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1 parent 173c2c1 commit 20fb69fba31a320fe0261eb6dab5358a2047c942 @NuclearW NuclearW committed Feb 4, 2012
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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
name: mcMMO
-version: 1.2.09-dev
+version: 1.2.09
softdepend: [Spout]
author: TheYeti
description: mcMMO takes core Minecraft game mechanics and expands them to add an extensive RPG experience, the goal of the project has always been a quality RPG experience. Everything in mcMMO is carefully thought out and is constantly improving. mcMMO adds eleven skills to train in and level in, while also offering a high level of customization for server admins. There are countless features, including custom sounds, graphical elements, and more added when running mcMMO in conjunction with Spout. I carefully read feedback and evaluate the mechanics of mcMMO in every update to provide an ever-evolving experience.

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