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The RPG lovers mod

Dev builds Download the latest dev build of mcMMO here.

Brief Description

mcMMO takes core Minecraft game mechanics and expands them to add an extensive RPG experience, the goal of the project has always been a quality RPG experience. Everything in mcMMO is carefully thought out and is constantly improving. mcMMO adds eleven skills to train in and level in, while also offering a high level of customization for server admins. There are countless features, including custom sounds, graphical elements, and more added when running mcMMO in conjunction with Spout. I carefully read feedback and evaluate the mechanics of mcMMO in every update to provide an ever-evolving experience.

If you want an original RPG experience like no other mod out there, mcMMO is for you.

About the Developer

I've always wanted to make games and in the last year I decided to take a swing at developing Minecraft mods as a platform to teach myself programming, the biggest project I have made to date is mcMMO. I went from knowing nothing about Java to what I know now purely from modding Minecraft, and I plan to move onto game development in the not so distant future.

I take design very seriously, I am not the kind of person who can be satisfied giving a project anything less than my all. As you will see reflected in the quality of the mods I make, I take great care in my work.

Hearing that people enjoy mcMMO and seeing the daily youtube videos about my mod has become a joy, I really can't believe how popular my mod has gotten!


Required Libraries:

  • Spout API
  • JUnit

Required to Run:

  • Bukkit for more up to date information.