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Commits on Feb 2, 2013
  1. @gmcferrin
  2. @gmcferrin
  3. @gmcferrin
  4. @bm01
  5. @bm01
  6. @bm01

    isEmpty() is prettier <3

    bm01 committed
  7. @bm01
Commits on Feb 1, 2013
  1. @Glitchfinder
  2. @Glitchfinder
  3. @Glitchfinder
  4. @gmcferrin
  5. @gmcferrin

    Changelog update.

    gmcferrin committed
  6. @gmcferrin
  7. @gmcferrin
  8. @gmcferrin
  9. @gmcferrin

    Remove unused imports.

    gmcferrin committed
  10. @gmcferrin
  11. @gmcferrin

    Refactoring of general commands - the prior package structure made no

    gmcferrin committed
    New package structure splits commands into those normally reserved for
    admin use and commands normally available to all players.
  12. @gmcferrin

    Having an option to disable commands from the config was a bad idea that

    gmcferrin committed
    encouraged lazy admins. 
    NOTE: If you were using these config options instead of relying on
    permissions, you will need to reconfigure these commands to be disabled
    via permissions.
  13. @gmcferrin
  14. @gmcferrin

    This is a much better way to work with our commands dynamically. It

    gmcferrin committed
    allows for localized description strings, aliases, etc.
    With this addition, our "ugly alias" method in CommandPreProcessEvent is
    no longer needed, nor is our alias map.
    This also makes us more friendly with Essentials - if Essentials is
    enabled, the /repair command will be changed to /mcrepair for
    compatibility reasons.
  15. @gmcferrin
  16. @gmcferrin

    Locale file updates.

    gmcferrin committed
  17. @gmcferrin
  18. @gmcferrin

    Fix issue where the vanilla XP boost for smelting would be called

    gmcferrin committed
    regardless of who took the item out of the furnace. Not only does this
    fix the exploit, it also fixes an NPE that could occur if the player who
    lit the furnance was offline when someone else extracted the items from
  19. @gmcferrin
  20. @bm01

    Fixed /addlevels not working on offline players

    bm01 committed
    Fixed /addlevels all throwing NPE because of Smelting
    Removed use of Users.getProfile()
  21. @bm01
  22. @TfT-02

    Minor cleanup

    TfT-02 committed
    No need for this here since .addXp() also does xpCheckSkill()
    Also, thank you @bm01 for the cleanup! :)
  23. @bm01
  24. @bm01

    Put McMMOPlayer to use where it made sense

    bm01 committed
    It's basically a wrapper for anything related to players, as a
    consequence Users.getProfile() is now depreciated.
    Also removed SkillTools.xpProcessing() because of some redundancy with
    + some cleanup for consistency sake.
  25. @gmcferrin
Commits on Jan 31, 2013
  1. @gmcferrin
  2. @gmcferrin

    Cleaning up from our deprecated permissions.

    gmcferrin committed
    Also cleaned up the unholy mess that was SkillResetCommand.
  3. @gmcferrin

    Better way to deprecate these.

    gmcferrin committed
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