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Demo of antd React Native components in Scala (via Slinky)
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Slinky antd-native

Demo of React Native components developed by antd and coded in Scala (via Slinky).

Quick Overview

Make sure you have SBT and NPM installed.

sbt new mcallisto/slinky-antd-native.g8
... follow instructions to create your app

cd my-app/
# in one tab
sbt "~fastOptJS"

# in another tab
npm install
react-native link @ant-design/icons-react-native
npm run ios # or android

As soon as you run ios or android, React Native will launch the appropriate emulator and load your app into it. You should see your app in action as soon as the bundler completes packaging your code. To set the emulator, see React Native CLI Quickstart in React Native Getting Started.

When you're ready to package a production app, create a minified bundle with sbt fullOptJS, modify index.js to use the -fullopt.js file and follow the React Native Instructions.


screenshot android version


Help is needed, with the aim of mapping 100% of the antd-native demo features.


slinky-antd-native is based on Slinky's Create React Native Scala App.

This demo uses, as pure as possible, the Scala.js typings from ScalablyTyped and the thin facades developed by Øyvind Raddum Berg:

Other slinky demos

  1. A twin of this repository exists for antd
  2. A demo for react-router-native
  3. A demo for react-router-dom
  4. Versions are maintained also at ScalablyTypedDemos
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