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Still Not Working - Duplicate Ticket #1791

Chaznuts opened this Issue Jan 17, 2014 · 4 comments

3 participants


This bug was never fixed. All you have to do is disable the particular skill(s), and mob health bars do not show up when attacking with that disabled skill or skills.


mcMMO Development member
TfT-02 commented Jan 17, 2014

I will reopen it and take another look, you could've just commented on the closed issue though.

@TfT-02 TfT-02 closed this Jan 17, 2014

@TfT-02 You mean tagged you in the closed ticket? I figured most closed tickets don't often receive a second look, so linking to it was the best choice. I'll start posting on there instead then.

mcMMO Development member

Actually, we all get a notification for anything in this tracker. I have something like seven thousand emails in a folder on my gmail account that are the direct result of this tracker. Every time I open up Github, I take a quick lap through all of the notifications I've received, and they're typically all for this plugin.


Oh I was under the impression that a person was only notified if they were subscribed to that particular ticket, which is subscribed to by hand or by posting on it. That must only be for normal users. Thanks for the info, @Glitchfinder !

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