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![mcMMO Banner]( --- **Alchemy** is about brewing potions. It provides a speed increase in the potion brew time, as well as the addition of new (previously) unobtainable potions.

XP Gain

XP is gained by brewing potions. The amount of XP you receive depends on what stage of potion you are brewing.

There are four stages of potions; base potion, regular potion, a potion with one amplifier and a potion with two amplifiers. There is also a special potion stage for when you switch amplifiers, e.g. you add redstone dust to a level II potion.

Stage 1:
Brewing an Awkward potion
Potion Stage 1

##Passive Abilities

###Catalysis Catalysis speeds of the brewing process, with a max speed of 4x at level 1000. This ability is unlocked at level 100 by default.

###Concoctions Concoctions allows brewing of more potions with custom ingredients. Which special ingredients are unlocked is determined by your Rank. There are 8 ranks to unlock.

Rank Unlocked ingredients (Potion which it is used in)
1 Blaze Powder, Fermented Spider Eye, Ghast Tear, Redstone, Glowstone Dust, Sugar, Glistering Melon, Golden Carrot, Magma Cream, Nether Wart, Spider Eye, Suplhur, Water Lily, Pufferfish (All Vanilla Potions)
2 Carrot (Potion of Haste)
Slimeball (Potion of Dullness)
3 Quartz (Potion of Absorption)
Red Mushroom (Potion of Leaping)
4 Apple (Potion of Health Boost)
Rotten Flesh (Potion of Hunger)
5 Brown Mushroom (Potion of Nausea)
Ink Sack (Potion of Blindness)
6 Fern (Potion of Saturation)
7 Poisonous Potato (Potion of Decay)
8 Regular Golden Apple (Potion of Resistance)
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