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![mcMMO Banner]( --- mcMMO has an extensive party system feature. It allows multiple players to team up and play the game together. Party members have several features they can use to improve cooperative gameplay.

A mcMMO party can have the following features:

  • Party chat - allows party members to chat with each other.
  • Party teleport - allows party members to teleport to other party members.
  • Alliances - allows two parties to team up. Allies will have shared party chat and PVP is disabled between them.
  • Item Sharing - Picked up items are distributed between the nearby party members.
  • Xp Sharing - Earned experience is shared with nearby party members.

A party can earn experience and level up, just like a player. Leveling up your party is really easy, every time a party member earns XP for him-/herself - the party earns XP as well. Depending on the server configuration, this only happens when other party members are nearby. The amount of XP needed to reach the next level is calculated with the exact same formula as the one used for a player, only it is multiplied by the amount of party members, plus 3 (configurable).

1. Current level of the party
2. Experience percentage and progress towards the next level

In order to access the party features, the party must earn enough XP to reach the required unlock level of each feature. Below are the unlock levels of each party features with the default settings.

Party feature Unlock level
Party Chat 1
Party Teleport 2
Alliances 5
Item Share 8
XP Share 10

###Get started! To get started with mcMMO parties, you need to either create a new party or join an existing one. If you want to create a new party, you need to use /party create <party-name> [password]. Setting a password is optional. This new party will be locked by default, this means that other players will not be able to use /party join <player-name>.

To join an existing party, you use /party join <player-name>. Note that you can only use this command if the party is not locked. If you know what the party's password is, you can join locked parties by using /party join <player-name> [password].

Now that you've joined a party, you can check the party's status with: /party. Here you can see which party members are online, who is nearby and what party features are unlocked or enabled.

If you want to leave a party, use: /party leave or /party quit or /party q. If you were the party leader, leadership will be automatically transferred to another online party member.

###Party Chat The party chat feature allows party members to chat with each other. There are a few was to use this feature. You can toggle party chat on by using /party chat or /pc. All messages send in chat will be send to the party members while it's toggled on.

The party leaders name will be displayed in gold, to make it easy to distinguish.

If you want to send just one quick message to your party, but don't feel like toggling party chat on and off again, you can use /party chat <message> or /pc <message>. This will not toggle party chat on, it will only send that one message to your party. After it is send, chat is handled normally again.

###Party Teleport Party teleportation is a great way to allow teleports to your party members. You can use /ptp <name> OR /party teleport <name> to request a teleport to the target player. The target player will have to type /ptp accept OR /party teleport accept in order to accept this request.

NOTE: /ptp is the same command as /party teleport, only shorter and faster to use.

If you don't mind that your party members can teleport to you, you can disable the teleport request by using /ptp acceptany. When the teleport requests are disabled, the teleport process will commence immediately, because requests get accepted automatically. It is also possible that the server is configured in a way that player will not have to request and confirm teleports.

When you want to stop other players from teleporting to you, or sending you requests to do so; you can disable party teleporting to you by using /ptp toggle. This will disable party teleportation for you.

Players will not be able to teleport when they have been hurt recently, or if they have just respawned.

###Alliance Allows two parties to team up. Allies will have shared party chat and PVP is disabled between them. Form an alliance by typing /party alliance invite <leader-name>, the party leader will receive a request to form an alliance with you. He will then have to confirm this by using /party alliance accept

Use /party alliance to check your alliance status.

In case you want to disband your alliance, use /party alliance disband

###Item Sharing
Party item sharing has two different modes that the party leader can choose between. Random and Equal.

#####Random With the random item share mode, all the near party members will have the same random chance of receiving the item, regardless of the values of the item.

Use /party itemshare random to activate.

#####Equal With the Equal item share mode, the chance of receiving an item is determined by it's value and how many valuable items a player has received. If Player A receives the first diamond, Player B will have more chance to receive the second diamond. Resulting in equally shared items by rarity.

Use /party itemshare equal to activate.

###XP Sharing Use /party xpshare equal to enable equal XP sharing. Now whenever a party member earns XP, all the other party members who are near will also receive XP!

While XP sharing is enabled, a share bonus will get added to the shared XP.

Near Party members XP Share bonus
1 10%
2 15%
3 20%
9 45%
10 50%
11 50%

Greedy? Disable XP / Item sharing:
/party xpshare none Will disable party XP sharing.
/party itemshare none Will disable party item sharing.

###Manage your party Commands described here are limited to the party leader.

As the party leader, you have a couple of tools at your disposal to manage your party. First off, to control who can join your party you can lock or unlock your party. /party lock and /party unlock. By locking your party, other players can only join the party if their are either invited by the party leader or if they know the party password.

If you don't want to be bothered inviting your friends to your locked party, set a party password with /party password <password>. Now other players can join any of the party's members by typing /party join <player-name> <password>.

As the party leader, you can enable/disable item and XP sharing. How these two features work is described here and here respectively.

Another party command which only the party leader can use is /party rename <new-party-name>, use this command to rename your party.

There may be a time when you don't want to be the party's leader anymore. If this is the case, you can transfer the ownership of the party to another party member. Set a new party leader with /party owner <player-name>.

In case you're sick of your party and you want to get rid of it, use /party disband to instantly kick all members and delete the party.

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