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This repository will contain the first prototype for the implementation of the ReactiveSessions library.
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ReactiveSessions v0.1

ReactiveSessions is a library for the implementation and specification of communication-based software in the ReactiveML programming language ( It borrows inspiration from the FuSe session types implementation (


This implementation is backed by a published paper: Mauricio Cano, Jaime Arias, Jorge A. Pérez: Session-Based Concurrency, Reactively. FORTE 2017.

All the intuitions about the implementation can be found in the paper. Some of the highlights of our library:

  1. Correct duality checks for message passing operations.
  2. Linearity is correctly enforced. This restriction could be relaxed (see below).
  3. The type of message-passing programs is inferred correctly. There is a caveat to this, see below.
  4. Adds the possibility of experimenting with reactivity in the models.

Some of the limitations of our prototype, which will be addressed:

  1. At the moment there is no support for shared channels. This means that linearity is enforced in every channel.
  2. To properly implement our target session-based pi-calculus, it is necessary to devise a way to encode a blocking output, rather than the current implementation. (ONGOING WORK).
  3. There is not yet an implementation of the asynchronous pi-calculus presented in the paper. (ONGOING WORK).
  4. The lack of polymorphic variants in ReactiveML makes it necessary to find a better way to encode selections and branching operators.


To use, simply download or clone the repository and follow the compilation instructions.


  • To compile all examples it is only necessary to execute make. The binaries are copied to the bin folder.
  • If you want to clean your project folder, you only need to execute make clean or make cleanall
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