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![mcMMO Banner]( --- Smelting is a child skill. The level is determined by taking the average from the two parent skills, mining and repair.

Passive Abilities

Fuel Efficiency

This ability increases the time fuel will burn in a furnace when smelting stuff. The time will increase the higher your smelting skill is.

Second Smelt

When smelting, there is a chance of the resources smelted doubling. The chance of this ability being activated will increase with leveling. This ability is good for full servers that have limited resources.

Vanilla XP Boost

The amount of vanilla XP that comes from smelting in a furnace is increased with this ability. This ability is only unlocked after 100+ smelting skill.

Flux Mining

This ability allows players to mine ores with a chance of instantly smelting them. To start using this ability, infuse a pickaxe with furnace powers by placing it in a furnace. Crafting Recipe 1
Once the pickaxe has been cooked, it will turn into a Flux Pickaxe. Crafting Recipe 2

When mining with this pickaxe, you will have a 33% chance that the ore will smelt itself. (E.g. an iron bar will drop instead of an iron ore). When the ability triggers, you will hear and see a special effect and the item is dropped. Flux Success

This ability is unlocked after level 250+ smelting. When you try to use a Flux Pickaxe when you haven't unlocked the ability yet, the pickaxe will act as a regular pickaxe.

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