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Button graphics for Visual Studio control with an Elgato Stream Deck
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Elgato Stream Deck Button Images for Visual Studio

These are button images for Visual Studio control with an Elgato Stream Deck

/raw-graphics contains svg icons from the Visual Studio 2017 Image Library pre-rendered as PNG images to the below specifications.

/visualstudio-commands contains button images extracted from the rendered raw-graphics and renamed to match the appropriate Visual Studio command.

Button image specifications:

  • The button image files MUST:

    • Have a 72 x 72 resolution
  • The button image files SHOULD:

    • Be in PNG format with transparent background
    • Have the bottom 18 rows of pixels left blank for button Title Text
    • Leave 12 columns of pixels on the left and right and 6 rows of pixels on the top blank for conformity
    • Have a file name that matches the Visual Studio command text, for ease of installation
  • The command icons within the button image files SHOULD:

    • Be a 48 x 48 image within the above image file, after margins are accounted for

To use these icons in your Stream Deck:

  1. Download or save the images from this repository
  2. In the Stream Deck application:
    1. Install the Visual Studio 2017 & 2019 actions (More Actions... button)
    2. Select the Visual Studio -> Execute Command action for a button
    3. Set the button image from the appropriate file
    4. Set the Command Name to match the image


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