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Resource Pack Workbench, Minecraft resource pack editor
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Resource Pack Workbench

RPW is a tool for editing Minecraft resource packs.

Pull Requests are welcome!

Please read the built-in help before asking questions, and go through the RPW menus. Many options are in the context menu when clicking assets!



Q: RPW opens images in Paint instead of Gimp. How to fix?

Please see issues #53 and #58.

Q: How to import an existing pack?

Either add it to library so you can remix it (library menu), or create a new project (project menu) and select "From existing pack".


For help with using RPW, please use our Gitter channel:

Join the chat at

Setting up RPW for development

If you plan to work on RPW's source code:

Currently RPW is set up as an IntelliJ IDEA project, but what IDE to use is up to you.

It's a Maven project, so all libraries should be downloaded by the IDE automatically.