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![mcMMO Banner]( --- **Acrobatics** is a skill that allows negation of fall damage through passive and active skills, Roll and Graceful Roll, as well as combat damage negation with the passive skill "Dodge".

XP Gain

XP is gained by taking fall damage, as well as successfully dodging. 120xp is awarded for each half heart of fall damage taken (without dying upon impact). The player can fall a maximum of 23 blocks without feather falling boots or rolling; it will result in 2280xp.

80xp is awarded for each heart of damage taken when a Roll or Graceful Roll has been executed, including the damage that would have been taken without the roll. Because of this, 2960xp is the maximum experience that can be gained without Feather Falling boots, with a Graceful Roll, at the height of 37 blocks.

Feather falling boots multiply the experience gained from acrobatics by two, regardless of level of boots.

A successful dodge is awarded with 120xp

Although damage taken from Ender Peals is considered fall damage, there is no experience gain from it. After teleportation, there is a five second cool-down period where the user cannot gain any experience in Acrobatics, from falling or dodging.

##Active Ability

Graceful Roll

Graceful Roll is an active skill; it is activated by sneaking while falling. It is only effective if the sneaking is started 20 blocks or fewer before impact. Every level, the chance for a successful Graceful Roll is increased by .2%, with a cap of 100% at level 500. It can negate up to 14 damage points, or 7 hearts.

##Passive Abilities


Rolling is a passive skill which allows the player to reduce fall damage. Every level, the chance for a successful roll increases by .1%, with a maximum chance of 100% at level 1000. As rolling is a passive skill, it will be activated simply by taking fall damage. When activated, it can negate up to 7 damage points, or 3.5 hearts.


Dodging is a passive skill that halves combat damage taken; this includes Creeper explosions, Skeleton arrows, etc. Its max chance is 20%, at level 800; each level its chance increased by .025%.

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