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elaborating a git / work flow
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elaborating a git / work flow

Where to start :

Process to elaborate this flow through the git repository : create branches and make pull requests with your changes, we will then be able to discuss changes.

Git flow

Starting off with a 3 branches way, (feel free to edit)

  • master is stable
  • hotfixes/* are hotfixes topic branches, meant to be created from master and merged into it
  • staging is not stable, it's intended to serve as testing stage of features before merge to master
  • develop is unstable, it's used to create topic branches to implement new features, features branches are then merged into it

Branch, and review process

  • topic branches (either hotfixes, or features) are created by the dev responsible for that topic. the shorter the branch the better. Feature branches should be created with a very limited set of things to add to the branch. Once the feature is done, a PR shall be created
  • each PR must be reviewed by at least 1 other dev, all devs can feel free to check all PR and comment


  • main talk is to happen on campfire
  • ideas / features to be added / bugfixes must be added to pivotal tracker (? can we as a hubot + pt plug?)
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