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DevOps Resource Reference

What is DevOps?
Wikipedia states:
DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and information-technology operations (Ops) which aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. [Citation]
Atlassian states:
DevOps is a set of practices that automates the processes between software development and IT teams, in order that they can build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. [Citation]

Bash (Shellscript) Module Sync to [ mcavallo-git/cloud-infrastructure ] GitHub Repo

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  1. Prereq: Debian- or Fedora-based Linux environment (Ubuntu, Raspbian, CentOS, RHEL, etc.)
  2. Prereq: SSH Terminal w/ Elevated Privileges (running via sudo or as user root)
  3. Action (if above pre-reqs are met): Run the following command to sync Bash modules:
    curl -sL | bash -s -- --all;
  4. Once initial sync completes, you may trigger a manual re-sync via command:

PowerShell Module Sync to [ mcavallo-git/Coding ] GitHub Repo

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  1. Prereq: Git SCM - Download (source)
  2. Prereq: Git CLI added to PATH (available during installation of Git SCM - click to view screenshot)
  3. Prereq: PowerShell Terminal w/ Elevated Privileges (running in Run as Admin mode)
  4. If Pre-Reqs are met, run the following command to sync PowerShell Modules:
    Set-ExecutionPolicy "RemoteSigned" -Scope "CurrentUser" -Force; $ProtoBak=[System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol; [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=[System.Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; Clear-DnsClientCache; Invoke-Expression ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString("$((Date).Ticks)")); [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=$ProtoBak;
  5. Fallback Method:
    Set-ExecutionPolicy "RemoteSigned" -Scope "CurrentUser" -Force; $ProtoBak=[System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol; [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=[System.Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; Clear-DnsClientCache; $SyncTemp="${Env:TEMP}\sync.$($(Date).Ticks).ps1"; New-Item -Force -ItemType "File" -Path ("${SyncTemp}") -Value (($(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("$((Date).Ticks)"))) | Out-Null; [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=$ProtoBak; . "${SyncTemp}"; Remove-Item "${SyncTemp}";


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3DMark CPU/GPU Results
   Based on results from various 3DMark software
   Quickly compare processors and/or video cards
View (source)
   View (basic search)
3DMark Time Spy
   GPU Benchmarking Utility
   DirectX 12 Benchmark (Graphics Cards, GPU)
Download (source)
Cinebench R20
   CPU Benchmarking Utility developed by Maxon
Cinebench is a real-world cross-platform test suite
that evaluates your computer's hardware capabilities.
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
Corona Benchmark
   CPU (Render) Benchmarking Utility
Download (source)
   Based on results from Passmark's PerformanceTest software
   CPU (Processor) benchmark results
   Quickly compare different processors
View (source)
 ↳ Best Performance (CPU)
 ↳ Best Value (CPU)
   Disk Benchmarking Utility (HDD, SSD, Thumb-Drive, SD-Card, etc.)
   Open Source IOPS benchmarking tool (HDD/SSD throughput)
Download (source)
   Download (win10 app)
Free Stopwatch
   Time Benchmarking Utility
   Free digital stopwatch for Windows
Download (source)
   Download (portable)
   Assorted Benchmarking Utilities
View (source)
 ↳ PCMark 10
 ↳ 3DMark Time Spy
 ↳ Futuremark VRMark
   Based on results from Passmark's PerformanceTest software
   Hard Drive/Solid State Drive benchmark results
   Quickly compare different SSDs
View (source)
 ↳ Best Performance (Disk)
 ↳ Best Value (Disk)
Based on the Intel(R) Linpack program, IntelBurnTest is
an oldschool benchmarking utility designed to help you
put your computer's Intel CPU through its paces in
order to determine its stability level.
Download (source)
   Domain Name System (DNS) Benchmarking Utility
   Open Source DNS benchmarking utility developed by Google, Inc
Download (source)
   Download (mirror)
Passmark PerformanceTest
   CPU, RAM, Disk, 2D, 3D Benchmarks
   Easy PC Benchmarking & Confiruation Comparisons
Download (source)
   CPU stress/torture test through Mersene prime calculations
   Simulates a 100% load on all CPU threads
Download (source)
   Download (mirror 1)
   Download (mirror 2)
SiSoftware Sandra Lite
   CPU, GPU, Mobo, RAM, Disk, & More (Benchmarks)
   Computer analysis, diagnosis & benchmarking
Download (source)
Unigine Benchmarks
   GPU Benchmarking Utilities
   Heaven Benchmark (Free)
Download (source)
 ↳ Heaven (2009)
 ↳ Valley (2013)
 ↳ Superposition (2017)
V-Ray Benchmark
   GPU Benchmarking Utility
   Free V-Ray Rendering Benchmark Utility
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   Based on results from Passmark's PerformanceTest software
   Video Card (Graphics Card / GPU) benchmark results
   Quickly compare different video cards
View (source)
 ↳ Best Performance (GPU)
 ↳ Best Value (GPU)


Numeric Converters
   Convert between different numeric Radices/Bases
   Binary (Radix/Base 2) uses numeric characters 01
   Decimal (Radix/Base 10) uses numeric characters 0123456789
   Octal (Radix/Base 8) uses numeric characters 01234567
   Hexadecimal (Radix/Base 16) uses numeric characters 0123456789ABCDEF
View (source)
GCF Calculator
   Greatest Common Factor Calculator
   Determine the greatest/largest integer factor present between a set of numbers
View (source)
LCM Calculator
   Least Common Multiple Calculator
   Determine the least/lowest common multiple between a set of numbers
View (source)
Virtual TI-83/TI-89 Calculator
   Emulator for TI-83 Calculator
   Emulator for TI-89 Calculator
   Originally manufactured/developed by Texas Instruments
View (source)


   VoIP & Digital Distribution
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
Microsoft Teams
   Business Communication & Team Collaboration Utility
Download (source)
   Free Video & Voice Calls
Download (source)
Skype for Business
   View Docs (Skype for Business Online retirement on July 31, 2021)
Download (source)

Cross Platform

   Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud resource management utility
   View Docs (AWS PowerShell Cmdlet Reference)
Download (source)
   Download (PS-gallery)
Azure CLI
   Acronyms/Synonyms: Az CLI
   Microsoft Azure Cloud resource management utility
View (source)
   Download (direct)
Install Az CLI (pwsh)

  • <# Install Az CLI #> PowerShell -Command "If (gcm pwsh -EA:0) { sv PS ((gcm pwsh).Source); } Else { sv PS ((gcm powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((gv PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command Write-Host (write Downloading/Installing` Az` CLI...); Set-Location ((GCI env:\TEMP).Value); sv ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -Uri (write -OutFile (write .\AzureCLI.msi); Start-Process ((gcm msiexec).Source) -ArgumentList (write /I` AzureCLI.msi` /quiet) -Wait;') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null; If (gcm az -EA:0) { az config set extension.use_dynamic_install=yes_without_prompt; } Else { Write-Host (write Close` and` reopen` terminal` to` use` az` command` -` Fresh` Az` installs` require` a` Windows` restart` to` update` Az` onto` the` PATH` environment` variable); }";

Install Az CLI (bash)

  • curl -sL | sudo bash; az config set extension.use_dynamic_install=yes_without_prompt;

   CLI Utility for copying files between Azure Storage Accounts
   View Docs (Get started with AzCopy)
   View Docs (Use logs to find errors and resume jobs)
Download (source)
Azure Portal
   Desktop application for (Azure Resource Management)
Download (source)
Azure PowerShell Module
   Requires Az CLI as a prerequisite installation
   Manage Azure Services via PowerShell cmdlets
Download (source)
Install Az Module (pwsh)

  1. PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber -Force; Start-Sleep -Seconds 5;') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null;";

Azure SDKs/Tools
   Languages, Frameworks, Management Tools & Extensions
View (source)
Azure Storage Explorer
   Management App for Azure Storage Accounts
Download (direct)
   Leverages Linux LXC Containers
View (source)
Java Standard Edition (SE8)
   JRE, JDK (Desktop/Server)
   Server JRE (Server-Only)
Download (source)
   Converts docker-compose YAML file(s) to Kubernetes manifest YAML file(s)
   For Linux installs, refer to shellscript install_kompose
Download (source)
Kubectl is a command line tool used to run commands
against Kubernetes clusters.
Download (source)
Install kubectl (pwsh)

  1. PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=[System.Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; SV ProgressPreference 0; Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -Uri ([System.Net.HttpWebRequest]::Create((write -UseBasicParsing -Uri (write /bin/windows/amd64/kubectl.exe)).GetResponse().ResponseUri.AbsoluteUri) -OutFile (((GV HOME).Value)+(write \Downloads\kubectl.exe)); Write-Host (write kubectl.exe binary was downloaded to the local user downloads folder)') -NoNewWindow -Wait -PassThru -EA:0 | Out-Null;";

Helm is a templating engine that creates Kubernetes manifests.
Download (source)
   High-level programming language
Download (source)
   Acronyms/Synonyms: dotnet [core],ASP.NET [Core]
   Cross Platform successor to .NET Framework
   View Docs (.NET Core vs .NET Standard)
Download (source)
   Download (windows)
   Download (linux)
.NET SDKs for Visual Studio
   Acronyms/Synonyms: dotnet [core] SDKs,ASP.NET [Core] SDKs
   .NET Core & .NET Framework SDKs
   View Docs (.NET Core SDK Overview)
Download (source)
   Dynamic, High-Level, General-Purpose Programming Language
Download (source)
PowerShell & PowerShell Core
   Compatible with Windows, Linux, & macOS
Download (source)
 ↳ CTRL+F Assets
   Download (Windows)
   Download (Linux)
   Download (macOS)
Install/Update pwsh (pwsh)

  1. PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command Set-Location ((GCI env:\TEMP).Value); SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; SV PWSH_HTML ((Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -Uri (Write-Output; SV REGEX_MATCHES ([Regex]::Match(((GV PWSH_HTML).Value), (Write-Output \/PowerShell\/PowerShell\/releases\/download\/v``([0-9\.]+``)\/))); If ((((GV REGEX_MATCHES).Value).Success) -NE ((GV False).Value)) { SV PWSH_LATEST_VERSION (((GV REGEX_MATCHES).Value).Groups[1].Value); SV DOWNLOAD_BASENAME ((Write-Output PowerShell``-)+((GV PWSH_LATEST_VERSION).Value)+(Write-Output ``-win``-x64.msi)); SV DOWNLOAD_URI ((Write-Output PWSH_LATEST_VERSION).Value)+(Write-Output /)+((GV DOWNLOAD_BASENAME).Value)); SV OUTPUT_FULLPATH (((GCI env:\TEMP).Value)+(Write-Output \)+((GV DOWNLOAD_BASENAME).Value)); Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -Uri ((GV DOWNLOAD_URI).Value) -OutFile ((GV DOWNLOAD_BASENAME).Value); Start-Process ((GCM msiexec).Source) -ArgumentList (@((Write-Output /I),((GV DOWNLOAD_BASENAME).Value),(Write-Output /quiet)) -join ([String][Char]32)) -Wait; }; Start-Sleep -Seconds 5;') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null;";

Install/Update pwsh (bash)

  1. sudo apt-get -y update; sudo apt-get -y install wget apt-transport-https software-properties-common; OS_VERSION_MAJOR=$(cat /etc/*release | grep -i VERSION_ID | sed --regexp-extended --quiet --expression='s/^VERSION_ID="([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+)"$/\1/p';); OS_VERSION_MINOR=$(echo "$(printf "%02d" "$(cat /etc/*release | grep -i VERSION_ID | sed --regexp-extended --quiet --expression='s/^VERSION_ID="([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+)"$/\2/p';)";)";); wget -q "${OS_VERSION_MAJOR}.${OS_VERSION_MINOR}/packages-microsoft-prod.deb"; sudo dpkg -i "packages-microsoft-prod.deb"; sudo apt-get -y update; sudo apt-get install -y "powershell";

   Dynamic, High-Level, General-Purpose Programming Language
Download (source)
Install Python 3 (pwsh)

  1. <# Install Python 3 #> PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command Write-Host (Write-Output Downloading` and` installing` Python` 32-bit...); Set-Location ((GCI env:\TEMP).Value); SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -Uri (Write-Output -OutFile (Write-Output .\python-3.10.4.exe); Start-Process .\python-3.10.4.exe -ArgumentList (Write-Output /passive` InstallAllUsers=1` PrependPath=1` Include_test=0` Include_pip=1) -Wait; Write-Host (Write-Output Downloading` and` installing` Python` 64-bit...); Set-Location ((GCI env:\TEMP).Value); SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -Uri (Write-Output -OutFile (Write-Output .\python-3.10.4-amd64.exe); Start-Process .\python-3.10.4-amd64.exe -ArgumentList (Write-Output /passive` InstallAllUsers=1` PrependPath=1` Include_test=0` Include_pip=1) -Wait;') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null; Write-Host (Write-Output Logout` and` log` back` into` Windows` or` restart` the` current` device` to` use` the` python` command);";

Install Python 3 (bash)

  1. sudo apt-get -y update; sudo apt-get -y install wget apt-transport-https software-properties-common; sudo apt-get -y install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python3-dev python3-pip;

   Cross Platform, Open Source BitTorrent client
Download (source)
VirtualBox (Oracle VM)
   Decent at running single VM(s) on local workstation
Download (source)
VMware ESXi-Customizer-PS
   Builds ESXi ISOs using VMware PowerCLI
Download (source)
   Download (v2.6.0)
VMware PowerCLI
   PowerShell module w/ vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi) tools
   Succeeded by VMware vSphere CLI
VMware vSphere CLI commands can replicate the old
ESX Service Console interface, and the command
line interface supports IPv6 commands.
   View Docs (VMWare PowerCLI)
   View Docs (PowerCLI Core)
   View Docs (General VMWare Developer Reference)
Download (source)
   Download (vSphere CLI)
   Download (other tools)
Install PowerCLI (pwsh)

  1. PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; Install-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI -AllowClobber -Force; Start-Sleep -Seconds 5;') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null;";

   Windows Installer XML Toolset
   Builds Windows Installer packages from XML
Download (source)
   Download (GitHub)
   Windows Subsystem for Linux
   WSL EXE Shortcut (static): %WINDIR%\System32\wsl.exe
   WSL Directory Shortcut (from Windows) (static): \\wsl$\
   View Docs (Install WSL on Windows 10)
Download (source)
 ↳ Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (WSL)
 ↳ Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (WSL)
   Download (offline installer)
Install Ubuntu-22.04 (pwsh)

  1. Start-Process -Filepath ("${env:windir}\System32\wsl.exe") -ArgumentList ("--install --distribution Ubuntu-22.04") -Verb RunAs;

DNS & CAbundles
Domain Name System Certificate Authority Bundles
SSL/TLS (HTTPS) Intermediate/Root Certificates

   DNS Authority & CABUNDLEs
Download (source)
   DNS Authority & CABUNDLEs
Download (source)
   Timestamping Authority (Code-Signing)
Download (source)
   Timestamping Authority (Code-Signing)
Download (source)
   DNS Authority & CABUNDLEs
Download (source)
   What is a CA bundle?
   Acronyms/Synonyms: Pihole
   DNS-level blocking application for ads, trackers & telemetry
   View Script (docker-compose.pihole.yml)
Download (source)
   Download (blocklists)


   Open Source file archiver
   Leverages the LZMA 2 compression algorithm
Explorer context menu cleanup (right-click menu)

  Open 7zFM.exe
   ↪ Tools
    ↪ Options
     ↪ 7-Zip
      ↪ Context menu items:
         ❌ (UN-CHECK) [ All context menu items ]
         ✔️ (CHECK) Extract to <Folder>
         ✔️ (CHECK) Add to archive...
         ✔️ (CHECK) Add to <Archive>.zip

Download (source)
   Desktop App(s)
Download (source)
   Client-Side Cloud-Encryption
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   Desktop App(s)
Download (source)
Google Drive
   Backup and Sync
Download (source)
   Cloud Storage, Device Backup and Sync
Download (source)
   Download (win10 app)
OneDrive for Windows
   Desktop App(s)
Download (source)

Hardware Controllers

AMD Ryzen/Radeon Chipset Drivers
   Amongst other things, resolves issues with ? PCI Device in Device Manager
Download (source)
 ↳ X570 Drivers
ASUS AI Suite 3
   ASUS Motherboard/Fan Controller
Download (source)
 ↳ Please select OS
   ↳ Windows 10 64-bit
     ↳ Expand All +
       ↳ CTRL+F Suite

ASUS Aura Sync Utility
   ASUS Motherboard Lighting (RGB) Controller for:
      • LEDs built directly onto the motherboard itself (PCH, IO, etc.)
      • 3-Pin ARGB (5v) & 4-Pin RGB (12V) Motherboard Headers
   View Script (ASUS Software Uninstallation)
Download (source)
 ↳ CTRL+F Standalone
   Download (iCUE plugin)
   Drive imaging utility
   Formats disks using image (.iso, .img) files
     Useful for imaging Raspberry Pi SD Card(s)
Download (source)
Brother P-touch Editor
   Drivers & Software for Brother Label Printer(s)
Download (source)
Corsair iCUE
   Fan-Speed & RGB Lighting controller
   View Docs (iCUE clean reinstallation)
Download (source)
Darik's Boot and Nuke
   Acronyms/Synonyms: DBAN
   Designed to securely erase a hard disks until its
   data is permanently removed and no longer recoverable
   Note: Incompatible with UEFI boot mode
Download (source)
   Acronyms/Synonyms: E2B   Multi-ISO Bootable Flash Drive
   View Docs (installing/setting up Easy2Boot on a USB drive)
Download (source)
EKWB Configurator
   Search for EK water blocks filtered by hardware compatibility
View (source)
   ESXi Embedded Host Client (SSH)
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
EVGA Precision X1
   GPU/GRAM Overclocking Software
   Controls for Core-Clock, Voltage, Fans, & RGB
Download (source)
Hubitat Package Manager
   Provides tools to install, uninstall & upgrade 3rd party Hubitat Elevation packages
Download (source)
Hubitat Package Repositories
   Mainstream App & Device Code repos for the Hubitat Elevation platform (user-driven)
Download (source)
Gigabyte RGB Fusion
   Controls gigabyte-specific RGB/ARGB hardware
Download (source)
Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard Software
   Acronyms/Synonyms: GMMK Software
   Developed by Glorious PC Gaming Race
   Contains the latest software/firmware updates GMMK keyboards
   View Docs (GMMK Fn Key - Assign hotkeys/macros/lighting effects)
Download (source)
Govee Home
   Govee Smart Light API Reference
   View Docs (Govee LAN API Reference)
   View Docs (Govee WAN API Reference)
   View Scripts (Govee LAN Control for Home Assistant)
   View Scripts (Control Govee LED Lights from Python)
Download (iOS)
   Download (Android)
Intel DSA
   Intel Driver & Support Assistant
Download (source)
Intel NUC Kits
   Exhaustive list of all Intel NUC models
   Includes product specifications & MSRP (on individual product pages)
View (source)
ImDisk Toolkit
   RamDisk utility for Windows
   Allows mounting of image files
Download (source)
LG Monitor Drivers
   Drivers/Software for LG 34UC88-B (75 Hz)
   Drivers/Software for LG 34GP83A-B (160 Hz)
View (source)
Lian Li L-Connect 3
   Acronyms/Synonyms: L-Connect3
     •  Controls fan/pump RPM (PWM) & lighting effects (ARGB)
   View Docs (L-Connect 3 Compatible Products)
   View Docs (Manual Update Firmware For L-Connect 3 [Controller])
Download (source)
Logi Options+
   Enhanced functionality for Logitech devices
   Successor to Logitech Options
Enables customization for Logitech mice and keyboards
Download (source)
Logitech G Hub
   Keyboard/Mouse RGB (+3rd Party Tools)
Download (source)
Logitech MyHarmony
   Configuration Utility for Logitech Harmony Hubs & Remotes
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
Logitech SetPoint
   Hotkey manager for Logitech mouse/keyboard devices
Download (source)
Logitech Unifying Software
   Add/Remove devices to a Unifying receiver
Download (source)
Media Feature Pack for Windows
   Required for iCloud Desktop App
Download (source)
Netgear Switch Discovery Tool
   Locates Netgear Smart Switches on LAN
Download (source)
   Toolkit for developing NVIDIA-based applications
   Includes NVIDIA System Management Interface (NVIDIA SMI)
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
NVIDIA Drivers
   Select Search with empty fields for generic drivers
Download (source)
   Download (DCH Drivers)
OpenRGB provides a network-based Software Development Kit,
which allows third-party software to control all of your RGB.
Download (source)
   View (plugins)
   Component Pricing/Compatibility Comparisons
Open (web-service)
PowerChute Business Edition
   Applies to APC's Smart UPS line of products
   Provides safe system shutdown in the event of an extended power outage
Download (source)
PowerChute Personal Edition
   Applies to APC's Back UPS line of products
   Provides safe system shutdown in the event of an extended power outage
Download (source)
Razer Synapse
   Mouse/Keyboard Hotkey Manager
   Chroma RGB Controller
   Disable Auto-Install by blocking permissions to path:
Download (source)
   Multiboot formatter for USB-drives
Download (source)
   Format/create bootable USB Drives (from .ISOs)
Download (source)
Ryzen DRAM Calculator
   Helps with overclocking memory
   on the AMD Ryzen platform
Download (source)
Samsung Magician
   Optimizes Samsung's solid state drives (SSDs)
   Contains "Secure Erase" tool which securely wipes SSDs
Download (source)
Sonos desktop controller
   Control LAN Sonos speakers
Download (source)
   Third Party PWM Fan Software Controller
Download (source)
   Download (mirror)
Yubico Tools
   Configuration Utility/Tool for YubiKeys
   Sets modes for quick-press ('Short Touch') and long-hold ('Long Touch')
   View Docs (Configuring YubiKeys for OTP use with Duo)
   View Docs (Assigning a Hardware Token to an Administrator) *Paid Plans, Only*
Download (source)
 ↳ YubiKey Manager
 ↳ YubiKey Personalization Tool
   Displays a table of local Wi-Fi signals' specs, including signal:
     SSID,RSSI,MAC Address,PHY Type,
     Channel,Frequency, & Quality
Download (source)
WinSW: Windows service wrapper
   (in less restrictive license)
Download (source)

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
One Time Passcode (OTP)

   Two-factor Authentication (2FA) App
Download (source)
Duo Security
   Two-Factor Authentication & Endpoint Security
Download (source)
   Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS)
Download (source)
OTP Auth (iOS)
   MFA/2FA code storage/backup utility w/ widget
Download (source)
OTP Authenticator (Android)
   MFA/2FA code storage/backup utility w/ widget
Download (source)

Monitoring & Overclocking
Hardware Status Utilities

Core Temp
   CPU temperature monitoring/logging
Download (source)
   Freeware System Profiling and Monitoring Application
   Shows CPU, Memory, Motherboard, and GPU Hardware Info
Download (source)
Custom Resolution Utility (CRU)
   EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) editor
   Allows adding custom monitor resolutions, refresh rates, etc.
Download (source)
   Pulls HDD S.M.A.R.T. Statistics
   Checks HDD Sector Health
Download (source)
   Download (portable)
   GPU (Graphics/Video Card) information gatherer
Download (source)
Hard Disk Sentinel
   Monitors SSD Temperatures
   Monitors HDD/SSD ongoing performance
   Pulls HDD S.M.A.R.T. Statistics
   Allows custom alerts based on user-defined thresholds
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   Free System Information Tool for Windows
   View CPU, GPU, Motherboard, USB, & other hardware info
   Displays hardware's current operating voltages/amps/watts
   Remotely view sensors via the Remote Sensor Monitor add-on
     • Requires a HWiNFO license for Shared Memory Support
   Load good HWiNFO64 settings:
     • Copy HWiNFO64.INI to directory C:\Program Files\HWiNFO64
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   View (add-ons)
MSI Afterburner
   Overclocking Utility for GPUs (Graphics Processing Units)
   Monitor for GPU Temperature, Load, and Memory-Usage
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
Open Hardware Monitor
   Acronyms/Synonyms: OpenHardwareMonitor,OHW
   System Health Monitoring Software
   Monitors Temperature Sensors, Fan Speeds,
   Voltages, Load & Clock Rates/Speeds/Frequencies
Download (source)
PRTG Client
   Acronyms/Synonyms: PRTG Desktop
   Developed by Paessler AG
   Allows you to manage multiple PRTG servers
Download (source)
PRTG Server
   Acronyms/Synonyms: PRTG Network Monitor
   Agentless network monitoring software developed by Paessler AG
   View Utility (PRTG Certificate Importer (from Windows Certificate Store))
   View Docs (Manually updating PRTG Web Server certificates)
   View Docs (Dark Theme in PRTG)
PRTG Snapshots (Backups) - Download/Restore

   PRTG outputs Auto-Snapshots (config backups) to its directory:
     • %ProgramData%\Paessler\PRTG Network Monitor\Configuration Auto-Backups

   View Docs (Restore a PRTG Snapshot (config backup))

   View Docs (PRTG Data Storage)

Download (source)
Uptime Robot
   Uptime monitoring service (primarily for HTTP/HTTPS hosts)
   Free for up-to 50 monitors
   Free monitors poll every 5 minutes
View (source)

Audio / Video / Image Utilities

AirServer Universal
   Airplay+, Google Cast+, Miracast
Download (mirror)
   Open Source source, Cross Platform audio editing software
Download (mirror)
Color Converter
   Color syntax conversion between Hexadecimal (#111111) and RGB (rgb(17,17,17))
View (source)
   Transfer (import/export) data between iOS & Windows-based devices
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   Synthetic media in which a person in an existing image
   or video is replaced with someone else's likeness
Download (source)
   Open Source metadata editing utility
   View Docs (Installing ExifTool)
Download (source)
   Freeware Audio Player Utility
   Modular, Feature-Rich, & User-Flexibile
Download (source)
FoxIt PhantomPDF
   PDF Editor (Paid)
Download (source)
   Open Source screenshot utility
   Replaces/Upgrades Print screen & Snipping tool
   Add/Remove context menu options from Greenshot (under "Save as")
      > Right click Greenshot (taskbar) > "Configure external commands"
   View Docs (Greenshot - Add 'Paint.NET' to context menu options)
Download (source)
   Multithreaded Video Transcoder
Download (source)
   Video Transcoding via CLI
   View Docs (HandBrake - Command line reference)
Download (source)
HandBrakeCLI-Encoder (pwsh)

  • <# GPU Encoding - HandBrakeCLI #> ${Env:HandBrake_Preset}="H.265 NVENC 2160p 4K"; SV ProtoBak ([System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol); [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=[System.Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; Clear-DnsClientCache; Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser -Force; Invoke-Expression ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString((Write-Output; [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=((GV ProtoBak).Value);

  • <# CPU Encoding - HandBrakeCLI #> SV ProtoBak ([System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol); [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=[System.Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; Clear-DnsClientCache; Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser -Force; Invoke-Expression ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString((Write-Output; [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=((GV ProtoBak).Value);
   Online color library and color tools for developers.
   Quick color nickname lookups (given a hex color code)
View (source)
   Extracts .ico file(s) from .exe application(s)
Allows viewing, copying, and saving icons
contained within programs & libraries.
Download (source)
Image Converters
   Image conversion between different image file formats (.ico, .jpg, .png, .svg, etc.)
   Web-based converter(s):
     • View (convert .png to .ico)
     • View (convert .jpg to .ico)
     • View (convert .eps to .svg)
     • View (convert .png to .svg)
     • View (convert .ico to .png)
     • View (convert .svg to .png)
   Windows-based converter(s):
     • View (XnView)
View (source)
   Acronyms/Synonyms: Image Magick
   CLI - Compress, Trim, Resize (etc.) Images
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   Download (portable)
   Apple's Media Library/Player/Radio & Device-Manager Utility
Download (source)
   Download (win10 app)
Material Design Icons
   Open-source iconography library by Pictogrammers
</>.svg icon export (copied to clipboard)

.png icon export (downloaded)
   View (Pictogrammers - Icons & Fonts)
   View (Pictogrammers - Tools)
View (source)
Open Broadcaster Software
   Acronyms/Synonyms: OBS Studio,OBS
   Open Source, Cross Platform screen capture ('screencap') utility
   Allows saving/recording screencaps to local disk
   Allows live streaming/broadcasting to web services (such as
      Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitter, etc.)
   View Docs (OBS - Installation & Setup Guide)
Download (source)
   Direct to disk audio recorder
Download (source)
   Download (mirror)
   Free image & photo editing software
   View Docs (Paint.Net Keyboard & Mouse Commands (Hotkeys))
   HEIC Plugin - Heic Filetype Plus
      • Allows HEIC (.heic) images to be loaded and saved with transparency
      • View Docs (Installation - Heic FileType Plus)
Download (source)
   Download (GitHub)
   Download (.heic plugin)
   Open Source Desktop Customization Utility
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   Airplay Server for Windows
   Allows PC monitors to be airplayed to
Download (mirror)
   NVIDIA Hardware-accelerated screen capture ('screencap') utility
   Requires Windows OS w/ Nvidia GeForce GPU
Download (source)
   Open Source, Cross-Platform Video Editor
Download (source)
   Music Streaming
Download (source)
SVG Explorer Extension
   Acronyms/Synonyms: SvgSee
   Windows Explorer icon thumbnails for .svg files
   Note: The signed .exe release is incompatible with Windows 10
Download (source)
Twitch App
   Live-Streaming & Mod Management
Download (source)
   Acronyms/Synonyms: Virtual Dub
   Open Source Video Capture, Processing & Editing Utility
   XVid Video Compression
  ↳ Requires XVid Installation - Download (Codec - XVid)
  ↳ Enable via: CTRL+PXvid MPEG-4 CodemOK
Download (source)
   Download (Codec - FFMpeg)
   Download (Codec - XVid)
VLC Media Player
   Open Source, Cross Platform Multimedia Player
   Tip: Set playlist preference to Play and pause [Citation]
Download (source)
Xbox App
   Xbox Application for Windows 10
Download (source)


Burp Suite
   Manual Toolkit for Exploring Web Security
Download (source)
Cipher Suites in TLS/SSL (Schannel SSP)
   A cipher suite must have algorithms for the tasks:
      • Key exchange
      • Bulk encryption
      • Message authentication
Download (source)
DigiCert Certificate Utility
   Certificate Inspection Tool (DigiCertUtil.exe)
Download (source)
DigiCert SSL Tools
   Check Host SSL/TLS, Generate CSR,
   Check CSR, Searct CT Logs
Open (web-service)
   Generate CSR (HTTPS)
   Generate CSR (Code Signing)
GitHub Meta
   GitHub services' public IPv4/IPv6 addresses (in JSON)
View (source)
IIS Crypto
   Streamlined Windows Server Encryption Management
   SSL/TLS Certificate Management, Ciphers, etc.
   View Docs (TLS/SSL Cipher Suites)
Download (source)
ImmuniWeb SSLScan (HTTPS)
   Application Security Testing (AST)
   Attack Surface Management (ASM)
View (source)
Mozilla SSL/TLS Configuration Generator
   Tool which builds Web Server SSL Configuration Files which
   follow Mozilla's Server Side TLS configuration guidelines
View (source)
Mozilla SSL/TLS Recommended Cipher Suites
   Mozilla's recommended cipher suite configurations for servers using TLS
View (source)
   Acronyms/Synonyms: Network Manager
   Check available ports/protocols on LAN/WAN host(s)
   Settings-filepaths (set to use Cloud-Synced filepath):
      > "Settings" (cog @ bottom-left) > "Profiles" > "Location"
Download (source)
   Download (GitHub)
   Command-line collection runner for Postman
   Essentially a server-side version of Postman
View (source)
   View (docker image)
   API-Development Collaboration Platform
   HTTP GET/OPTION/POST/etc. Request-Debugger
   View Postman demo collection (download then import into Postman)
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   Commercial Virtual Private Network (VPN) service
   Owned by GZ Systems Ltd.
   View Docs (PureVPN Servers)
   View Docs (Win10 VPN Setup)
Download (source)
Qualys SSL Server Test (HTTPS)
   Application Security Testing (AST)
   Attack Surface Management (ASM)
Open (web-service)
   by Sysinternals
Download (source)
   by Nirsoft
Download (source)
   Open Source Packet Analyzer
Download (source)

Operating Systems (OS)

   Community Enterprise Operating System
CentOS Mirror(s)
Dell PowerEdge Bootable ISOs
   Official Dell Driver + Firmware Bootlable ISOs
   View Update PowerEdge Servers with Platform Specific Bootable ISO
   View Create Bootable Dell Server ISO
Download (source)
   Open Source Storage Operating System
   Based on FreeBSD & OpenZFS file system
   FreeNAS as ESXi Storage Controller
Download (source)
   Download (archive)
Home Assistant
   Acronyms/Synonyms: HomeAssistant,Hassio,
Home Assistant is free and open-source software for home
automation designed to be a central control system for smart
home devices with a focus on local control and privacy.
   View Docs (Home Assistant Entity Types)
Download (source)
   Debian Linux
Download (source)
Microsoft Server 2016
   View System Requirements (Minimum)
Download (source)
   Acronyms/Synonyms: New Out of Box Software
An easy Operating System installer for the Raspberry Pi [Citation]
Download (source)
Raspberry Pi OS
   Renamed from "Raspbian" in mid 2020 for 64-bit OS release
   Install OS onto Raspi's SD card using Rufus
Download (source)
   Download (Ubuntu for Raspi)
Ubuntu Desktop
   Debian Linux
Download (source)
Ubuntu Server
   Debian Linux
Download (source)
 ↳ Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Server)
 ↳ Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Server)
 ↳ Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Server)
VMware (All Downloads)
   VMware vSphere/Workstation/Fusion/Player/etc.
Download (source)
VMware ESXi
   Acronyms/Synonyms: VMware vSphere Hypervisor
   Requires a My VMware account (free to create)
   ISO file(s) can be converted to bootable USB drive(s) via Rufus
   View Docs (ESXi 6.7 Installation/Setup)
   View Docs (ESXi 6.5 Installation/Setup)
   View Docs (ESXi 6.0 Installation/Setup)
   View Docs (ESXi 5.5 Installation/Setup)
Download (source)
VMware Workstation Player
   (Free) Desktop Virtualization for a Single (1) VM
Download (source)
VMware Workstation Pro
   (Paid) Desktop Virtualization for a Multiple VMs
Download (source)
   Download (older versions)
Windows 10
   Media Creation Tool - Creates Win10 Installation Media
   View Docs (Windows 10 Versions & Builds)
Download (source)
Windows 11
   Media Creation Tool - Creates Win11 Installation Media
Download (source)
   Debian Linux
Download (source)

Password Managers

   Password Manager
Download (source)
   Multi-platform secure password manager
Download (source)


AutoHotkey (AHK)
   Open Source scripting language for Microsoft Windows
   View Script (_EntertainmentHotkeys.ahkv2)
   View Script (_WindowsHotkeys.ahkv2)
Download (source)
   Download (direct) (AHKv1)
   Download (direct) (AHKv2)
   View releases (AHKv1)
   View releases (AHKv2)
Custom Fonts (Android)
   How to install custom fonts on Android devices
View (source)
Custom Fonts (iOS)
   How to install custom fonts on iOS devices
View (source)
Dynamic Theme
   Updates/applies bing background & windows spotlight
Download (source)
GitHub Markdown
HTML DOM elements/attributes compatible in GitHub Markdown
View Docs (GitHub Markup Reference)
View Docs (HTML Tags You Can Use on GitHub)
View (source)
Fonts - Bebas Neue
   Font suitable for headlines, captions & packaging
Download (source)
Fonts - Fira Code
   Font suitable for using in IDEs for software development
   Font is monospaced & ligature-compatible
Download (source)
   Download (mirror)
Fonts - Fira Mono/Sans
   Fira Sans is a "humanist sans-serif typeface"
   Fira Mono is the monospaced version of Fira Sans
     • Fira Mono
     • Fira Sans
     • Fira Sans Condensed
     • Fira Sans Extra Condensed
Download (mirror)
Fonts - Franco Bold Italic
   Used as a stand-in for Dewalt font
Download (source)
Fonts - Roboto
   Mechanical skeleton w/ mostly geometric forms
     • Roboto
     • Roboto Condensed
     • Roboto Mono
Download (mirror)
Glyphrstudio Font Editor
   Rename TTF/OTF font-name (held within font file)
   Convert between TTF & OTF font filetypes
   Remove non-latin unicode characters out of font
View (source)
Lockscreen as wallpaper
   Use 'Dynamic Theme', instead
   Mirrors LockScreen Background onto Desktop
Download (source)
   Acronyms/Synonyms: Ninite Package Manager
Ninite is a package management system offering that enables
users to automatically install popular applications for
their Windows operating system.
View (source)
   Acronyms/Synonyms: Open Shell,OpenShell
   Successor to Classic Shell (deprecated since 2017-Dec)
Classic style Start Menu for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
   Import settings from XML file:
      > Right Click Menu Settings.xml > Save Link As... > Desktop
      > Right-Click Start-Menu Icon > Settings > Backup > Load from XML File...
Download (source)
QR Code GeneratorView (source)
   Modifies explorer's right-click menu/dropdown options
Download (source)
   Download (source)
   Displays installed shell extensions
   Allows enabling/disabling shell extensions
Download (source)
   Download (source)

Productivity Tools
Office Suites

   Desktop Email client for Windows 7/8/10
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
Microsoft Office 365
   Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, etc.
Download (source)
 ↳ Select Sign in
   ↳ Enter credentials
     ↳ Select Install Office
   Download (direct)
Microsoft To Do
   Acronyms/Synonyms: Microsoft To-Do
   Successor to Wunderlist (acquired by Microsoft in 2015)
Microsoft To-Do is a cloud-based task management
application. It allows users to manage their tasks
from a smartphone, tablet and computer.
Download (source)

Remote Access
Desktop/Screen Sharing Utilities

   by Supermicro
   Windows-Based IPMI Tool
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
LogMeIn Rescue
   Acronyms/Synonyms: LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console
   Screen-sharing & Remote-support application
Download (source)
   XServer for Windows
Download (source)
   Desktop capturing/streaming application
   Designed for cloud-based gaming through video streaming
Download (source)
Remote Mouse
   Remote MnK (Mouse & Keyboard) control via Phone
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
Royal TS
   Cross Platform Remote Management Solution
   Manages Hyper-V,RDP,SSH,SFTP,Teamviewer,VMware & more
   View Docs (Royal TS - Keyboard Shortcuts)
Download (source)
   Download (previous versions)
Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows
   Acronyms/Synonyms: RSAT for Windows
   Management Tools for Active Directory (AD) Roles & Services
   View Docs (RSAT for Windows)
Download (source)
Install RSAT (pwsh)

  1. PowerShell -Command "Start-Process -Filepath ('C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe') -ArgumentList ('-Command Get-WindowsCapability -Name RSAT* -Online | Add-WindowsCapability -Online;') -Verb 'RunAs' -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null;"

Splashtop Personal
   Remote Access Client
Download (source)
Splashtop Streamer
   Remote Access Host/Server
Download (source)
   Remote Access Host/Server
Download (source)
   Download (previous versions)
Windows Terminal
   Multi-tabbed terminal emulator developed by Microsoft
   Load good settings.json (requires Fira Code font)
   View Docs (Windows Terminal - Good Settings)
Download (source)
   Download (all releases)

Server Admin
Management/Administration Utilities

DB Browser for SQLite
   SQLite Infrastructure Management Tool
Download (source)
Dell EMC OpenManage Server Administrator
   Acronyms/Synonyms: DELL EMC OMSA
   Browser-based Management Utility for Dell iDRAC
   (1/2) Install Windows Service (Web-Server, Port 1311)
   (2/2) Install the .vib on desired ESXi host(s)
Download (source)
   Download (Windows svc)
   Download (ESXI .vib)
Microsoft GPO ADMX/ADML Templates
   ADMX/ADML files - Group Policy Administrative Template
   OPAX/OPAL files - Office Customization Tool (OCT)
   View Docs (AD Central Store)
   View Docs (Exhaustive GPO Reference)
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
   Acronyms/Synonyms: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
   SQL Infrastructure Management Tool
   View Docs (Open Activity Monitor in SSMS)
Download (source)
MySQL Workbench
   MySQL Infrastructure Management Tool
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   MySQL Administration & Management Portal
   PHP self-host service (add security as-needed)
Download (source)
Robo 3T
   MongoDB Database Management/Administration Tool
   Open Source GUI/IDE based tool
   During install, select Shell Centric option
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   Web (GUI) based tool for managing Unix system(s)
Download (source)

Server Runtimes

Apache HTTP Server
   Acronyms/Synonyms: Apache httpd
   Open Source, Cross Platform Web Server
Download (source)
   Binary Repository Manager (relative to Source Code Repo)
   Artifact Storage for Build Servers
View (source)
Docker - Containerized
   Linux LXC Container Management
View (source)
Jenkins - CI/CD Server
   Automates Continuous Integration (CI)
   Facilitates Continuous-Deployment (CD)
View (source)
MinIO Server
   S3 Storage Server
   rclone sync source:bucket dest:bucket
Download (source)
   Download (Windows)
   Download (direct)
   Download (rclone)
   Cross Platform, Document-Oriented Database
Download (source)
   Installation Guide
Microsoft JDBC Driver
   Java Database Connectivity API
   Defines how a client may access a database
Download (source)
Microsoft ODBC Driver
   DLL allowing apps to query T-SQL DBs
Download (source)
Microsoft SQL Server
   Microsoft's Relational Database Management System
   View Docs (Latest updates for Microsoft SQL Server)
Download (source)
 ↳ SQL Server 2022 Express
 ↳ SQL Server 2019 Express
 ↳ SQL Server 2017 Express
Microsoft SQL Server PowerShell Module
   Contains the following PowerShell Cmdlets:
      • SQLPS Module
      • SqlServer Module (which contains SQLPS' cmdlets)
Download (source)
Install SqlServer (pwsh)

  1. PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; Install-Module -Name SqlServer -AllowClobber -Force; Start-Sleep -Seconds 5;') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null;";

Microsoft SQLCMD
   Uses ODBC to execute Transact-SQL batches
   !!! Requires Microsoft ODBC Driver !!!
Download (source)
   Open Source Web Server, Reverse Proxy,
   Load Balancer, Mail Proxy, & HTTP Cache
Download (source)
Non-Sucking Service Manager
   Acronyms/Synonyms: NSSM
   Assists in installing Windows applicationa as services
Download (source)
   Runbook Automation for Ansible Playbooks
Download (source)
   Download (docker)

Software Development

   Acronyms/Synonyms: choco
   Package management utility for Windows software
Download (source)
Install choco (pwsh)

  1. <# Install choco (pwsh) #> PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; If ((GCM choco -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -Eq ((GV null).Value)) { Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser -Force; Invoke-Expression ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString((Write-Output; }; Start-Sleep -Seconds 5;') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null;";

Upgrade choco (pwsh)

  1. <# Upgrade choco (pwsh) #> PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command If (GCM choco -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { Start-Process -Filepath ((GCM choco).Source) -ArgumentList (Write-Output feature` enable` -n=allowGlobalConfirmation) -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null; Start-Process -Filepath ((GCM choco).Source) -ArgumentList (Write-Output upgrade` all` -y) -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null; Start-Process -Filepath ((GCM choco).Source) -ArgumentList (Write-Output --version) -NoNewWindow -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null; Start-Sleep -Seconds 5;}') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null;";

Uninstall choco (pwsh)

  1. <# Uninstall choco (pwsh) #> PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; If (Test-Path ((((GCI env:\PROGRAMDATA).Value)+(Write-Output \chocolatey)))) { Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command Remove-Item -Verbose -Recurse -Force -Path (((GCI env:\PROGRAMDATA).Value)+(Write-Output \chocolatey)); Start-Sleep -Seconds 5;') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null; }";

Docker Desktop
   Build & deploy docker containers through Windows
Download (source)
   Open Source Markdown editing/reading utility (GUI-based)
Download (source)
   Includes Git CLI, Git Bash, Git GUI, & Git SCM (for Windows)
   View Script (git_init)
   View Script (gpg_git_config_sync)
   View Script (GitSyncAll.psm1)
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
GitHub Desktop
   Git Daily Driver (for Windows-based devices)
Configure GitHub Desktop (skip GitHub credentials, use SSH keys)

  Open GitHubDesktop.exe
   ↪ Options via CTRL+, (comma)
    ↪ ⚙️ Advanced (tab)
      ❌ (UN-CHECK) Use system OpenSSH

Download (source)
   GnuPG for Windows
   Contains component installs for [ Kleopatra, GpgOL, & GpgEX ]
Download (source)
   Linux command-line JSON interpreter/processor
   Parses JSON using the JSON query language syntax
Download (source)
Microsoft .NET Framework
   Software framework developed by Microsoft
Download (source)
   Download (Version 4.0-4.8)
   Download (Version 3.5)
Download (Version 3.0)
   Download (Version 2.0)
Microsoft Visual C++ (VC++) Redistributable
   Runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries
Download (source)
 ↳ CTRL+F Other
   Download (source #2)
Microsoft Visual Studio
   IDE used heavily or Windows .NET & ASP.NET app creation
   "Visual Studio Community" (CE) is free via the "Dev Essentials" program
   View Docs (Microsoft Visual Studio Dev Essentials program)
Download (source)
   Download (older versions)
Microsoft Visual Studio Code
   Acronyms/Synonyms: VS Code,VS-Code,VSCode
   Free Source Code Editor (IDE)
   View Docs (Theme, Color & Appearance Customization Settings)
   View Docs (User and Workspace Settings)
Recommendation: Enable ligatures to read code more easily

  • Ligatures visually combine characters for easier reading
    • For example, === (3 equals) becomes (triple equals)
  • Enabling ligatures in VSCode:
    • Set editor.fontLigatures to true
    • Set editor.fontFamily to 'Fira Code','Consolas','monospace'
      • Note: Font(s) must be ligature-compatible

Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   Add Extension: Settings Sync
   Set User/Workspace Settings
   Set Keyboard Shortcuts
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services CLI
   Acronyms/Synonyms: VSTS CLI
The Azure CLI with the Azure DevOps Extension has
replaced the VSTS CLI. The VSTS CLI has been deprecated
and will no longer be receiving new features.
View (Azure CLI)
   Download (deprecated)
My Visual Studio
   Homepage for Visual Studio downloads
Download (source)
   Open Source, Cross Platform, JavaScript runtime environment
   Includes NPM (Node Package Manager)
Download (source)
   Download (older versions)
Install Node/NPM (Alpine)

  1. apk add --update nodejs npm;

Install Node/NPM (Debian)

  1. curl -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' -s "$(date +'%s.%N')" | sudo bash;

   Text and Source-Code Editor
Download (source)
   Download (Dark Theme)
Notepad Replacer
   Redirects notepad.exe calls to use an alternative text editor, instead
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
   Open Source Package Manager designed for the
   Microsoft development platform
Download (source)
   Open Source tools & cmdlets for SysAdmins
Download (source)
Tortoise Git
   Git merge conflict resolution tool
   Tip: To prevent high CPU usage, disable the Status Cache [Citation]
      1. Open Tortoise Git Settings
      2. Select Icon Overlays (left menu item)
      3. Under Status Cache header, select None
Download (source)
   Markdown editing/reading utility (GUI-based)
   Paid Software (Closed Source)
View (source)
   Download (direct)
Windows ADK
   Microsoft Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)
   Includes Deployment Tools (Windows image/.iso tools):
Download (source)
Windows SDK
   Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK)
Provides headers, libraries, metadata, and
tools for building Windows applications.
Download (source)
Windows WDK
   Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK)
   Includes Code-Signing Tools/Drivers:
      CertMgr, Inf2Cat, MakeCat, MakeCert, Pvk2Pfx, & SignTool
Download (source)
YAML Multiline
   Reference for YAML Multiline Strings
View (source)


   Mobile Specsheet (High Verbosity)
   Mobile version is Free w/ ads
   Desktop version is Paid $$
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Apple App Store Search Utility
   Allows in-browser searches of Apple's iOS, iPadOS, & MacOS App Stores
   Note: Does not necesarilly include results from the Apple iTunes Store (only app results)
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   View (source #2)
Apple - Identify your [hardware] model
   View Docs (Identify your ... model):
     AirPods , Apple TV , Apple Watch , iPad , iPhone , iPod ,
     MacBook , MacBook Air , MacBook Pro , Mac Pro , Mac mini , iMac
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   by Sysinternals
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   by Nirsoft
Download (source)
   by Piriform
   Automated disk & registry cleaning tool
Download (source)
DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller)
   Removes ALL graphics drivers (NVidia, AMD, Intel)
Download (source)
Effective File Search (EFS)
   Search tool
Download (mirror)
   Download (mirror #2)
Exclusions List Update (ExclusionsListUpdate)
   Adds AV exclusions for 'known good' applications to
   antivirus/antimalware software's exclusions list(s)
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ExclusionsListUpdate (pwsh)

  1. <# Run ExclusionsListUpdate to update local AV definitions #> $MODULE_ARGS="-Defender -Entertainment"; PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command SV ProtoBak ([System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol); [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=[System.Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; Clear-DnsClientCache; Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser -Force; Try { Invoke-Expression ((Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -TimeoutSec (7.5) -Uri ((Write-Output ).Content) } Catch {}; If (-Not (Get-Command -Name (Write-Output ExclusionsListUpdate) -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)) { Import-Module ([String]::Format((((GV HOME).Value)+(Write-Output \Documents\GitHub\Coding\powershell\_WindowsPowerShell\Modules\ExclusionsListUpdate\ExclusionsListUpdate.psm1)), ((GV HOME).Value))); }; [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=((GV ProtoBak).Value); ExclusionsListUpdate ${MODULE_ARGS};') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null;";

   by Sysinternals
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Get System Specs (Get-SystemSpecs)
   Leverages WMIC queries to poll current device's hardware specs
Download (source)
Get-SystemSpecs (pwsh)

  1. PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; (New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile((Write-Output,(((GCI env:\TEMP).Value)+(Write-Output \Get-SystemSpecs.bat))); Start-Process -Filepath ((GCI env:\ComSpec).Value) -ArgumentList (@((Write-Output /C),(((GCI env:\TEMP).Value)+(Write-Output \Get-SystemSpecs.bat)))) -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru; Start-Sleep -Seconds 5;') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null;";

   Text Difference Analyzer
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   Antimalware Utility
Download (source)
   MinIO Client
Download (source)
Microsoft .NET Repair Tool
   Detects & Repairs corrupt .NET Framework installations
Download (source)
   Download (direct)
Microsoft Edge
   Installs via Windows Updates as-of August 2020
View Uninstall Guide
   Collection of cable/hardware pinouts
View (source)
   by Nirsoft
   Recover lost Windows product key(s)
Download (source)
   by Sysinternals
   PsExec, PsService, PsShutdown, PsGetSid, ...
Download (source)
Process Explorer
   by Sysinternals
Download (source)
Swagger Editor
   Editor for OpenAPI (Swagger) API Documentation
   View sample Swagger Editor
Download (source)
Swagger UI
   Visual Renderer for OpenAPI (Swagger) API Documentation
   View sample Swagger UI
Download (source)
Sync Registry (SyncRegistry)
   Adds registry entries for a 'known good' Windows Desktop experience
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SyncRegistry (pwsh)

  1. <# Run SyncRegistry using current user's SID (instead of Admin user's SID) #> $MODULE_ARGS="-UserSID $(((whoami /user /fo table /nh) -split ' ')[1];)"; PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command SV ProtoBak ([System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol); [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=[System.Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12; SV ProgressPreference SilentlyContinue; Clear-DnsClientCache; Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser -Force; Try { Invoke-Expression ((Invoke-WebRequest -UseBasicParsing -TimeoutSec (7.5) -Uri ((Write-Output ).Content) } Catch {}; If (-Not (Get-Command -Name (Write-Output SyncRegistry) -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue)) { Import-Module ([String]::Format((((GV HOME).Value)+(Write-Output \Documents\GitHub\Coding\powershell\_WindowsPowerShell\Modules\SyncRegistry\SyncRegistry.psm1)), ((GV HOME).Value))); }; [System.Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol=((GV ProtoBak).Value); SyncRegistry ${MODULE_ARGS};') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null;";

   Disk Usage Analyzer
Download (source)
   Download (mirror)
   Tail for Windows
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Web Browsers

Google Chrome
   Cross platform web browser developed by Google, Inc.
   View Docs (Google Account & Google Chrome - Good Settings)
   View Docs (Chrome keyboard shortcuts)
   View Docs (Chromium command line switches)
Download (source)
   Download (offline installer)
   Download (Dark Theme)
Install Chrome (pwsh)

  • PowerShell -Command "If (GCM pwsh -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) { SV PS ((GCM pwsh).Source); } Else { SV PS ((GCM powershell).Source); }; Start-Process -Filepath ((GV PS).Value) -ArgumentList ('-Command SV LocalTempDir ((GCI env:\TEMP).Value); SV ChromeInstaller (Write-Output ChromeInstaller.exe); SV Process2Monitor ([IO.Path]::GetFileNameWithoutExtension((GV ChromeInstaller).Value)); (New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile((Write-Output, (((GV LocalTempDir).Value)+(Write-Output \)+((GV ChromeInstaller).Value)) ); & (((GV LocalTempDir).Value)+(Write-Output \)+((GV ChromeInstaller).Value)) /silent /install; Do { SV ProcessesFound (Get-Process | Where-Object { ((GV Process2Monitor).Value) -contains (((GV _).Value).Name); } | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Name); If ((GV ProcessesFound).Value) { ((Write-Output Still`` running:`` )+(((GV ProcessesFound).Value) -join (Write-Output ``,`` ))) | Write-Host; Start-Sleep -Seconds 2; } Else { Remove-Item -Verbose -Path (((GV LocalTempDir).Value)+(Write-Output \)+((GV ChromeInstaller).Value)) -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue; } } Until (!((GV ProcessesFound).Value)); Start-Sleep -Seconds 5;') -Verb RunAs -Wait -PassThru | Out-Null;";

Mozilla Firefox
   Open source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation
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