A Java toolkit facilitating planning, visualization and manipulation of trajectories in 2-d polygonal environments.
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Alite Trajectory Tools

A Java toolkit facilitating tasks connected with trajectory planning. Currently, most of the functionality is implemented for problems involving circular agents/vehicles/robots in 2-d Euclidean plane with both static and dynamic obstacles.

Selected functionality:

  • A* planner on general JGraphT graphs
  • Implementation of sampling-based trajectory planning algorithm RRT*
  • Methods for discretizing continuous environments
  • Line-polygon intersection detectors
  • Numeric and analytic detector of minimal separation violation between two trajectories
  • Visualization of trajectories and geometric shapes
  • Live simulation of robots moving along given trajectory
  • Dubins path generator
  • etc.

For more detailed information, go to project wiki: https://github.com/mcapino/trajectorytools/wiki