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restify Changelog

1.4.2 (not yet released)

  • logging typo (Pedro Candel)
  • response beforeSend event (Paul Bouzakis)


  • GH-130 Allow restify and express to coexist.
  • GH-129 format HttpErrors as well as RestErrors (Domenic Denicola)
  • GH-127 add absolute uri to request (Paul Bouzakis)
  • GH-124 req.query is undefined if no query string was sent
  • GH-123 Generated DTrace probe names should be valid
  • GH-122 Response._writeHead can cause infinite loop (Trent Mick)
  • GH-120 Allow server.patch (Paul Bouzakis)
  • GH-119 defaultResponseHeaders not settable
  • GH-113 document return next(false)


  • GH-116 More friendly error objects (Domenic Denicola)
  • GH-115 Client hangs on server "hard kills" (i.e., RST)
  • GH-111 JSON parser only works on objects (not arrays)
  • GH-110 emit expectContinue (Paul Bouzakis)
  • Fix "undefined" log message in string_client.js
  • GH-107
    • Go back to hacking up http.prototype for performance reasons
    • Default to keep-alive on for HTTP/1.1 requests
    • Misc fixes after refactoring.
  • GH-109 routes not honoring regex flags.
  • GH-108 server missing listening event.
  • Audit logger optionally logs request/response bodies
  • Require http-signature@0.9.9/ctype@0.5.0 (node 0.7 compatible)


  • GH-100 Make DTrace an optional dependency, and stub it out if not found.
  • API not allowing sprintf style sets.
  • Support for socketPath in client API (alternative to url).
  • OPTIONS api not returning access-control-allow-methods header (Steve Mason).
  • Allow null passwords in HTTP basic auth (Andrew Robinson).
  • set req.files on multipart file uploads (Andrew Robinson).


  • Don't rely on instanceof checks for Errors in response.
  • Change log level from trace to debug on next(err).
  • Add API (wrap up sending a Link: response header).
  • GH-98 needs to return a boolean, not an object
  • GH-97 Malformed URI results in server crash
  • GH-94 leverage qs module for object notation in query string.


  • dependency version bumps
  • res.header accepts sprintf-style arguments
  • GH-95 Make restify compatible with node-logging (Andrew Robinson)
  • GH-93 Minimal port of express pre-conditions (Dominic Barnes)
  • GH-92 Make X-Response-Time configurable (Shaun Berryman)
  • GH-87 server.listen on port as string (Andrew Sliwinski)


  • GH-86 Bunyan version bump.
  • Conditional Request plugin tests and fixes for some errors (Mike Williams).
  • GH-83 pluggable storage engine for throttling, and LRU for default engine.
  • GH-77 server.on('uncaughtException', function (req, res, route, err) {});
  • GH-79 Docs typo(s).


  • Version bump bunyan to 0.6.4.


  • Makefile restructure (use Joyent templates)
  • GH-20 HttpClient connectTimeout.
  • Allow parser plugins to allow "override" params
  • Proper handling of Expect: 100
  • multipart/form-data plugin
  • Added a 'header' event on res.writeHead
  • GH-72 Wrong server name in response header on 404/405/...
  • RegExp mounts throw a TypeError
  • Allow pre handlers to update request url
  • try/catch around route running
  • Bundled audit logger (via bunyan)
  • strict adherence to RFC3986 for URL encoding
  • range versioning changed to be an array of explicit versions
  • Switch from log4js to bunyan
  • Official version of ConditionalRequest plugin (Falco Nogatz)
  • order formatters on response such that JSON/text are before custom ones
  • RestErrors can use format strings
  • date plugin has bad log check


  • GH-66 Support for charSets in responses
  • GH-65 Initial version of etag plugin (Falco Nogatz)
  • GH-68 res.header() can serialize Date objects to RFC1123
  • GH-67 Set some default response headers earlier (access-control-*)
  • http-client should auto insert the date header
  • GH-64 Support for a pre-routing chain
  • JsonClient should "upcast" errors to RestErrors if it can
  • GH-63 res.send(204) returning a body of 204
  • GH-61 Make bodyParser merging into req.params optional
  • Make Error objects backwards compatible with older restify (httpCode/restCode)
  • GH-57, GH-62 range versioning on server (Diego Torres)
  • GH-59 routes with just '/' are returning 404
  • DTrace *-done actually firing content-length (was always 0)
  • [Issue 56] Support streaming downloads
  • Modify server.on('after') to emit the Route object, rather than the name.


(Started maintaining this log 21 January 2012. For earlier change information you'll have to dig into the commit history.)

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