Please do proper releases and not just snapshot tarballs. #13

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darix commented Jan 15, 2015


as the original upstream repository seems dead it might be worth to start releasing from your repository.
Talking to the old upstream probably a good idea. But given the library still sees use by projects (including yours), I think it would be a good idea to have proper releases again.


tyll commented Oct 27, 2015

yes, regular releases would be nicer for distributions.
@mhallendal - could you maybe redirect people from your repo to this to make this the new upstream?


@tyll sure, I went ahead and made my fork a fork off this one instead and added a comment in the description.

McKael commented Oct 31, 2015

OK, thank you @mhallendal - we'll try to publish a new "official" release then.
Thanks to @darix & @tyll as well!

McKael commented Nov 6, 2015

I have tagged release 1.5.1 and the archive/tarball is available at
Let me know if there is any issue with it!


Thank you @McKael; Homebrew now uses the 1.5.1 version.

McKael commented Nov 10, 2015

The release is there, with announcements on and the jdev mailing list.

Thank you all!

@McKael McKael closed this Nov 10, 2015

@McKael awesome, that's great!

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