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MicroPython OLED

This is a collection of drivers for handling monochrome OLED displays. There are many versions of such drivers, and there is even a driver for the SSD1306 included in MicroPython's repository, but I decided to make my own, because I needed something a little bit more optimized.

To conserve memory, each version of each driver is in a separate self-contained file that you need to copy to your board. There is no inheritance and no multiple imports -- I'm only using the build-in framebuf module. Of course that means there is some repetition between the different drivers, but that's a price I'm willing to pay. There are also no constants that would need to be converted to bytes before sending -- I'm using raw byte strings everywhere.

To make it fast, I'm calling MicroPython's built-in functions directly, without wrapping them into convenience functions. I'm also only allocating any memory once, at the beginning, and then re-using those buffers for everything.

Finally, I have added some convenience functions for flipping and mirroring the display, reversing its colors, hardware scrolling, setting contrast and switching it off and on.

There are no drawing functions on the display object itself, they are available on the frame buffer object, available as the fb attribute.


SH1106 I2C Example

import sh1106_i2c
from machine import I2C, Pin

i2c = I2C(-1, sda=Pin(4), scl=Pin(5), freq=400000)
d = sh1106_i2c.Display(i2c)
d.fb.pixel(64, 32, 0)

SH1106 SPI Example

import sh1106_spi
from machine import SPI, Pin

spi = SPI(1, baudrate=20000000)
dc = Pin(12, Pin.OUT)
cs = Pin(15, Pin.OUT)
d = sh1106_spi.Display(spi, dc, cs)
d.fb.pixel(64, 32, 0)


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