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A small node.js library that computes checksums of directory trees
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node-dirsum is a super small library that gives you the node.js equivalent of:

find <dir> -type f | xargs md5

With the added feature that this library will summarize the hashes into one master hash so you can get a single checksum for a directory treat. Note that there is no 'standard' way to do this in UNIX, but you basically have two choices:

  • Pipe all the bytes of all the files into one digest
  • Compute a digest of all the digests

Since (1) is hard to do if your files are large, I went with (2). Again, this may or may not be useful to you, since there's not a standard client to validate this. At a minimum, you can at least get a tree of all the files and their checksums.


var dirsum = require('../lib/dirsum');

dirsum.digest('/your/tree', 'sha1', function(err, hashes) {
  if (err) throw err;
  console.log(JSON.stringify(hashes, null, 2));

There you go. That's the whole API. There's the equivalent of that in the tst directory, and I copied in the openldap default files, since there's a bunch of schema files in there. Running that with 'md5' as the method gives this output:

  "files": {
    "ldap.conf": "a1b26e90628b18bc9cea6c9573a63b7b",
    "ldap.conf.default": "a1b26e90628b18bc9cea6c9573a63b7b",
"schema": {
  "files": {
    "apple.schema": "d74ab4c3522e0154fb409c9a6515ad8f",
    "apple_auxillary.schema": "20b1560538fe8cc73bc97b0ce8f8d7a4",
    "collective.schema": "139aefbd0541ad2f4198ea53d2689334",
    "corba.schema": "72684228a9d9691e458a9850f93231fb",
    "core.ldif": "0c9d2c5df2376192e02f11bc6edc96f7",
    "core.schema": "fdd7cfc44ca73698f877d64becdc8278",
    "cosine.ldif": "82c062506b1dc1786c7b1bdd56c53f1a",
    "duaconf.schema": "2503265c236a158ae5be7eb6d81b130a",
    "dyngroup.schema": "55b65ea42cec37ad0ba110752e1c20c2",
    "fmserver.schema": "928cb73c8f0dd0b5b18d2619a3a0dbc5",
    "inetorgperson.ldif": "71db554a56953e03669784270f69942c",
    "inetorgperson.schema": "7452ce52fcecad8aa97446fed52b1db2",
    "java.schema": "8f8f12b72432388e065e37e19eca0eec",
    "krb5-kdc.schema": "04df5507f0a3b1602efd523a42bd1f90",
    "microsoft.std.schema": "928686833526a63590d8d56fb15f3602",
    "misc.schema": "c2453f83012e97e84a4a2841c62cee88",
    "nadf.schema": "687e1d49faa7c0f4990eba6899e3ba7f",
    "netinfo.schema": "4ca7cc2b5cf43618cfbd540171f8ffd6",
    "nis.ldif": "4322c3f16f38f802bea8fdc0a3524274",
    "nis.schema": "fc3255f06a87dd7c360e88772b2d17de",
    "openldap.ldif": "f342787e81ac1101cf860dea78e7bb51",
    "openldap.schema": "bbf95ea610c9f28c4a7bdc4c867e8961",
    "ppolicy.schema": "8fbc0dda95c831a9ed84b2884c56a02b",
    "README": "dfe2414dc543da3fdf98b48ab3de1a94",
    "samba.schema": "a26fbdabbd97f076fcaa3b3774b7eba8",
    "cosine.schema": "0a85a2dbf9729ceb4bb6354c4c865135",
    "microsoft.schema": "2ced4df70c8e72f5fa1f857ed3a5c39d",
    "microsoft.ext.schema": "65dbf5a721b14de93fa011386025ab72"
  "hash": "c3dce06943963c28163db6e5164844a2"
  "hash": "440a3933672304d72660526e4fd1463e"

Basically, every level in the tree is going to have two attributes in the returned Hashes object, a hash which is the hash of hashes, and files, which is a key/value pairing of filename to hash. Each file might be another object, which indicates there was a directory tree encountered.


npm install dirsum





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