plugin for opauth library (by uzyn)
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  1. 'opauth' folder to 'third_party' folder in CI.
  2. write path to plugins on controller


  1. you can write config on third_party config files

    $this->load->config('opauth'); $config = $this->config->item('opauth_{******}');

  2. initialize library

$this->load->library('opauth', $config);


  • when you initialize plugin and make it not to run, you have to add 'stop' to config array. because codeigniter's constructor has no 2nd argument.
  • and you have to remake around sessions in strategies. you can't use PHP native session, so you have to rewrite 'session_start()' to '$CI->load->library('session')'. (if you want, i show you my own strategy of twitter and facebook.)