsEvent' setting to config.yml to turn off April Fools
NOTE: April Fools event has been in mcMMO for a long time, I did not write it so I didn't know it spawned fireworks like crazy.
Version 2.1.31
Fixed a bug where certain SubSkills did not properly send unlock or rank up notifications
Fixed a bug where unlock notifications would send simultaneously for a specific skill (still happens if mmoedit changes all skill levels on a player at once)
Fixed a bug where mmoedit triggered notifications for skills already gained
Fixed NPE with grabbing offline player skill ranks through certain API methods (thanks Ineusia)
Updated German language locale (thanks OverCrave)
Version 2.1.30
Fixed double drops behaving oddly
Double_Drop config table has been renamed to Bonus_Drops, this is to jankily auto-update everyones config
DoubleDrop config tables now must contain all things that can possibly be doubled, such as the Ore block, the ore itself, etc.
Added the following items to the Bonus_Drops tables for Mining: Coal, Diamond, Emerald, Glowstone_Dust, Iron_Ingot, Lapis_Lazuli, Nether_Quartz, Redstone, Cobblestone
Added the following items to the Bonus_Drops tables for Herbalism: Beetroot, Carrot, Cocoa_Beans, Melon_Slice, Potatoe
Added the following items to the Bonus_Drops tables for Woodcutting: Birch_Wood, Spruce_Wood, Jungle_Wood, Dark_Oak_Wood, Oak_Wood, Acacia_Wood
NOTE: You don't need to update your configs for this one unless you had custom entries in the Double_Drop tables, the renaming of the key will auto-insert default values and give everyone correct defaults
NOTE: I'm gonna have to blame Bukkit on this one, several API methods I used are actually unfinished and kind of janky. So I hacked something together to make them work.
Version 2.1.29
Fixed a bug where double drops and triple drops were not activating
Version 2.1.28
Fixed a bug where Archery could not gain XP
Version 2.1.27
Fixed an exploit that allowed players to duplicate torches, and rails
Version 2.1.26
Added new scaling damage buffs to all existing Combat Skills
Added a new subskill named Stab to Swords
Fixed a bug where Berserk was not adding 50% damage to attacks
Changed how Iron Arm damage is calculated (Rank 1 now effectively gives twice the damage bonus it used to, higher ranks have more damage)
NOTE: Combat skills will be completely configurable in the upcoming 2.2 update, be patient <3
New Permissions
- mcmmo.ability.unarmed.unarmedlimitbreak
- mcmmo.ability.axes.axeslimitbreak
- mcmmo.ability.archery.archerylimitbreak
- mcmmo.ability.swords.swordslimitbreak
- mcmmo.ability.swords.stab
The new Limit Break subskills are intended to make Prot IV players less tanky and for you to feel more powerful for having high skill level.
Limit Break has 10 ranks, each rank gives 1 extra RAW damage, this is damage before reductions from armor and enchantments. The net result is you deal about 50% more damage with an end game skill compared to before.
With these new changes, most skills can 2 shot normal diamond armor, and it takes about 5 hits to kill someone in Prot IV Diamond Armor.
I'm not sure everyone will like these changes, the net result is players are a lot easier to kill now, whereas before you could take quite a beating before getting killed.
I collected several sets of data before making these changes, including damage to player with and without prot 4 diamond armor, damage to those players with and without enchanted weapons, damage with and without leveling your skills, and combinations of the previously mentioned things.
Version 2.1.25
Shake now has an upper limit of damage (10) - Will be configurable in 2.2 which is coming in the near future
Rank 1 of Catalysis & Concoctions are now available at level 0 by default (update skillranks.yml or delete it to regen a new one)
NOTE: The change to shake was to make mcMMO more compatible with plugins that spawn entities with large amounts of HP
Version 2.1.24
Fixed an exploit where you could clone inventories
Version 2.1.23
Fixed a bug with Double Drops for Mining (Update your configs instructions below)
Fixed a 7 year old bug where damage in mcMMO from SkillBs was potentially getting reduced by damage reduction TWICE
Fixed a bug where killing entities with Rupture would not properly credit you as the killer
Fixed a bug where Serrated Strikes was applying Rupture twice
Players will now be ejected from Minecarts if they cast their fishing rod (anti-afk)
Many nerfs to Rupture, its now much more reasonable and not very useful against Protection IV opponents
Rupture's strength is now related to your equipped Sword
Rupture will no longer be applied if the target is blocking, this doesn't prevent existing bleed damage from occurring though.
Wolf's Rupture has strength equivalent to a Stone Sword
Only Diamond swords will have bonus rupture damage at Rank 4
Rupture damage is cut in half for weapons below Diamond in quality, if the weapon is wooden, the damage is cut in half again.
Swords below Diamond quality will have their tick duration drastically reduced
Rupture damage is reduced by 25% on players if they are wearing Full Armor (can be any type)
Note: You'll need to add these entries to your config.yml manually, or wait for the upcoming config update where this will be fixed for you automatically.
NOTE: Here's what your Double_Drop entries in Config.yml for Mining should look like
IMPORTANT: Version 2.1.22 which came before this had a similar fix for Herbalism, instructions on how to fix your Herbalism Double Drops can be found here
NOTE: Due to the nature of these fixes, Fortune enchants now work with Double/Triple drops
Version 2.1.22
Less aggressive spam click protection on Fishing
Updated Hungarian file for missing entries related to Fishing messages (credit: andris155)
Added all missing flowers to Double Drop tables for Herbalism
Fixed bug where Repair Mastery was calculating player skill level incorrectly when determining bonuses
Fixed Double Drop entries for all farming crops for Herbalism
It no longer requires seeds to replant crops if you are harvesting crops with a hoe (will still consume seeds if you aren't)
NOTE: You'll need to add these entries to your config.yml manually, or wait for the upcoming config update where this will be fixed for you automatically.
NOTE: Here's what your Double_Drop entries in Config.yml for Herbalism should look like:
Version 2.1.21
Improved anti-farm/anti-grinding mechanics for Rolling
When you gain XP from Rolling there is a cooldown period (60~ seconds) for gaining XP again
This XP cooldown period extends if players are taking fall damage within the cooldown period
NOTE: Roll already has a few built in measures to prevent XP grinding / abuse, those are still the same.
NOTE: Rolls still happen in the cooldown period, you just won't gain XP.
Version 2.1.20
Added Hungarian localization (Locale code: hu_HU) (thanks andris155)
Players can now fish in the same spot about 3 times before mcMMO will mark the area as being over-fished (over-fishing is to prevent abuse)
Added a toggle to turn off the fishing exploit detection to experience.yml "ExploitFix.Fishing"
Note: The new config update is coming soon and will use a different setting, putting this out as a band-aid fix for people that don't like the new fishing exploit prevention stuff
Added a message to warn players that their next fishing attempt will result in over-fishing (Locale: Fishing.LowResources)
Version 2.1.19
Greatly Improved Fishing AFK/Exploit Detection
Fixed a bug where Fishing AFK detection did not work on a new exploit
Certain exploits for Fishing now result in players losing small amounts of hunger and durability
Players who get detected by Fishing's anti-exploit measures will no longer get vanilla rewards from Minecraft
**Note: Previously if mcMMO detected you abusing Fishing it just switched you over to vanilla Minecraft fishing rewards, this change is to help server admins who don't want players to get any kind of reward from AFK fishing
Fishing now drops several hints to players if they are triggering the exploit detection
**Note: Not all types of exploit detection will warn players, this is just to prevent legitimate fishers from being confused by the aggressive exploit detection.
Added messages to warn players about fishing in the same spot (Locale: Fishing.Scarcity)
Added messages to warn players who exploit in order to catch fish unusually fast (Locale: Fishing.Scared)
Added messages to warn players about casting the fishing rod too often (Locale: Fishing.Exhausting)
Version 2.1.18
You will need to add Kelp to your experience.yml file for this fix to be fully functional
Breaking Kelp will now properly count its XP
Added "Kelp" to experience.yml (Kelp is actually made up of two blocks mixed together)
It is recommended that Kelp and Kelp_Plant have the same XP value in experience.yml
mcMMO will now calculate XP for plants that are taller than naturally allowed (Cactus above 3 block height, etc)
Version 2.1.17
Fixed a logic error that resulted in Drowned giving no XP
Fixed a bug that resulted in mob spawner entities to not be marked for no xp after being transforming into Drowned
Version 2.1.16
Breaking Kelp should now count the whole plant for XP
Spawned Mobs that are not supposed to award XP will no longer reward XP once transformed (ie: drowned)
Version 2.1.15
Fixed a bug where a max rank of Fuel Efficiency would cause its benefits to be lost
Version 2.1.14
Added a config option to toggle double drops for Silk Touch pickaxes (advanced.yml "Skills.Mining.DoubleDrops.SilkTouch"
Mycelium removed from Woodcutting XP tables (because its soil!)
Kelp added to Herbalism XP tables
mcMMO now flags blocks moved by piston as not natural to prevent automated XP farms
Fixed a bug where Fuel Efficiency was way too good
Fixed a display issue with Fisherman's Diet
Fuel Efficiency now uses the rank system
Removed Fuel Efficiency config options in advanced.yml
Added Tropical Fish, Raw Cod, Raw Salmon to the list of foods that benefit from Fisherman's Diet
Version 2.1.13
Fixed a bug where Archery's Arrow Retrieval was using the wrong permission node
Version 2.1.12
Salvage config entries are no longer case sensitive
Fixed a bug where Fishing was not rewarding vanilla XP orbs
Version 2.1.11
Fixed a bug where Rupture was using the wrong permission node (new permission node: mcmmo.ability.swords.rupture)
Version 2.1.10
Fishing command did an oopsie
Endstone now gives the same XP as Stone (update your experience.yml)
Version 2.1.9
Fixed a bug where grabbing the version of WG would throw classnotdefined errors
Version 2.1.8
mcMMO now checks for WG 7 before attempting to use the WG API
Made some optimizations for our WG integration
Fixed a bug where Bite chance for Master Angler was displaying too many decimal places
Fixed a bug where Abilities didn't check for permission nodes before activating
MaxBonusLevel now has specific entries for Standard and Retro in advanced.yml
MaxBonusLevel for Critical Strikes changed from 75/750 to 100/1000
MaxBonusLevel of Dodge changed from 80/800 to 100/1000
MaxBonusLevel of Rupture changed from 20/200 to 100/1000
MaxBonusLevel of Counter Attack changed from 60/600 to 100/1000
Version 2.1.7
Fixed an almost 6 year old bug where Salvage materials did not have a defined material count so they defaulted to 2 (which could lead to shovels giving back more diamonds than normal)
Added spam detection for Unarmed's bonus damage and disarm
Corrected an error where master angler for retro only required level 150 instead of 500 (update your skillranks.yml)
Fixed a bug where Players could see hidden party members in the party member listings
(API) Added addXpFromBlocks to ExperienceAPI to help make adding XP for a player easier
(API) Added addXpFromBlocksBySkill to ExperienceAPI to help make adding XP for a player easier
(API) Added addXpFromBlock to ExperienceAPI to help make adding XP for a player easier
(API) Added addXpFromBlockBySkill to ExperienceAPI to help make adding XP for a player easier
Version 2.1.6
Fixed a bug where Arcane Salvage could never fail
Recolored some lines in the locale related to failure from white to red
Fixed a bug where Salvage was giving back too many resources
SubSkillFailure renamed to SubSkillFailed in config.yml
SubSkillFailed now sends copies to chat by default
SubSkillFailed no longer sends messages to the action bar by default
Version 2.1.5
mcMMO no longer ignores cancelled events relating to the player left or right clicking
Version 2.1.4
Fixed a bug where Alchemy didn't gain XP
Fixed a bug where Archery gained XP from mob spawned entities
Fixed a display bug with Roll on /acrobatics command
Fixed a display bug for bite chance on Fishing
Fixed a display bug for treasure drop chances on Fishing
Fixed a display bug for Arcane Forging on Repair
Fixed a display bug for Super Repair on Repair
Fixed a display bug for Repair Mastery on Repair
Fixed a display bug for Second Smelt on Smelting
Repair Mastery now uses a rank system
Super Repair now uses a rank system
Changed the stat for bite chance to be more clear that its additive chance
Fixed Styling for the /salvage command
Temporarily disabled Flux Mining
Removed XP from entities that target endermite to prevent easy exploitation (Credits to TheBentoBox for the tip!) [Can be turned off in experience.yml]
Fixed a bug where static chance skills like Arcane Salvage were using incorrect calculations for success
Advanced Salvage now uses a rank system
Arcane Salvage now goes by your rank to determine the maximum amount of materials salvaged and is no longer percentage based
Fixed a bug where Iron Arm was checking for Iron Grip to be unlocked instead of itself
(Plugin Compatibility) mcMMO no longer ignores cancelled block place events (this is to prevent XP gains from placed blocks)
(Plugin Compatibility) mcMMO now ignores cancelled events relating to the player left or right clicking
(Locale) Changed the string for "Salvage.Ability.Bonus.1" to fit the new material recovery mechanics of Salvage
(Config) Added a toggle for the new endermite enderman xp farm fix in experience.yml "ExploitFix.EndermanEndermiteFarms"
(Config) Cleaned up some leftover 'unlocklevel' settings, this stuff is now handled in skillranks.yml
(Config) Removed Salvage.MaxPercentage
(Config) Removed Salvage.MaxPercentageChance
(Config) Added Salvage.ArcaneSalvage.MaxBonusLevel
(Config) Added Salvage.ArcaneSalvage.MaxChance
Version 2.1.3
Temporarily removed the unarmed no-item pickup feature until its fixed
Version 2.1.2
(Compatibility) mcMMO now deals custom damage type for all damage sources to be more compatible with other plugins (such as anti-cheat)
(Perks) Fixed a bug where the Lucky perk wasn't adding to success
(Skills) mcMMO will now listen to cancelled events to remove our temporary enchantments from tools
(Skills) Fixing a bug where Shake didn't calculate success correctly
(Skills) Fixed a bug where Arcane Forging didn't calculate success and failure correctly
(Skills) Fixed a bug where Salvage didn't calculate success and failure correctly
(Skills) Fixed a bug where Flux Mining didn't calculate success correctly
(Skills) Fixed a bug where Shake didn't calculate correctly
(Skills) Fixed a bug where Pummel didn't calculate correctly
(Skills) Tree Feller now works on Mushroom Stems
(Skills) Fixed a bug where magic chance would show as null
(Skills) Fixed a bug where Trap percentages were added to Fishing even though they no longer exist
(Skills) Magic Hunter now uses a rank system
(Skills) Fixed a bug where Magic Hunter would work without treasure hunter
(Skills) As long are you are empty handed mcMMO will no longer put items into your hands
(Skills) Improved the styling on /smelting
(Skills) Iron Arm Style can now reach a bonus damage of 10 (up from 8)
(Skills) Iron Arm Style now uses a rank system
(Skills) Iron Grip now uses a rank system
(Skills) Disarm now uses a rank system
(Skills) Arrow Deflect now uses a rank system
(Skills) Flux Mining is now a passive effect when you mine ore instead of requiring a special pickaxe
(Skills) Removed the Flux Mining mcMMO Pickaxe Item
(Style) Locked skills now are styled differently in the skill command display
(Experience) Phantoms have been added to the default experience.yml with a value of 4.0 (update your config!)
(Experience) Default XP value for witch set to 0.1 instead of 0.0
(Experience) Default XP value for ender dragon set to 1.0 instead of 0.0
(Style) Added @ symbol styling for hover tooltips to the locale
(Style) Added the skill names in the skill commands display to the locale so it can now be edited and styled
(Experience) Renamed Grass to Grass_Block in treasures.yml to allow grass to give items again (update your configs manually or delete to regen)
(Experience) Wood blocks now give XP and are affected by Tree Feller (6 sided bark blocks)
(API) Moved XPGainReason from skills to experience package
(API) Added XpGainSource for tracking sources of XP
(API) You can now specify XpGainSource when adding xp to players
(Config) The Extra Stats option for XP bars now overrides the setting for updating XP bars every time XP is gained
(Config) Added an option for Party XP gains to not update XP bars
(Config) Added an option for Passive XP gains to not update XP bars (smelting/brewing)
(Config) Added warnings if mcMMO finds a MaxBonusLevel of 0 for any skill that incorporates RNG
(Config) Removed config options for Iron Arm
(Config) Removed the options related to the Flux Mining Item
(Config) Second Smelt has a max activation chance of 50% instead of 100% (you can update your configs or gen new ones to get this change)
Version 2.1.1
= Fixed an issue where excavation wasn't using the correct permission node
= Added protection against AFK fishing
= Acrobatics now uses much better anti-exploit detection
Version 2.1.0
+ mcMMO now features XP bars! Configurable in experience.yml
+ Locale files now support & codes for colors and formatting!
+ Prevented exploits involving blocks made from entities (snowmen, etc..)
+ Added JSON integration to all Skill Commands
+ Added config setting to enable or disable old mcMMO skill scaling (General.RetroMode) this is on by default for existing installs
+ You can now disable specific skills in coreskills.yml without the need for permissions
+ Added links to mcMMO related websites to various commands
+ Certain elements of mcMMO's UI have been restyled
+ Added the tagline "Overhaul Era" to various locations until 3.0.0 comes out
+ You can now disable mcMMO completely for specific worlds via world_blacklist.txt in /plugins/mcMMO/
+ (WorldGuard) mcMMO now supports worldguard, you can use the flags "mcmmo" and "mcmmo-xp" on regions (they default to on unless otherwise specified)
! (Scoreboards) Scoreboards are now disabled by default, I don't like them. You can turn them back on in config.yml
+ (Sounds) Rolling now plays a sound (Graceful Roll has a different sound :) )
+ (Sounds) Activating Super abilities plays a sound (other plays can hear this)
+ (Sounds) Skill Unlock Notifications have sounds
+ (Sounds) Readying a tool for a super ability now plays a sound
+ (Sounds) Bleed DOT now plays a sound
+ (Experience) mcMMO now notifies you when you progress in a skill!
+ (Experience) Coral (blocks) now give Mining XP
+ (Experience) Coral (plants) now give Herbalism XP
+ (Experience) Blue Ice now gives Mining XP
+ (Experience) Dolphins now give combat XP
+ (Experience) Drowned mobs now count towards combat XP
+ (Experience) You can now set guaranteed minimum values for XP gained if diminishing returns are enabled, this value defaults to 5% (experience.yml)
+ (Events) Starting an XP event will now use the title API (toggle this in advanced.yml)
+ (Sound) Volume and Pitch of sounds can now be configured in the new sounds.yml file
+ (MySQL) Added support for SSL for MySQL/MariaDB (On by default)
! (Skills) Taming's Gore now uses Rupture Rank 1 for its DoT calculations
! (Skills) Sword's Bleed has been renamed to Rupture
! (Skills) Sword's Rupture no longer has an internal hard coded limit
! (Skills) Sword's Serrated Strikes now uses your Rupture rank to determine the damage/ticks for its bleed effect.
! (Skills) Sword's Rupture now ticks four times as fast
! (Skills) Sword's Rupture now refreshes bleed duration instead of adding duration when applying bleed to the same target
! (Skills) Sword's Rupture will now deal lethal damage
= (Skills) Fixed a bug where Rupture would apply an incorrect amount of bleed ticks
! (Skills) Sword's Rupture now reaches its max proc chance at level 20 (200 in Retro)
! (Skills) Sword's Rupture now has a max chance to proc of 33% instead of 70%
! (Skills) Sword's Rupture now deals 50% more damage at above Rank 3 and can last much longer! The base damage for Bleed has been increased as well (update your advanced.yml admins)
! (Skills) Sword's Rupture no longer triggers invincibility frames when damaging your opponent
= (Skills) Furnaces now give XP to the last person to modify their inventory instead of the first person to open them
+ (Skills) Ability Lengths now have a default skill cap at which they stop increasing in length, configurable in advanced.yml (endurance perks extend this limit)
+ (Skills) Added a new subskill to some skills 'Understanding The Art' this adds nothing new, but tracks benefits that increase together that seemed unrelated, which was previously a bit obfuscated.
+ (Skills) Tool alerts now are sent to the Action Bar
+ (Skills) Super Ability activation alerts are now sent to the Action Bar
+ (Skills) Certain Skill messages are now sent to the Action Bar
+ (Skills) Added some missing information to skill stats
+ (Config) Skill Rank requirements are now defined in skillranks.yml you cannot add or remove ranks from this file
+ (Config) Added option to use SSL for MySQL in config.yml
+ (Config) Added option to disable the new URL links to config.yml
+ (Config) New config file added coreskills.yml
+ (Config) Added rank settings for the new Woodcutting skill
+ (Config) Added configurable parameters for the new Tree Feller
+ (Config) Added retro toggle for Tree Feller
+ (Config) Added toggle to disable all scoreboards
+ (Chat) Added ability for admins to spy on party chat (off unless toggled on)
+ (Commands) Added new info command /mmoinfo or /mcinfo
+ (Commands) Added toggle command /mcchatspy
+ (API) Added many missing SubSkills to SubSkillType class
+ (Permissions) Added permission node mcmmo.commands.mcchatspy & mcmmo.commands.mcchatspy.others
+ (Permissions) Added permission nodes for Harvest Lumber, Splinter, Nature's Bounty, and Bark Surgeon
+ (Permissions) Added mcmmo.commands.mmoinfo for the new mmoinfo/mcinfo command
! (Permissions) Call of the wild now uses mcmmo.ability.taming.callofthewild instead of mcmmo.ability.taming.callofthewild.all
+ (Locale) Added locale strings for new Woodcutting abilities
+ (Locale) Added locale strings for mcchatspy command
+ (Locale) Added locale strings for JSON integration
+ (Locale) Added locale strings for Taming's Pummel SubSkill
+ (Locale) Added locale strings for Unarmed's Block Cracker SubSkill
- (Locale) Removed localizations with the following codes for being almost empty: id, HR_hr, et_EE, lv, lt, no, pl_PL, pt_PT, tr_TR
- (Config) Removed SkillShot's IncreaseLevel & IncreasePercentage (replaced by RankDamageMultiplier)
- (Config) Removed AxeMastery's MaxBonus & MaxBonusLevel (replaced by RankDamageMultiplier)
= (Events) Fixed bug where XP rate could be a negative number
= (Experience) Fixed a bug where you could set a players levels into the negative and bad things would happen
= (Plugin Compatibility) mcMMO now fires new custom events relating to changes it makes to player scoreboards, plugin authors can listen to these events to improve compatibility
= (Items) Chimaera Wing now tracks cooldowns between sessions for players (no more disconnect abuse)
= (Skills) Added missing mushroom blocks to experience.yml defaults
= (Skills) Tridents will no longer be considered unarmed
= (MySQL) You can now inspect offline players
= (MySQL) When converting from MySQL to flatfile mcMMO will now properly include all users in the conversion process
= (Commands) '/mcMMO help' no longer displays the other/special commands category to players lacking permissions
+ (Party) Parties can now have size limits (configurable in config.yml), party size is unlimited by default
+ (Party) You can now turn on Friendly Fire for parties in config.yml
+ (Debug Stick) The Debug stick can now tell you about properties of a block related to Excavation
! (Deaths) Fixed the bug where mob names would be replaced by hearts
! (Experience) The XP values of fish are now based on their rarity and have been drastically changed
! (Experience) Skills now start at level 1 (configurable in advanced.yml)
! (Item) Improved some of the messages sent to the player regarding the Chimaera Wing
! (Party) Party member list will only include members of the party that you can see (aren't vanished)
! (Skills) Excavation Treasure Hunter is renamed to Archaeology
! (Skills) Swords no longer require blocking with a shield to trigger counter attacks
! (Skills) Stripping wood and right clicking on stripped wood will no longer ready your Axe
! (Skills) Some skill level rank requirements have changed
! (Skills) Green Thumb now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Farmer's Diet & Fisherman's Diet now use a rank system
! (Skills) Fixed an edge case bug where Blast Mining wouldn't inform the player that it was on cooldown
! (Skills) mcMMO skills will now be on a scale from 1-100 instead of 0-1000 (for existing mcMMO installs this is opt-in and off by default)
! (Skills) Skill Super Powers now use a rank system, almost all of them unlocking first at level 10
! (Skills) Acrobatics' Roll exploit detection was tweaked to still allow for Roll to trigger even if it rewards no XP
! (Skills) Acrobatics' Roll & Gracefull Roll are now considered the same skill (both mechanics are still there)
! (Skills) Woodcutting's Double Drop subskill is now named Harvest Lumber
! (Skills) Archery's Skill Shot now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Swords' Bleed now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Swords' Counter Attack now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Axe's Axe Mastery now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Axe's Impact now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Herbalism's Farmer's Diet now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Herbalism's Green Thumb now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Shake now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Flux Mining now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Removed traps from fishing
! (Skills) Dodge now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Arrow Retrieval now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Axes' Critical Strikes now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Axes' Greater Impact now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Taming's Beast Lore now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Taming's Gore now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Taming's Call of the Wild now uses a rank system
! (Skills) Taming's Pummel now uses a rank system
! (Kraken) Removed everything involving the kraken
= (Skills) Shake now sends custom damage types for better nocheat compat
! (Config) Unarmed.IronArm in advanced.yml is now Unarmed.IronArmStyle
! (Config) Unarmed.Deflect in advanced.yml is now Unarmed.ArrowDeflect
! (Config) Swords.Counter in advanced.yml is now Swords.CounterAttack
! (Config) Archery.Retrieve in advanced.yml is now Archery.ArrowRetrieval
! (Config) Axes.CriticalHit in advanced.yml is now Axes.CriticalStrikes
! (Config) Archery's Skill Shot now uses RankDamageMultiplier for its damage bonus calculations
! (Config) Axe's Axe mastery now uses RankDamageMultiplier for its damage bonus calculations
! (Permissions) Replaced the old Double Drop permission node for woodcutting with a new Harvest Lumber permission node
! (Permissions) Fast Food Service permission node renamed to mcmmo.ability.taming.fastfoodservice
! (Permissions) Counter Attack permission node renamed to mcmmo.ability.swords.counterattack
! (Permissions) Arrow Deflect permission node renamed to mcmmo.ability.unarmed.arrowdeflect
! (Permissions) Iron Arm Style permission node renamed to mcmmo.ability.unarmed.ironarmstyle
! (Permissions) Remove all mob health bar permissions, this is no longer a per-player setting.
! (Commands) Removed the mobhealthbar command, this is no longer a per-player setting.
! (Locale) The descriptions of a few skills have changed
! (Locale) Removed redundant information from some skill names and descriptions en_US (other locales will need to be updated)
! (Locale) SubSkill locale keys are now located at {ParentSkill}.SubSkill.SubSkillName
! (Locale) Super Abilities no longer have (ABILITY) in their Skill.Effect strings
! (API) mcMMO is now built against Spigot-API instead of Bukkit
! (API) Moved a lot of methods from SkillCommand to SkillUtils
! (API) SkillType is now PrimarySkillType
! (API) SecondarySkill is now SubSkillType
! (API) AbilityType is now SuperAbilityType
! (API) SecondaryAbilityEvent is now SubSkillEvent
! (API) SubSkillType has had many helpful methods added to it
! (Code) Refactored some unreadable code relating to SecondaryAbilityType activation in SkillUtils
Version 2.0.0
= Fixed an interaction between Tree Feller and Stripped Wood
! Fireworks no longer fire by default for ability activation/deactivation
! Website has been changed and the MOTD string relating to it reflects this
! Discord link added to mcMMO command
! Updated misc strings relating to mcMMO
Version 1.5.05-SNAPSHOT
Version 1.5.04
+ Added option to config.yml to control mcMMO generated sound volume
+ Added option to config.yml to truncate existing player skill levels that exceed the skill level cap
+ Falling blocks persist mcMMO natural data
= Woodcutting double drops correctly identify acacia and dark oak logs
= Skill Reset command now correctly identifies arguments
= Hylian Treasure config options are now actually used
= Child skills now use parent skills configured skill caps properly
= Auto Update config now properly works
! Item dropped from blocks now drop from the center
! Potions Config updated for 1.9
! Flux mining now simulates a block break event for other plugins to act upon
! Zombie Pigmen spawned from nether portals are now considered spawner mobs
! Flux Pickaxe lore now appends to existing lore as opposed to replacing it
! Party chat no longer displays colors when logged in server console
- Treefeller no longer lowers exp for big trees
- No longer supports 1.8 :(
- Removed plugin metrics
Version 1.5.03
= Fixed bug where absorption hearts could be attacked by allied players
= Fixed bug where new forms of stone would drop the wrong type when mined with Silk Touch
= Fixed bug where blocks would not get tracked correctly when using sticky pistons and slime blocks in certain situations
= Fixed bug where config value for Daze damage was ignored
= Fixed UUID updater to not lose data on errors
= Fixed bug where uuid update could result in large amounts of user data being deleted
= Fixed bug where custom potions were missed in potion stage calculation
= Fixed piston dupe bugs permanently
= Fixed bug involving user name changes
= Fixed old user purge to properly calculate months
= Fixed bug where Repair would incorrectly check items
= Fixed bug where apostrophes in locale files would not read correctly
= Fixed bug where treasure data was limited to 255 instead of Short.MAX_VALUE
! Moved more user loading calculations to async loading thread to reduce lag on login
Version 1.5.02
+ Added option to config.yml for Chimaera Wings to stop using bed spawn points
+ Added option to config.yml to let non-tools in hand count as unarmed
+ Added option to experience.yml to control XP gained by killing bred animals
+ Added support for 1.8 mobs and features
= Fixed bug where no Mining XP was granted when Flux Mining was successful
= Fixed bug with UUID conversions in Flatfile
= Fixed a couple Dupe bugs that were introduced recently
= Fixed bug where MobHealthbarTypes were not saved between server restarts
! Changed Flux Mining mechanics. In order to use the ability, you need to infuse a pickaxe with furnace powers first.
! Scoreboard tips are only shown a couple of times to the player, instead of once per login session
! Changed Archery distance multiplier to be configurable
! Archery distance XP bonus cannot exceed indefinitely anymore
Version 1.5.01
+ Added new child skill; Salvage
+ Added UUID support!
+ Added SQL connection pooling and async loading!
+ Added the long awaited Diminished Returns feature
+ Added new feature to Herbalism. Instantly-regrown crops are protected from being broken for 1 second
+ Added option to config.yml to show the /mcstats scoreboard automatically after logging in
+ Added option to config.yml for Alchemy. Skills.Alchemy.Prevent_Hopper_Transfer_Bottles
+ Added option to config.yml for Scoreboards, display "Ability" instead of ability names on the scoreboards
+ Added options to experience.yml for Dirt and Sand variations
+ Added support for `MATERIAL|data` format in treasures.yml
+ Added API to experience events to get XP gain reason
+ Added API to check if an entity is bleeding
+ Added API to ExperienceAPI to get the amount of XP needed for a level
+ Added API class SkillAPI used to get a list of valid skill names
+ Added API events for hardcore features, McMMOPlayerPreDeathPenaltyEvent, McMMOPlayerStatLossEvent and McMMOPlayerVampirismEvent
+ Added API to ExperienceAPI to specify if XP can be shared
+ Added options to tools.yml and armor.yml config files to set a pretty repair material name
+ Added full support for repairables in tools.yml and armor.yml config files
+ Added magical mod config file import command, for Cauldron 1.7+. Check wiki for usage
+ Added particle effects and sounds to "Call of the Wild" (Taming)
+ Added summon length to "Call of the Wild". Summons will now commit suicide after their lifespan expires
+ Added feature which makes tamed wolves attack a target shot by the owner
= Fixed bug where pistons would mess with the block tracking
= Fixed bug where the Updater was running on the main thread.
= Fixed bug when players would use /ptp without being in a party
= Fixed bug where player didn't have a mcMMOPlayer object in AsyncPlayerChatEvent
= Fixed bug where dodge would check the wrong player skill level
= Fixed bug which causes /party teleport to stop working
= Fixed bug where SaveTimerTask would produce an IndexOutOfBoundsException
= Fixed bug where Alchemy would not fire BrewEvents
= Fixed bug with setting custom names and lore in treasures config
= Fixed bug which would cause a NullPointerException with getFlowerAndGrassXp()
= Fixed bug which could cause and SQLException regarding the connection property 'maxReconnects'.
= Fixed bug where falling blocks were incorrectly tracked
= Fixed bug where items would get deleted when in Berserk with a full inventory
= Fixed bug where the console would not correctly show party chat colors
= Fixed bug where party chat was using non thread safe methods
= Fixed bug where Blast Mining unlock levels could be to high in certain occasions
= Fixed bug where Blast Minings ability "Demolition Expert" would not work
= Fixed bug where Repair_Material_Quantity wasn't read in mod config files
! Changed SecondaryAbilityEvent to implement Cancellable and it now gets fired for damage related secondary abilities
! Changed the way mcMMO handles bonus damage, updated for the new damage event API
! Changed player data saving. Save tasks are now asynchronous
! Vanished players no longer get hit by AoE effects
! Changed Alchemy config option 'Prevent_Hopper_Transfer' renamed to 'Prevent_Hopper_Transfer_Ingredients'
! Changed Alchemy XP distribution. XP is granted based on the stage of the potion.
! Changed behavior of the Blast Mining ability "Demolition Expert"; now only decreases damage for the ability user
! Updated for new getOnlinePlayers() behavior
! Updated for new blocks and entities
! Changed McMMOPlayerDeathPenaltyEvent to get fired after hardcore penalty calculations, use McMMOPlayerPreDeathPenaltyEvent for old behavior
! Moved Refresh_Chunks setting from hidden.yml to config.yml
- Removed salvage ability from Repair, salvage has it's own (child) skill now
Version 1.5.00
+ Added Podzol & Red Sand to Excavation
+ Added Hardened Clay, Stained Clay, and Packed Ice to Mining blocks
+ Added Acacia and Dark Oak to Woodcutting blocks
+ Added Salmon, Clownfish, and Pufferfish to Fishing XP
+ Added new flowers and grasses to Herbalism XP
+ Added option to config.yml which allows players to always catch fish, even when a treasure is found
+ Added option to config.yml to override vanilla Minecraft treasures
! Fishing XP now depends on the type of fish.
! Woodcutting XP in experience.yml and Woodcutting double drops in config.yml now use the tree species names. Oak is now Generic, and Spruce is now Redwood.
! Red_Rose was replaced by Poppy, and so the key in experience.yml has been updated accordingly.
- Removed deprecated permission nodes
- Removed "Treasure found!" message
Version 1.4.08
+ Added a new skill; Alchemy. Special thanks to EasyMFnE for creating this!
+ Added SecondaryAbilityType enum, and new SecondaryAbilityWeightedActivationCheckEvent, fired when a secondary ability checkes its activation chances
+ Added the possibility to gain experience when using Fishing "Shake"
+ Added config options to disable various sound effects
+ Smelting now works with custom ores - add smelting XP value to blocks.yml, or it will default to 1/10th of normal XP.
+ Added automatic cleanup of backups folder.
+ Added bypass permission for finding Fishing traps
+ Added level threshold settings to hardcore modes. When a players skill level is below this threshold, they will not lose any stats
+ Added party alliances, two parties can now team up. Allies share party chat and cannot harm each other.
+ Added new experience bonus perk 'mcmmo.perks.xp.10percentboost.<skillname>' multiplies incoming XP by 1.1
+ Added new experience bonus perk 'mcmmo.perks.xp.customboost.<skillname>' multiplies incoming XP by the boost amount defined in the experience config
+ Added Ender Dragon, Wither, and Witch to combat experience multipliers - they do not give XP by default
+ Added support for multiple mod config files, naming can be done as either armor.<modname>.yml or <modname>.armor.yml
+ Added config options to configure the items used in "Call of the Wild"
+ Added config option to configure the database command cooldown
= Fixed bug where healthbars wouldn't display if skills were disabled
= Fixed bug with "Call of the Wild" entities despawning
= Fixed bug with updating (very) old user data.
= Fixed bug with checking maximum durability of mod items.
= Fixed exploit involving Call of The Wild.
= Fixed bug where LeafBlower permissions were ignored
= Fixed bug with toggle commands not properly displaying the success message.
= Fixed IllegalArgumentException caused by an empty Fishing treasure category
= Fixed bug with Salvage not reading the config value for the anvil material.
= Fixed exploit where you could receive smelting XP for improper items
= Fixed bug where the Unbreaking enchantment was ignored when using "Super Breaker" or "Giga Drill Breaker"
= Fixed bug which prevented players from gaining Acrobatics XP when the setting 'Prevent_XP_After_Teleport' was set to false
= Fixed bug where cooldown donor perks were reducing more than expected
= Fixed bug where disabling hardcore mode for specific skills didn't work
= Fixed bug which caused the backup cleanup to delete old backups while it should have kept those
= Fixed bug where party chat broke if the display name contained special characters
= Fixed bug where `/addlevels all` and `/skillreset all` didn't work
= Fixed bug which made it possible to gain XP by taming the same horse multiple times, if a player "untamed" that horse
= Fixed bug where some horses summoned with "Call of the Wild" were unable to jump
= Fixed bug where the /ptp request expiration time was checked wrongly - preventing players from using the command
= Fixed bug where Hylian Luck was broken
= Fixed bug where Snow would never drop treasures
= Fixed issues with commands giving away vanished players.
= Fixed bug where the Repair lucky perk would increase the Arcane Forging downgrade chance, instead of decreasing it
! Changed party system. Parties now have XP and Levels. Party features such as party teleport and party chat have to be unlocked before they can be used by the party members
! Changed appearance of party member list. Gold = party leader, White = online, Gray = offline, Italic = not nearby
! Updated localization files
! Changed the appearance of /mcmmo commands
! Changed AxesCritical to CriticalHit in config file
! Changed several secondary ability permissions(deprecated versions still exist)
! Changed /ptp config setting, Commands.ptp.Confirm_Required is now Commands.ptp.Accept.Required
! Changed config validation for UnlockLevels, they can now also be 0
! Changed config validation for Rank_Levels, successive Ranks can now be less than or equal to each other
! Changed default amount of XP gained from mining Quartz Ore. From 250 to 100 XP.
! Changed Acrobatics config setting, Skills.Acrobatics.Prevent_XP_After_Teleport is now Skills.Acrobatics.XP_After_Teleport_Cooldown
- Removed /stats alias for /mcstats
Version 1.4.07
+ Added XP boost to Acrobatics when wearing Boots of Feather Falling
+ Added SQL Database can now recover from a dropped connection without losing data. (Thanks Riking!)
+ Added more tiers to Fishing, Repair and Smelting!
+ Added Carrot on a Stick and Flint & Steel to repair.vanilla.yml
+ Added horses to the "Shake" ability
+ Added ability to summon horses via "Call of the Wild" using apples
+ Added XP gain to Taming for horses
+ Added new permission nodes to allow more control over Taming and "Call of the Wild"
+ Added new experience.yml config file! Moved all experience related settings from config.yml to experience.yml
+ Added support for EXPONENTIAL formula curves to experience.yml
+ Added new /mcconvert command to convert players levels and experience from one formula curve to another.
+ Added snow to Excavation blocks
+ Added new experience curve option. Cumulative curve, calculates experience needed for next level using power level.
+ Added extra settings to config.yml for "Call of the Wild" (Taming)
+ Added a 5 second cooldown after teleporting before Acrobatics XP can be earned. Plus a config option to disable
+ Added new API methods to ExperienceAPI to get a players rank on the leaderboards
+ Added new McMMOPlayerDeathPenaltyEvent, fired when a player dies and would lose levels
+ Added new McMMOPlayerLevelChangeEvent, fired when a players level changes
+ Added new McMMOPlayerLevelDownEvent, fired when a player loses levels
+ Added ability to give custom names to items in treasures.yml - use the key "Custom_Name" to set, expects a string.
+ Added ability to give lore to items in treasures.yml - use the key "Lore" to set, expects a list of strings.
+ Added Quartz and Name Tags to the default Excavation treasures
+ Added a warning message if the server is running NoCheatPlus without CompatNoCheatPlus
+ Added cooldown to commands with heavy database access to prevent denial of service
+ Added /mcscoreboard keep, to keep the scoreboard up forever
+ Added Rainbow Mode to scoreboards
+ Added new /mccooldowns command to show all ability cooldowns
+ Commands may now both print text and display a scoreboard
+ Killing a custom entity will automatically add it to the custom entity config file with default values.
= Fixed bug which allowed players to bypass fishing's exploit prevention
= Fixed bug where FakeEntityDamageByEntityEvent wasn't being fired
= Fixed bug with "Skull Splitter" not finding the locale string
= Fixed issue where locale strings could cause the scoreboard header to be longer than 16 characters.
= Fixed a bug with "Beast Lore" when the entity had no owner but was tamed.
= Fixed a bug where AbilityDeactivateEvent would throw an error if the player logged out before his ability ran out.
= Fixed a bug where LevelUpEvent would be called for an offline player.
= Fixed a bug where teleport location was never reset if warmup was set to 0 for "Chimaera Wing".
= Fixed a bug where the "Dodge" DamageModifier wasn't being read from advanced.yml
= Fixed a bug where squid were not awarding XP.
= Fixed a bug where Combat XP was granted within 5 seconds for respawned players
= Fixed a bug where wrong feedback messages were being send when using a command on an offline player
= Fixed a bug where players were able to gain Herbalism XP in mine carts, even though Prevent_AFK_Leveling was enabled
= Fixed a bug where players would get hit by fireworks if they leveled up while in a boat
! Changed Fishing "Treasure Hunter" and "Magic Hunter" drop percentages
! Changed format of mod config files. (blocks.yml, tools.yml, armor.yml and entities.yml) **YOU WILL NEED TO UPDATE YOUR FILE TO THE NEW FORMAT**
! Changed format of treasures.yml. **YOU WILL NEED TO UPDATE YOUR FILE TO THE NEW FORMAT**
! Changed format of repair.vanilla.yml. **YOU WILL NEED TO UPDATE YOUR FILE TO THE NEW FORMAT**
! Changed default XP multiplier for repairing shears
! Changed "Shake" drops for Witches. They no longer drop water bottles, since they no longer drop them in Vanilla.
! Changed fishing exploit prevention, by default it will no longer send global sounds, effects and messages.
! Changed Hardcore modes, they will also subtract experience
! Changed various values to double in advanced.yml for the sake of consistency.
! Nerfed Fishing "Master Angler" (removed skill level based bonus) and also made the modifiers configurable
! Nerfed Archery damage to eliminate constant one-hit kills.
! Changed the way Repair hands out XP, also added config options to control Repair XP
! Changed Swords "Counter Attack" ability from passive to active. Blocking is required to activate.
! Hardcore modes can now be toggled for each skill individually
! Vampirism can now be enabled without having Skill Death Penalty enabled
! Admin and Party chat prefixes are now customizable
! Changed the color of party leader names in Party chat
! Improved "Tree Feller" algorithm (Thanks Riking!)
! Improved AFK Acrobatics prevention mechanism
! Improved profile saving
! Improved partial name matcher
! Improved update checker
! Updated localization files
! Party item share category states are now saved when the server shuts down.
! When using "Super Breaker" or "Giga Driller" abilities extra tool durability is used (again)
! Mob healthbars are automatically disabled when the plugin "HealthBar" is found
! Massively improved scoreboard handling
! Reworked scoreboard configuration (config.yml) - **you will need to update**
- The /mmoupdate command has been removed. It is replaced by /mcconvert database
- Removed Abilities.Tools.Durability_Loss_Enabled, set Abilities.Tools.Durability_Loss to 0 to disable instead.
- Removed Skills.Fishing.Shake_UnlockLevel from advanced.yml, now using Skills.Fishing.Rank_Levels.Rank_1 instead.
- Removed SpoutPlugin support
Version 1.4.06
+ Added "Ice Fishing" ability to Fishing
+ Added global scoreboards to track skill rankings (display using /mctop)
+ Added per-player scoreboard displays for the /inspect, /mcrank, /mcstats, and /<skillname> commands
+ Added tab-complete support for all commands
+ Added ability to configure drops from Shake in treasures.yml
+ Added "Master Angler" ability to Fishing.
+ Added health display for mobs during combat.
+ Added new API method to McMMOPlayerLevelUpEvent to set levels gained
+ Added new permission node for /ptp; mcmmo.commands.ptp.send (enabled by default)
+ Added configurable cooldown and warmup times when using /ptp
+ Added a new Party item share category "Misc" which contains a list of configurable items. (By default all tools and armor)
+ Added fishing exploit prevention
+ Added permission node to bypass the fishing exploit prevention
+ Added boosts to Fishing chance depending on conditions
+ Added McMMOAbilityActivateEvent and McMMOAbilityDeactivateEvent
+ Added config option to toggle the size of fireworks
+ Added config option to multiply xp gains from mob spawner mobs
+ Added multiplier to Archery XP based on bow force
+ Added information about /party itemshare and /party expshare to the party help page
+ Added option to use scoreboards for power level display instead of Spout.
+ Added permission node to prevent inspecting hidden players
+ Added SQL to Flatfile database conversion
+ Added ability to use custom database managers and convert to/from them
= Fixed bug which could cause the server to hang for a minute when checking for updates. (Thanks to Riking)
= Fixed bug where spawned arrows could throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
= Fixed bug where custom Spout titles were overwritten by mcMMO.
= Fixed bug where Nether Quartz wasn't included in Smelting or item sharing
= Fixed bug where players were able to join the same party multiple times
= Fixed displaying partial names when trying to use /ptp
= Fixed wolves from Call of the Wild only having 8 health
= Fixed bug where /party chat was not working
= Fixed bug where experience commands were adding levels to all skills when they shouldn't
= Fixed mcmmo.commands.ptp.send not being set by default
= Fixed NPE when trying to tab-complete /mctop
= Fixed Fishing treasures always having the same enchants
= Fixed Smelting returning ink sacs instead of Lapis when double-dropping
= Fixed bug where players could remain in party chat after leaving or being kicked from a party.
= Fixed bug where non-player arrows couldn't be deflected.
= Fixed experience being applied even when the permission for a skill was denied
= Fixed possible item duplication bug with infinity bows
= Fixed bug with removing players from mySQL database
= Fixed bug with empty metadata lists and Smelting
= Fixed bug where Blast Mining would drop wrong items
= Fixed bug with Blast Mining where the Ability refreshed message was being send too early
= Fixed bug where the chance of a successful Gracefull Roll was twice as high as displayed
= Fixed bug where lucky perks where not working
= Fixed bug with Ice Fishing on a single block of ice
= Fixed bug with Ice Fishing which allowed players to break ice in protected areas
= Fixed a small bug with mob healthbars and bosses, such as EnderDragons and Withers
! Changed Spout notification tiers to be stored in SpoutConfig instead of AdvancedConfig
! Changed Berserk to add items to inventory rather than denying pickup
! Changed Call of the Wild, newly summoned pet's will have a custom name. (added permission node to disable this)
! Changed Chimaera Wing's recipe result to use the ingredient Material
! Changed Repair to ask a confirmation of the player when he tries to repair an enchanted item
! Players will no longer pickup items to their hotbar while using Unarmed
! ExperienceAPI methods will now throw InvalidSkillException if the skill name passed in is invalid.
! Changed default value for recently-hurt cooldown between teleports, this is also fully configurable now
! Changed the amount of info messages in the console when enabling/disabling, enable Verbose_Logging to enable them again
! Items dropped by players are now being tracked and are not being shared with party members
! Optimized tracking of tool & ability cooldowns.
! Updated the localization files
Version 1.4.05
+ Added option to allow refreshing of chunks after block-breaking abilities. (Disabled by default)
+ Added fireworks effects when a player levels-up, for every 100 levels (configurable)
= Fixed bug where /addxp was setting instead of adding experience
= Fixed bug where /addxp was not processessing level-ups for online players
= Fixed bug which allowed players to share experience with nearby dead players
= Fixed bug with ChimaeraWings not taking Wings from a players inventory properly
= Fixed bug which caused a NPE when trying to use /mctop smelting
= Fixed Berserk misbehaving when /reload was used
= Fixed parties misbehaving when /reload was used
= Fixed Berserk getting "stuck" when /mcrefresh was used
= Fixed ClassCastException with Taming
= Fixed huge mushroom blocks not being properly tracked
= Fixed potion buff option not using the appropriate # of ticks
= Fixed Chimera Wing spamming console if Metrics was disabled
= Fixed Chimera Wing displaying warmup message if warmup was set to 0
= Fixed party & admin chat errors when not aysnc
! Updated localization files
Version 1.4.04
+ Added functions to ExperienceAPI for use with offline players
+ Added Nether Quartz Ore to Mining
+ Added Dropper, Hopper, and Trapped Chest to blocks that shouldn't activate abilities
+ Added partial name matching
= Fixed bug where trying to activate a Chimaera Wing would require one item too much
= Fixed bug where Treefeller would try to cut too many leaves and reach the threshold when it shouldn't
= Fixed bug where Mining wasn't awarding double drops
= Fixed bug where Shake wouldn't damage mobs whose max health was less than 4
= Fixed bug where the API would fail if the name of a player's current party is requested when the player isn't in one (Thanks @dualspiral!)
= Fixed bug with retrieving a player's party members
= Fixed bug which caused a NPE when trying to join the party of a non-existing player or when ptp to a non-existing player
= Fixed bug which causes a NPE when trying to use /mcrefresh from the console
= Fixed bug where Carrots and Potatoes weren't awarding Herbalism XP.
= Fixed bug where some herbalism drops weren't properly shared within parties.
= Fixed bug where players wouldn't be able to pick up items if they logged our while Berserk was still active.
! Changed config node name for the skill experience modifiers from "Experience.Formula.Multiplier.[Skill]" to "Experience.Formula.Modifier.[Skill]"
! Updated localization files
! mcMMO abilities can no longer be activated while in Creative mode
! Expanded ChatAPI to allow toggling of chat states for users
! Updated to EMetrics 0.0.4-SNAPSHOT
- Removed deprecated functions from API classes.
- Removed functions for getting the PlayerProfile - using API classes is preferred, but if not the McMMOPlayer should be used instead
- Removed Ender Dragon, Wither, and Witch from granting combat experience and related configuration options
Version 1.4.03
+ Added option to advanced.yml to determine the # of enchant levels used when buffing Super Breaker & Giga Drill Breaker
+ Improved stats display for child skills
+ Added cooldown between using Chimaera Wings
= Fixed bug with '/party chat (on|off)' and '/partychat (on|off)' not working
= Fixed bug with Repair not decreasing enchanting levels properly
= Fixed bug with Smelting not properly tracking furnaces
= Fixed bug with Blast Mining not dropping blocks correctly
= Fixed bug with custom blocks not working
= Fixed bug with Blast Mining increasing TNT damage.
= Fixed bug where Blast Mining was awarding too much XP
= Fixed bug where triple drops would award twice the amount of experience in Herbalism and Mining
= Fixed bug where Green Thumb would consume wheat instead of seeds
= Fixed bug where Green Terra would consume twice the amount of seed when used on crops
= Fixed bug where experience would be awarded in Herbalism for some player-placed blocks
= Fixed bug where players were unable to salvage leather armor
= Fixed bug with repairing using materials with byte metadata
= Fixed bug where Fishing was becoming less successful at higher levels
= Fixed bug with using Salvage on stacked items.
= Fixed bug where the '' was registered twice
= Fixed bug where Beast Lore wouldn't work on friendly pets
= Fixed bug where Deflect was calculated based on the attacker, not the defender. (We really did this time!)
= Fixed bug where Treefeller would not deal durability damage when the axe "splinters into dozens of pieces"
! Moved the Salvage unlock level from config.yml to advanced.yml
! Changed how Chimaera Wings are acquired, you need to craft them now. (By default, use 5 feathers in a shapeless recipe)
! Changed how Chimaera Wings teleport players to the spawnpoint, will now check if the location is safe
- Removed option to disable Salvage via the config file. This should be handled via permissions instead.
- Removed the option to use Woodcutting without an axe from the config file.
Version 1.4.02
+ Added API to get the skill and power level caps.
= Fixed bug where Deflect was calculated based on the attacker, not the defender
= Fixed bug where some skills weren't registering as unlocked until one level later
= Fixed bug where the PTP cooldown was being read improperly
= Fixed bug where /ptp <accept|toggle|acceptall> where broken
= Fixed ClassCastException relating to counter-attack with Swords
= Fixed issue with some skill activations not activating enough or activating too much
Version 1.4.01
= Fixed bug where trying to use /mctop or /xplock with the Smelting child skill caused NPEs
= Fixed bug where /mctop and /mcrank wouldn't show overall power levels for servers using Flatfile
= Fixed bug where Smelting would throw consistent errors due to offline players
= Fixed bug where repairing an mcMMO ability-buffed item with mcMMO repair could take the enchant but leave the lore tag
= Fixed bug where using '/party chat message...' would result in the first word of the message being printed repeatedly
= Fixed bug where the wrong flag was being set when taking damage
= Fixed bug where the PTP cooldown was set improperly
= Fixed bug where ptp permissions weren't being handled properly
= Fixed bug where Beast Lore wouldn't work
= Fixed bug where Chimaera Wing would always teleport to spawn, even when the player had a valid bed spawn location
= Updated locale files
Version 1.4.00
+ Added new Child Skill - Smelting!
+ Added a version check, admins will get notified when a new version is available!
+ Added new cancellable McMMOPlayerDisarmEvent for Citizens compatibility - fires whenever a player is disarmed.
+ Added config options for Hylian Luck skill
+ Added display values to Unarmed command for I