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Archery skill looks to change that by providing damage boosts as your Archery level progresses, not to mention that you can eventually daze players, providing a very hampering PvP effect.

In addition to this, higher levels of archery will let you retrieve arrows from corpses.

Archery's abilities are all passive abilities.

XP Gain

Experience is gained by using a bow and arrow in combat.

Passive Abilities

Skill Shot

This passive ability increase the amount of damage you can deal with bow and arrows. Gains +10% extra damage every 50 levels, with a maximum of +100%. The damage will never exceed 9 though, preventing one-shot kills in PVP.

Arrow Retrieval

Who needs an infinity bow anyways ?- Chance to recover arrows from an enemy killed by the archer. Gains 0.1% per level up to 100% at skill level 1000.


Forces your opponents to look straight up for a short duration, this becomes very annoying in PVP for the affected since it disrupts their attacks.

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