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Welcome to the QLC+ Wiki and thank you for your interest in this growing project.
Here you can find information about translating and compiling QLC+ on several platforms.

How to build QLC+

Linux Qt5
Windows Qt5
macOS Qt5

QLC+ 5 Build HOWTO

Linux Qt4 (outdated)
Windows Qt4 (outdated)
macOS Qt4 (outdated)

How to translate QLC+


Community tutorials

BCF2000 + LC2412 Remote Control: Setup Behringer BCF2000 and Behringer LC2412 connected through BCF2000 for even more faders
Interfacing Mixxx via MIDI (Linux) (credits to Markus Baertschi): how to setup MIDI communication between Mixxx and QLC+, including beat detection. Instruction are specific to Linux, but Windows and OSX users can adjust them for their OS.

Developers corner

Coding guidelines
Fixture definition presets

QLC+ infrastructure

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