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Welcome to Mjölk

Mjölk is a online bookmarking engine written to be an equivalent to Delicious.

As many of us are again aware of the problem to have a third party company running such a service and the risk to loose our bookmarks we decided to write an alternative.

The main goal is to provide a maximum compatibility on the api side.

You can find more info and code at :

Getting things running

First you need to get a proper web server, one that can handle ruby on rails app (thin, nginx+passenger, apache+passenger,unicorn, …), then get ruby 1.9.2, and bundler.

Do the classic bundler install thing.

You might need to check config/database.yml, and you’ll have to edit config/settings/production.yml (or development depending if you just running the app or not) and put something like that :

oauth: twitter: consumer_secret: something consumer_key: somethingelse

This will allow OAuth login through twitter. Check for details about how you will get those two things.