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Simple webserver with WebSocket and REST using jetty and NO XML

This is a very simple RESTful web service implemented using jetty embedded. I wrote this to answer the pressing question: do I need a container a a ton of xml to get anything done with java and the web?

The answer is.... NO.

It actually took three classes, 15 minutes and about 150 lines of code to implement:

  • a very (very) basic in-memory key-value store with a REST API
  • a simple static file server
  • a unique id generator


I gave the thing 8m memory (-Xmx8m - yes, megabytes) and tried to push it with apache ab:

# 2000 threads doing 50000 put to the store (always same key) 
ab -u data.txt -c 2000 -n 50000 http://localhost:8180/store/somekey

Time taken for tests:   30.371 seconds
Requests per second:    1646.31 [#/sec] (mean)    

WebSocket demo

  • browse to /quotes.html to receive a countinuous supply of quotes from The Hitchhicker Guide To the galaxy

Key-Value store api

  • GET /store/ - the value associated with key or 404
  • PUT /store/ - put the body of the request as value of key
  • DELETE /store/ - deleted the value or 404

File server

  • GET / - will show htdocs/index.html
  • GET /about.html - will show htdocs/about.html
  • and so on

Unique id generator

  • GET /uuid - get a fresh uuid at each hit

compile and run

with maven

mvn assembly:assembly
java -jar target/simple-jetty-rest-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar

with eclipse

mvn eclipse:eclipse
in eclipse file->import->existing project...
then run main

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