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Odd behavior for /addxp #898

charlie1990 opened this Issue · 4 comments

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As of version 1.4.04-b1848 using /addxp doesn't actually add experience, it sets it for the current level.

Ex: using /addxp fishing 2000 will set the exp to 2000, using /addxp fishing 5 sets the exp to 5 instead of 2005.

If this is intentional I would suggest changing the command to setxp and implore you to re-add the normal function of /addxp.


Yeah, that isn't intended. I'll get that fixed ASAP

@TfT-02 TfT-02 was assigned
@TfT-02 TfT-02 closed this in fc8ad40

Still happening on build 1852(where it was fixed)


D: Having a look now. Could you provide additional information?
From where are you using /addxp? From the console, in-game?
Are you using it on an online player or a player that is offline?


It's definitely adding experience here. Works with offline and online players.

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