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Rough development: CLI Twitter client for Node.js
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Twaids: experimental Twitter client

In rough development.

Idea is to make a local web app for viewing Twitter with limited CLI functionality.

Twaids is written in Node and should work on v0.7.9 (maybe higher or lower versions too).


npm install

Basic Configuration

Log into Twitter then go to and use an existing app configuration or click "Create a new application". Make sure whatever app you use/create has read/write privileges.

Next go to the administration pages for the app. Click "OAuth tool". The consumer key and consumer secret fields should be filled in. You'll need these values. If the access token and access token secret fields aren't filled in click the "application details page" link near the field then, on the resulting page, click "Create my access token".

Next create a .twaids file in your home directory.

It should be valid JSON and should contain your security credentials. It should look something like the following.

  "consumerKey":    "<your consumer key>",
  "consumerSecret": "<your consumer secret>",
  "accessToken":    "<your access token>",
  "accessSecret":   "<your access secret>"

Optional Configuration

You can add an array of usernames you temporarily want to ignore, as the following example configuration shows.

  "consumerKey":    "<your consumer key>",
  "consumerSecret": "<your consumer secret>",
  "accessToken":    "<your access token>",
  "accessSecret":   "<your access secret>",
  "ignore": [

Data Storage

Twaids stores the latest tweet you've read in memory.

Write those tokens to config file App will then work

Config logic by tanepiper from

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