Verify and optionally repair Solaris wtmpx files
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User Commands                                          ckwtmpx(1)

     ckwtmpx - check Solaris wtmpx files for corruption, and per-
     form optional repairs.

     ckwtmpx [-d] [-o output_file] [-e error_file] [-t time_travel]
     ckwtmpx -h
     ckwtmpx -v

     It sometimes happens, either malevolently or otherwise, that
     Solaris'   binary   format  accounting  file  /var/adm/wtmpx
     becomes corrupted. The only normal symptom of this  is  that
     standard tools such as last stop processing the file as soon
     as the corrupt data is encountered (last produces neither an
     error message nor a non-zero return code).

     ckwtmpx attempts to read a wtmpx file  from  standard  input
     one  record  at  a  time.  Valid  records  are copied to the
     (optional) output file (-o), and bytes  that  are  discarded
     are copied to the (optional) error file (-e).

     When an invalid record is encountered, ckwtmpx moves forward
     through the standard input one character at a time until the
     start of a valid record is found. Skipped bytes are  written
     to  the  error  file as they are discarded. Errors and debug
     information are sent to stderr.

     A valid record fulfills the following criteria:

         Epoch time (ut_tv) is greater than 0 (was written  after
         1 Jan 1970).

         Epoch time (ut_tv) is before now (was not written in the

         The wtmpx record type (ut_type) is valid.

         Either this is the first valid record found or it is not
         more  than  70  seconds younger than the previous record
         found. (Some systems may buffer output to wtmpx  result-
         ing  occasional temporal misordering of records, see the
         -t flag below).

     See <utmpx.h> and <utmp.h> for more details  on  the  binary
     record  format, in particular struct futmpx in <utmpx.h> for
     details of the record serialization.

SunOS 5.10          Last change: 19 Jun 2010                    1

User Commands                                          ckwtmpx(1)

     Flags -d, -e and -o may be combined  as  required  but  note

         ckwtmpx -o /var/adm/wtmpx </var/adm/wtmpx

     will almost certainly cause pain. Use a temporary file.

     The following options are supported:

     -d                       Enable debug output to stderr.

     -h                       Print usage to stdout and exit.

     -e error_file            Writes  skipped  bytes   from   the
                              corrected wtmpx file to error_file.

     -o output_file           Writes the corrected wtmpx file  to

     -t time_travel           Specifies the number of seconds  by
                              which  a record may be younger than
                              its predecessor and still  be  con-
                              sidered  valid.  One  might  expect
                              that records would  be  written  in
                              strict chronological order but this
                              is not the case. The default is  70
                              seconds which seems appropriate for
                              most cases.

     -v                       Print version to stdout and exit.

     Returns 0 if the wtmpx file is okay, 1 if it is corrupt  and
     2 on fatal errors (syntax, file permissions, ...) so ckwtmpx
     can be run with  no  arguments  for  testing  file  validity
     without spurious output:

         if ! ckwtmpx </var/adm/wtmpx ; then

         ckwtmpx -e /tmp/err -o /tmp/out </var/adm/wtmpx

SunOS 5.10          Last change: 19 Jun 2010                    2

User Commands                                          ckwtmpx(1)

     Writes corrected binary file to /tmp/out and  skipped  bytes
     to /tmp/err.

         ckwtmpx -d </var/adm/wtmpx

     Writes  debug  information  (details  of  each  record   and
     skip/seek attempts) to stderr.

     Martin Carpenter,, Copyright 2010.

     /var/adm/wtmpx    accounting file

     last(1), utmpx(4)

SunOS 5.10          Last change: 19 Jun 2010                    3