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Oct 26, 2013

  1. Dave Eddy

    attempt to fix obscure bug where `sign` doesn't callback

    Using `manta-sync` with a
    high concurrency (>= 250), strange behavior starts to happen with manta
    client.put() and  These 2 functions no longer callback
    which causes node to terminate early because it has no more events to
    Digging into this the bug seems to be in this module, where it may be
    the case that the agent socket is opened, data is sent, but no data is
    received.  In this case currently, no callback will be fired, so
    manta client.put/info will have no callback to forward back to the user.
    This commit has allowed me to successfully put files with a concurrency
    of 300, however anything more than that is still problematic, and that
    is a bug I still haven't fully identified.  This commit only fixes the
    issue of this module not calling back every time.
    Running with a concurrency of >= 1000, I start to see ECONNREFUSED
    errors that don't appear to be coming from Manta, but instead are coming
    from the ssh-agent (I'm using the sshAgentSigner in the node-manta sdk).
    I understand that this socket probably wasn't meant to be hammered on like
    it currently is, but what baffles me is the signing cache already in
    place in the node-manta sdk.  Looking through the code it seems like
    client.put/info shouldn't hit the socket over and over again like I'm
    In the meantime, this commit fixes the missing callbacks in the case of
    no data, but more research will need to be done to identify the
    ECONNREFUSED errors I'm seeing, whether a fix for that belongs in this
    module or the node-manta sdk is still in question as well.
    $ npm test
    > ssh-agent@0.2.1 test /Users/dave/dev/forks/node-ssh-agent
    > ./node_modules/.bin/whiskey -t "`find tst -name *.test.js | xargs`"
      setUp                                                                      [OK]
      test_request_identities                                                    [OK]
      test_sign                                                                  [OK]
      tearDown                                                                   [OK]
    Ran 4 tests in 0.119s
    Successes: 4
    Failures: 0
    Timeouts: 0
    Skipped: 0
    bahamas10 authored

Aug 31, 2012

  1. Mark Cavage

    CLI for using the SSH agent


Jun 23, 2011

  1. Mark Cavage

    Initial Creation

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