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![mcMMO Banner](http://i.imgur.com/1tX0i.png) --- **Woodcutting** is a skill that is centered around using an axe on wood, giant mushroom stalks, and leaves.

XP Gain

Experience is gained by using an axe to break wood or giant mushroom stalks.

Active Abilities

Tree Feller

Treefeller is an active ability. It is activated by right clicking with an axe in hand, and breaking the bottom log of a tree. All the logs above the one destroyed will be destroyed as well. Treefeller uses two axe durability for every block destroyed. If the user's axe breaks while using Treefeller, the user will suffer damage and no additional blocks will be destroyed, besides the one the axe was broken on. The duration of Treefeller starts at 2 seconds, increasing one second every 50 levels without bound.

Passive Abilities


Leafblower is a passive ability unlocked at level 100. It allows the user to break leaves with an axe very quickly; When using leafblower, leaves destroyed have a 10% chance to drop saplings.

Double Drop

Double Drop is a passive ability that gives the chance for wood blocks to drop two, instead of one. The chance increases .1% every level, for a maximum of 100% at level 1000.

Experience Table

Block Type XP
Acacia 90
Birch 90
Dark Oak 90
Oak (Generic) 70
Jungle 100
Redwood (Spruce) 80
Huge Red Mushroom 70
Huge Brown Mushroom 70
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