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Commits on Feb 16, 2013
  1. @gmcferrin

    Weekly beta release.

    gmcferrin authored
  2. @gmcferrin
  3. @NuclearW

    Turn off debug

    NuclearW authored
  4. @NuclearW

    Reset events for debug

    NuclearW authored
  5. @NuclearW

    Debugging for Metrics

    NuclearW authored
  6. @NuclearW

    Version bump, for turt2live

    NuclearW authored
  7. @NuclearW

    Use convenience methods

    NuclearW authored
  8. @NuclearW
  9. @NuclearW

    Chimera Wing Enabled Graph

    NuclearW authored
  10. @NuclearW

    Add in EMetrics

    NuclearW authored
  11. @NuclearW
  12. @NuclearW
  13. @bm01

    Changelog update

    bm01 authored
  14. @bm01

    Slight greenThumbWheat cleanup

    bm01 authored
  15. @bm01

    Removed no longer needed check

    bm01 authored
  16. @bm01

    No point in canceling the event

    bm01 authored
    And it actually fixes the double call (see previous commit)
  17. @bm01

    Run GreenThumbTimer on the current tick

    bm01 authored
    It avoids onBlockBreak to be called twice (which basically launched
    the task twice). I don't know what were the consequences but that
    wasn't right anyway.
    Also it would be better if we wouldn't have to cancel the event,
    because there is a possibility that plugins like LogBlock don't have a
    chance to process it.
  18. @bm01
  19. @gmcferrin

    Using PlantSize is cleaner.

    gmcferrin authored
  20. @gmcferrin
  21. @gmcferrin
Commits on Feb 15, 2013
  1. @nossr50
  2. @nossr50
  3. @shatteredbeam
  4. @shatteredbeam
  5. @shatteredbeam
  6. @gmcferrin
  7. @gmcferrin
  8. @gmcferrin
  9. @gmcferrin

    Remove unused import

    gmcferrin authored
  10. @gmcferrin
  11. @gmcferrin
  12. @gmcferrin
  13. @shatteredbeam
  14. @gmcferrin

    Fix teh build.

    gmcferrin authored
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