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Minima is a shared pin-board that lets you simply organise your notes. Minima is a standalone server that you can run on your host.

Try the online demo

Peek at this project board (read only)

Current development banch is 0.11




  • add, edit, delete and drag notes between lists
  • add, edit, delete and rearrange lists
  • undo delete note
  • live updates: all connected browsers are updated
  • desktop notifications (supported browsers only)
  • password protection - same password for all users (see configuration below to enable)
  • optional readonly view for access without password (see configuration below to enable)
  • standalone java server and embedded database: get up and running in seconds

For users

Install and run

  1. Download the latest jar
  2. java -jar Minima-0.10-standalone.jar (or doubleclick)
  3. browse to http://localhost:8989/index


All configurations are optional

  • -Dminima.port=8989 - http port, defaults to 8989
  • -Dminima.db.dir=./minima-db - database directory, defaults to ./minima-db and is created if it does not exist
  • -Dminima.board.default.title=Minima - default board title (as shown on the index page). Defaults to "Minima"
  • -Dminima.password="" - password to protect this minima instance. By default there is no password and the board is open to all
  • -Dminima.readonly=false - if this is set to true and a password is configured, non-authenticated users can see but not modify the board
  • -Dminima.websocket.location=auto - explicit the websocket url. This allows to use the main app trough a proxy that does not support websockets, but send websocket connections directly to minima. Default to "auto" which should do the right thing for non-proxied minima instances

For developers

Eclipse setup

  1. clone project from github
  2. mvn eclipse:eclipse
  3. file -> import -> existing projects...

Build and run (maven)

  1. mvn assembly:assembly
  2. java -jar target/Minima-0.9-standalone.jar


Options to /index

  • ?devel: JS and CSS files will be loaded separately and with all caching disabled
  • ?readonly: the UI be rendered as if in read-only mode


V 0.10 - 29 November 2011

  • inverted ui so 'add note button' now is always on top - beware: existing notes will be listed in inverse order
  • undo for note archive
  • top bar is now pinned to the top of the viewport
  • edit/create note textarea expands as the user types
  • user can Alt-Enter or Ctrl-Enter to add a newline in note edit
  • production css and js cached and compressed

V 0.9 - 12 November 2011

  • lists can be added, archived and rearranged
  • using backbone.js
  • css and javascript files are served rolled up by default

V 0.8 - 04 November 2011

  • board can be protected by password
  • protected boards can be made available in readonly mode
  • list name can be edited
  • now using backbone.js and underscore.js templates
  • optionally configure webapp root
  • websockets friendly with proxies

V 0.7 - 26 October 2011

  • push updates on non-websocket browsers (using long polling)
  • User interface scales with window size
  • Support for desktop notifications (HTML 5, supported browsers only)

V 0.6 - 23 October 2011

  • Refined user interface (simpler)
  • Highlighting #hash tags and @at tags
  • (Moved lists definition on server)
  • (Changed database format on database + automatic upgrade)

V 0.5 - 18 October 2011

  • Add, create, archive cards
  • All changes are pushed to all clients (WebSockets only)
  • Http API
  • All data stored as plain text files using Keez/KeezFileDb
  • Web ui built with jquery and custom javascript
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