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Commits on Jan 19, 2013
  1. @gmcferrin

    1.3.14 bugfix release.

    gmcferrin authored
  2. @Glitchfinder

    Merge pull request #536 from Glitchfinder/master

    Glitchfinder authored
    Fixing a memory leak with mob tracking.
  3. @Glitchfinder

    Forgot the changelog.

    Glitchfinder authored
  4. @Glitchfinder
  5. @bm01
  6. @bm01

    Removed unnecessary calls

    bm01 authored
  7. @gmcferrin
  8. @gmcferrin
  9. @NuclearW

    Towards 1.3.14

    NuclearW authored
  10. @NuclearW

    1.3.13 Release

    NuclearW authored
  11. @TfT-02

    Update the changelog

    TfT-02 authored
  12. @TfT-02

    They came pretty soon! Right?

    TfT-02 authored
  13. @gmcferrin
Commits on Jan 18, 2013
  1. @Glitchfinder

    Merge pull request #532 from Glitchfinder/master

    Glitchfinder authored
    Removing detritus left over from recent commits.
  2. @Glitchfinder
  3. @Glitchfinder

    Merge pull request #530 from Glitchfinder/master

    Glitchfinder authored
    Updating entity tracking and such.
  4. @Glitchfinder
  5. @Glitchfinder
  6. @Glitchfinder

    Condensing entity tracking into a single set of storage, to reduce CP…

    Glitchfinder authored
    …U use. Also handily causes invalid falling blocks to be removed. (Fell out of the world, etc)
  7. @t00thpick1
  8. @Glitchfinder
  9. @gmcferrin
  10. @NuclearW

    Unsetting up Travis CI.

    NuclearW authored
  11. @gmcferrin
  12. @gmcferrin
  13. @NuclearW
  14. @gmcferrin
  15. @gmcferrin
  16. @gmcferrin

    Useless check for air.

    gmcferrin authored
    The block will always be replacing either air, water, or lava. The check
    for whether or not it's being tracked is sufficient.
  17. @gmcferrin

    We only care about sand & gravel.

    gmcferrin authored
    Technically this was already addressed because no other blocks would
    have their place store set to true, but this eliminates unnecessary
    overhead caused by the checking of other falling blocks - anvils, dragon
    eggs, and TNT.
  18. @gmcferrin
  19. @t00thpick1
  20. @t00thpick1
  21. @t00thpick1

    Join tables in query

    t00thpick1 authored
Commits on Jan 17, 2013
  1. @t00thpick1

    Update Changelog.txt

    t00thpick1 authored
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