Commits on Mar 20, 2016
  1. lm-asyncns-resolver: Fix resolver uninitialization

      * Hopefully fix crash, when resolver CB gets called
        on non-existing object, if there's some problem with DNS
        and library user destroys LM instance before DNS timeout.
      * This introduces freeze, if underlying libasyncns uses pthreads
        instead of forking, but that is a bug in libasyncns, that will
        be hopefully fixed by upstream. Not reported yet.
    isbear committed Mar 20, 2016
Commits on Mar 19, 2016
  1. LmMessageNode: Expose attributes member

      * New typedef: LmMessageNodeAttribute
    isbear committed Mar 19, 2016
  2. autogen: Fix option name in help

    isbear committed Mar 19, 2016
Commits on Feb 28, 2016
  1. Merge pull request #25 from mbiebl/dist-autogen

    Include in dist tarball
    McKael committed Feb 28, 2016
  2. Include in dist tarball

    It is convenient to have in the dist tarball in case one
    needs to regenerate the build system.
    mbiebl committed Feb 28, 2016
Commits on Feb 13, 2016
  1. Bumped version to 1.5.3

    committed Feb 13, 2016
Commits on Feb 11, 2016
  1. Fix coding style

    committed Feb 11, 2016
Commits on Feb 10, 2016
  1. Use portable gnutls function to trust system certs

    GnuTLS supports that function since 3.0.20.
    committed Feb 10, 2016
Commits on Feb 4, 2016
  1. Make gtk-doc.m4 optional

    committed Feb 4, 2016
  2. Update .gitignore

    committed Feb 4, 2016
  3. Add empty m4 directory

    committed Feb 4, 2016
  4. Fix libtoolize warnings

    committed Feb 4, 2016
Commits on Feb 1, 2016
  1. Merge pull request #23 from mbiebl/drop-dolt

    Stop using dolt
    McKael committed Feb 1, 2016
Commits on Jan 31, 2016
  1. Stop using dolt

    Dolt is no longer maintained upstream [1] and libtool has gotten much
    better. The permformance difference is neglible nowadays.
    mbiebl committed Jan 31, 2016
Commits on Jan 25, 2016
  1. Bumped version to 1.5.2

    McKael committed Jan 25, 2016
  2. Check for __res_query in libresolv

    Changeset 74d6f24 breaks builds here (Debian Jessie), because
    __res_query is not found...
    McKael committed Jan 25, 2016
Commits on Jan 11, 2016
  1. Merge pull request #22 from moench-tegeder/build_20160111

    assorted minor build fixes
    committed Jan 11, 2016
  2. remove rcsid

    as loudmouth is maintained in git, the whole concept of rcsid does
    not really apply anymore - but we get warnings from -Wunused which
    are promptly upgraded to errors (-Werror)
    moench-tegeder committed Jan 11, 2016
  3. try generic cc before testing for gcc

    FreeBSD has clang as it's primary C compiler (and often no gcc,
    these days). To avoid using the "wrong" compiler (gcc installed
    via ports if available), test for cc first.
    moench-tegeder committed Jan 11, 2016
  4. remove libresolv relict

    As far as I can tell, libresolv is not needed anymore.
    To avoid build breakage on systems where the resolver functions
    live in libc, just remove -lresolv
    moench-tegeder committed Jan 11, 2016
  5. include the right gssapi.h

    some time ago gssapi.h moved to gssapi/gssapi.h, and on some systems
    (e.g. FreeBSD) gssapi.h carries a deprecation #warning - which becomes
    a fatal error since we're compiling with -Werror
    moench-tegeder committed Jan 11, 2016
  6. include netinet/in.h in resolver

    On some platforms (notably FreeBSD) netinet/in.h is required
    for the struct in_addr type and IPPROTO_* constants.
    As this header and both required definitions are documented
    in IEEE Std 1003.1, this should be safe on all systems.
    moench-tegeder committed Jan 11, 2016
Commits on Nov 15, 2015
  1. Add libasyncns to Libs.private

    McKael committed Nov 15, 2015