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![mcMMO Banner](http://i.imgur.com/1tX0i.png) --- **Unarmed** is a combat skill; it uses the player's empty hand as a weapon. It includes many perks, such as disarming, deflecting arrows, higher base unarmed attack, and more.

XP Gain

Experience is gained by using your bare hands in combat. (E.g. fighting with empty hands)

##Active Skills


Berserk is an active ability that, for a short time, increases unarmed combat damage by 50%. It is activated by right clicking a block with an empty hand, then punching a mob or block. Not only does it increase damage, but it can also very quickly break weak blocks, such as Dirt, Sand, and Clay; it can also turn Stone Bricks into Cracked Stone Bricks. While Berserk is activated, blocks can't be picked up.

Berserk starts at 2 seconds, but can be increased 1 second every 50 levels infinitely; it is not limited by level 1000.

##Passive Skills

###Iron Arm Style Iron Arm Style is a passive ability that increases the base unarmed combat damage. It starts at a 3 damage point bonus; added to the vanilla minecraft punch, it gives a total of 4 damage points, or 2 hearts. It increases by 1 point every 50 levels, until it hits a bonus of 8 damage, or 9 damage points total, at level 250.

###Arrow Deflect Arrow Deflect is a chance for arrows shot at the player to do no damage. It increases by .05% per level, with a cap of 50% at level 1000. It only works with arrows shot by players, and does not work with arrows shot by mobs.

###Disarm When the player hits an opponent while unarmed, there is a chance for the player to disarm the opponent, causing the weapon to be dropped. The chance increases .03333% per level, with a max of 33.33% at level 1000.

###Iron Grip Iron Grip gives a chance for a successful Disarm to be counteracted. The chance for a successful Iron Grip increases .1% every level, for a maximum of 100% at level 1000.

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