Persistent LIFO stack class for PHP applications (SQLite-dependent)
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A persistent, SQLite-dependent LIFO stack for PHP applications


PersistentStack is a simple PHP class for producing and consuming named stacks of data.

One use-case is dealing with ad-hoc batch jobs that can't fully complete because they use up all memory. To remedy, make one script that notes down what has to be processed and places necessary IDs/data on the stack. Then make another script that draws the necessary IDs/data from the stack in small batches and does the actual processing. You can run the second script as many times as gets the job done.

This class is based loosely on the Stack::Persistent Perl module.


Here's example usage:

// Open or create stack: if you don't specify a filename, 'stack.db' will be used
$stack = new PersistentStack('my_stuff.db');

// Add simple things to a named stack
$stack->push('clothes', 'socks');
$stack->push('clothes', 'pants');

// Add something complete to another named stack
$stack->push('books', array(
  'title'  => 'The Tin Drum',
  'author' => 'Gunter Grass'

// Output the top of a stack without removing it from the stack
print $stack->last('clothes');

// Retrieve the top of a stack, removing it from the stack
$last_item = $stack->pop('clothes');

See demo.php for more.


Requires: PHP 5.x with the PDO extension and PDO SQLite driver

Author: Mike Cantelon

License: Gnu Public License (